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Chapter 38

The next day, Timothy received splendid news from James . The saboteurs he sent to burn the food of the Tulosans were successful .

"Where are they?" Timothy excitedly asked . He was making an inventory of the weapons in the armory when he heard of the news .

"In your office" James was ecstatic . "Tim, luck is finally on our side"

Timothy put down the sword he was holding . He gently sheathed the blade and gave it to one of the Quartermaster's assistants .

He then walked towards James and put his hand on his squire's shoulder . "It's not luck James . Many things in this world are brought upon by mere luck, but our situation right now is not a gift from the goddess of fortune . We made this for ourselves . "

"Yeah" James lowered his head and smiled . "We made this for ourselves" he repeated .

"Let's go . I need to hear the full story . But first" he paused and thought for a while "Do you think General Marvin still have some Hadean wine left?"


Timothy poured the bottle of Hadean wine into three cups . He carefully filled each of the cups with the divine liquid, afraid that a single drop will be spilled . The golden hue of the wine seduced him into gulping the whole bottle .

He then blamed Marvin . The General actually sent him a bottle of Angel's Wings . There were only about a hundred bottles of Angel's Wings left in the whole world and it was the second rarest wine ever produced . After seeing the bottle, Timothy's first thoughts were to hide it and offer the saboteurs a lesser wine . But he dispelled these thoughts . The two men in front of him risked their lives so they deserve a taste of the second rarest wine in the world .

"Before you tell me of your story, drink first . " Timothy gestured towards the three cups .

"Your Highness" one of the saboteurs voiced . Timothy remembered his name to be Jop "That's Angel's Wings right?" he pointed at the bottle with his finger shaking .

"It is" Timothy confirmed

"Then" Jop looked at him like a puppy begging for food "Can we have a taste?"

"Of course . I told you to have a drink, didn't I?"

Jop grabbed two of the cups and offered the other to his partner . Timothy also grabbed his cup and slowly poured the wine to his mouth . It was a sip at first, but after Timothy's tongue was touched by the divine liquid, he couldn't help but gulp the whole cup . It was beautiful . He had never tasted wine as good as Angel's Wings before . The aroma of aged wine and its unique sweetness combined into a concoction that severs one from reality .

"Praise the creator!" Jop exclaimed after licking the bottom of the cup . "Am I dreaming? Elisar, don't wake me up if I am"

"Have some respect Jop" Elisar gritted his teeth "We are in front of the Prince"

Timothy laughed . These two… They were so different from each other . One of them was serious, and the other was a chatterbox . They were unlikely friends .

"It's okay" Timothy coughed to stop his laughter "So, let's begin"

Timothy saw that Jop was still eyeing the bottle .

"Don't worry, it won't run away . Bottles don't have feet" Timothy joked . "I promise we will split the rest of the wine later"

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"Then . . let me start at the beginning" Jop said

"No!" Elisar protested "Your Highness, let me report to you about the details of our mission instead . My friend sometimes blabber about useless details"

"Shut up El . I got this" Jop insisted .

"Go on . I like reports to be as detailed as possible" Timothy said to Elisar . The soldier nodded but he gave a worried look towards Jop .

Jop started talking . Timothy then understood what Elisar meant . 'Sometimes blabber about useless details' was an understatement . Timothy regretted his decision . Jop wasn't just a chatterbox, he was a talking machine . It was very detailed, too detailed . He blabbered about unrelated things like what they ate, how the food tasted, the weather, where they rested for the night, the hole in his tent, his soggy shoes . He also revealed personal details like the little drama they had when they were escaping the Tulosans . He revealed every single line of conversation of that night . It was like watching a dramatic play . Timothy eyed Elisar and he saw that the soldier was lowering his head, clearly embarrassed . Jop's story took an hour .

"Wow" Timothy was amazed by Jop's ability to talk endlessly .

"I'm so sorry Your Highness . We wasted your time" Elisar apologized

"It's alright" Timothy comforted "You two are really good friends, aren't you?"

"Of course Your Highness . I'm his best friend . He said so" Jop nudged Elisar proudly

"Shut up Jop . I was just confused that time and that's why I said those embarrassing things . It's not like I care about you or anything" Elisar looked away and pouted

Timothy contained his laughter . These two were the strangest pair of saboteurs he knew . Before meeting them, he thought that the two both had cold personalities . Saboteurs and other experts in the underworld usually acted like that . But these two, they were so different from the norm .

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But Timothy remembered the real reason why he met with the two . He wanted to confirm that their mission was a success . He knew the Tulosans will most likely ignore Knighstend and rush towards Tulosan if they still have food . To force the Tulosans into attacking Knightsend, their remaining food supplies needs to burn and disappear .

"Are you sure that most of the food was burnt?" Timothy asked

The two soldiers stopped bickering and turned towards Timothy .

"I'm sure Your Highness . It took them a long time to extinguish the fire . I saw it with my own eyes" Elisar said

"Good" Timothy smiled "And how many days do you think until they arrive . Consider that they are marching at full speed . "

"Two days at least Your Highness . They are desperate" Elisar answered

That meant Timtohy had two days left to prepare . The upcoming battle will be his first . Timothy was actually a little nervous . Of course he was, the battle will decide his fate . The lives of the soldiers rest on the palm of his hand . His performance as a General will either save or take lives . So he needs to do his best and prepare the soldiers .

The preparation he had in mind was not actually physical, but rather psychological . His soldiers were already in shape for the fight . But as for their will, he can't be too careful . Many battles were lost and won in the past just because someone in the group panicked . Panic spreads like wildfire in a group . Discipline and morale were as important as strength in battle . He decided to inspire the soldiers . He needs to give them a reason to fight and a reason to live . He already had something in mind on how to do this . Well he was planning on doing it the moment he heard that Knightsend had broken the siege so it will be killing two birds with one stone . He walked towards the window and looked outside . The gloomy weather will also help set the mood .

"Come with me to the graveyard . " He ordered Jop and Elisar . But then, Timothy remembered the bottle of Angel's Wings . "Well, maybe after we finish this" he grabbed the bottle .


Droplets of rain fell down on John's face . He looked up and the dismal sky was revealed to him . The clouds hid the sun's warmth and a depressing feeling enveloped his soul .

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He looked around . Thousands of people were ahead and behind him . They were in a line that stretched as far as the eye can see . In John's hand was a dagger that had been with him since he was young .

When Prince Timothy announced that he was going to the graveyard to pay his respects and anyone who wanted to pay their respects could come with him, it created a commotion among the soldiers . Many of the soldiers actually wanted to go and pay their respects too . Their friends and brothers were now below the ground and their sacrifice will never be forgotten . They gave their lives for the sake of Castonia . They died as heroes .

But the soldiers were too busy to visit the graveyard . The graveyard was about an hour's walk from the Castle . It was also illegal to leave the vicinity of the Castle without direct orders . Prince Timothy's announcement gave them relief . Most of the soldiers followed the Prince even though it was raining .

Now there were thousands of people inching their way towards the graveyard . The villagers joined the procession too and the whole line was composed of men, women, children, the elderly and the soldiers . The mixture of the people was homogenous and one could not distinguish the soldiers from the civilians . In that moment, separation of class and hierarchy was lost . Prince Timothy himself was at the front, trudging in the mud with wet clothes and dreary spirit . In that moment, all of them had one identity . They were all Castonians . It doesn't matter if one was a soldier, a miner or a farmer . They were all Castonians who were grieving for their dead countrymen .

It was cold . John was shivering . His wet clothes absorbed the warmth of his body . But John bore the cold, at least his body still had warmth unlike 800 of his brothers .

It took a long time for him to finally reach the entrance of the graveyard . There were hundreds of gravestones that lined the field . Every single one of the gravestones had a story . The corpses beneath the gravestones were his living brothers once . He lived with them, grew with them and fought with them . Now they are no more .

At the entrance of the graveyard was a huge plate made of marble . Thousands of things were scattered around the plate, offerings of the people to the dead soldiers . There were flowers, swords, bread and wine bottles .

John laid his dagger beside the marble . He felt his heart twinge . He remembered Aduin, Erasmus and Que . He remembered the time he saw their lifeless bodies . It was painful . They were his friends and now they're dead .

So he must fight . He must ensure that their sacrifices wasn't for nothing . He must show them that their deaths had an impact to the world .

In the marble plate, there was an inscription .

'To the mad men of Knightsend who fearlessly fought and died . Their bodies now cold, and their consciousness no more . But their courage and loyalty lives on . Defenders of Castonia, we are thankful'Please download our sponsor's game to support us!