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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:16:12 PM

Chapter 37

"Mat? Will you promise me?" She asked . It was her again, Timothy thought . Her visits to his dreams had become less frequent . But now he was dreaming of her again . Timothy prepared himself for the next part . He will soon feel sadness .

But what happened next surprised Timothy . Lucia's face replaced that of the woman's . She wore the same clothes and had the same posture, but it was Lucia .

"I will wait for you Tim . Come back to me" Lucia said . Timothy reached out to her . He missed Lucia so much that seeing her face, even in a dream, triggered extreme emotions . But as his hand touched Lucia's face, she turned into smoke . He tried to reach the smoke with his hand, but a force accelerated him away from Lucia . Their distance grew until all he could see was darkness .

Timothy sat on his bed and remained frozen for a while . His heart ached . He wanted to see Lucia again . He wanted to gaze upon her beautiful face, to hear her sweet voice and to feel the warmth of her embrace . His heart longs for her presence, a longing that can't be extinguished by mere thoughts of her . It was a thirst, a thirst so vile and powerful . Only Lucia could quench the desires of his soul .

He needs to survive . He needs to return to Lucia . There were still many things he wanted to know about her . Although their long talks made them know each other, Timothy still wanted to immerse himself into her . That's why he needs to win .

Timothy stood up and washed his face . Like always, he woke up before sunrise . He flapped the cloth that serves as the door to his tent and went out . The chilly air danced around his nose . It was still dark, but camp was well lit .

He sauntered around the camp and inspected the sentries' performance . A Century from Knightsend was in charge of sentry duties today . After examining the alertness of the sentries, he was impressed . The sentries patrolled the whole camp like bees defending their nest . Some even stopped him and demanded identification . After seeing Timothy's face, the sentries paled and apologized . But it was alright . Stopping him was the right thing to do . He felt proud of his men . They are professionals .

After his stroll around the camp, Timothy went to General Marvin's tent . He was stopped by other groups of sentries on his way . When he arrived at the General's tent, it was already morning . Most of the soldiers had begun their daily routine . Timothy knew that in less than an hour, the camp will be ready for mobilization .

The past days had been busy for Timothy and his officers so wasn't able to find the time to talk with General Marvin . He entered the tent .

"I received this from a pigeon that came from Solon" General Marvin handed him a letter "She also wrote a letter to Mathias but you know the Earl's personality . He is too pragmatic . "

Timothy took the letter with a broken seal . The seal used was the one Timothy lent Lucia . She also used red wax, indicating the urgency of the matter . Timothy opened the letter and read it . Lucia's handwriting can't be mistaken . And as for the contents, Timothy could feel her desire to protect him .

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"You're lucky Timothy" Marvin commented "You're lucky to have her"

"Yes, I am . I owe her my life . But I doubted her at first . " He said guiltily .

"Don't feel bad about it . Doubting her means that you're not a fool . But I suggest you trust her from now on . She really cares for you " The General sat in front of him . He then offered Timothy some wine, but Timothy refused . He was not in the mood to drink .

"I will" Timothy declared "But you know General, our little fellowship could use another member . " He smiled as if indicating something .

Marvin sighed . "Why are you talking to me about this? I just joined Leo's Tear less than a year ago after you invited me . You should talk to the others . "

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"You know the rules, all decisions must be decided by a vote . I'm worried that the others will reject her because she's not a natural-born Castonian . So I'm garnering support . "

"Well she's smart and her family is powerful . She will also become your wife soon . Also, I think her ideals fit that of Leo's Tear . You don't need to poach my vote . But you're right . The others might reject her . It will be you job to convince them . "

"That might take time . It will be hard . Some members were traditional in their views . For them, Leo's Tear should only accept natural-born Castonians . " he sighed and admitted "By the way, what do you think about her conclusion?" Timothy asked seriously . Although he now trusts Lucia, she might still be wrong . All the evidences point towards his father's involvement in this conspiracy, but a part of him was hoping that his father had nothing to do with it . If Lucia was wrong, then neither of them betrayed Timothy . That would be the best case scenario .

"I think she was right . I'm sorry for being too honest and blunt but I think your father betrayed you . You may not see it Timothy, but the people around you does . I remember when you first arrived at Knightsend a year ago . After you made the whole garrison stand all night, you went to my office . At first I was furious at you for undermining my authority in the castle . But after talking to you, I felt your sadness . You are a son who longs for his father's recognition . That's your weakness Tim . You are smart, but you can be fooled sometimes . "

Timothy pondered on the General's words . He already knew about that . He had known for a long time that his father hated him . He had known already that his father never treated him as a son . But Timothy still believed that maybe someday, his father will love him . He was hoping that his father will change his attitude towards him in the future . But this was the last straw . He will never beg for his father's love again .

"Thank you General" Timothy said .

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"Think nothing of it . We're brothers, with or without Leo's Tear . If you need help, just tell me and I will do my best to assist you . If you want advice instead, then I will also give you mine . " Marvin said with a smile . "By the way Your Highness, I think we should go now . The camp should be almost ready to march . We need to mobilize as soon as possible to reach Knightsend before sundown . "

Timothy nodded . He never intended to stay inside the General's tent for a long time anyway . They still have many things to do . Now that they have thousands of horses, they need to take care of the animals . Horses were high maintenance animals and taking care of thousands was not an easy task . Timothy wondered how the Tulosans managed to do it . The Tulosans had so many horses yet their army moves fast .

Also the soldiers from Castle Thespelae still needed close guidance . They were amateurs compared to the rest of the army . General Bourgis had tried to train them for the past year just like what Timothy did, but the soldiers hated him so the training was not very successful .

When Timothy went out of the General's Tent, most of the camp was already disassembled . Most of the tents were now folded . The soldiers were now eating breakfast . He was impressed by the soldiers' efficiency . This is how Castonian soldiers were supposed to behave . They may not have many horses, but their discipline made up for that deficiency . If given a choice, Timothy would always choose a disciplined army rather than a cavalry-heavy one . A horse can't break a disciplined man's will, but a man can break a horse .

After a while, the army started the last day of their march towards Knightsend . The soldiers, especially those who were unfamiliar with the region, were joyful after hearing that they will reach Knightsend that day . For them Knightsend's walls were a refuge that ensures their survival .

Timothy couldn't help but smile . Just a week ago, they were starving and were surrounded by enemies . They ate stale bread, drank dirty water and slept with one eye open for fear that the Tulosans had already caught up . Now they had an abundance of supplies . All his soldiers had clean clothes and they were eating fresh rations . The situation had been reversed . The Tulosans were now the ones suffering . Even if the saboteurs failed, the Tulosans would still suffer attrition .

It was afternoon when the army reached Knightsend . Timothy was back . Knightsend was still the same even though Timothy knew that thousands of people died near the castle not too long ago . The village people who were staying inside the castle cheered for the soldiers as they entered the castle . The atmosphere was festive and the soldiers mingled with the locals . Timothy let them continue the festivities even though they still have preparations to make . The soldiers, especially the veterans and those who were from Thespelae, deserve some rest and relaxation .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!