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Chapter 12

Chapter 12: I picked it up .

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It’s still breathing . It’s breathing is so weak, I can barely hear it .   


I approached the dog close enough to further examine its status .


Name: ???Race: Melan Volk (Fenrir) Lv:30HP:30/8800MP:500/3385


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For now, I used water magic [Clean] to wash its body . As I washed the black Fenrir’s dirty body, the injuries on its body were revealed . Its entire body was covered in wounds and its hair was starting to fall out . There was a very deep wound on its hind leg, revealing the tendons… It must have received these wounds from the fire ants .


I could see that it probably hadn’t been eating right by how thin it looked .


I noticed my healing magic wouldn’t be of much use here .

(TL Note- It wasn’t stated why she can’t use magic there, the reason maybe the one revealed later in this chapter, or an entirely different reason which was not stated . )


I don’t know if I am good enough to successfully heal it, but I won’t know until I try it out . My mana capacity is huge and I’m sure that I’ll be resenting myself later if I don’t do anything . What should I do… Right now, I don’t have much of a choice but to try healing it . While I held the fallen Fenrir’s hand, I visualized the wounds getting healed . Soon after, the wounds began to slowly close . At that moment, I heard a Perorin sound inside my head . Healing Magic acquired . I continuously applied healing magic, [Heal], to the wounds . After repeatedly casting [Heal] a total of 10 times, the bleeding finally stopped and the wounds fully closed . Because it was only a first aid skill, the black Fenrir’s appearance remained pitiful .


Russel just stood behind and watched me silently .



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[Russel, I really want to save this child . My healing abilities may have been able to stop the bleeding and closed the wounds, but at this rate it will still die . This child is not a regular monster, I could tell from viewing its status earlier . A monster like this wouldn’t die in a place like this, furthermore, it’s a Fenrir…]


[How unusual for a black Fenrir to be born . Understood . For now, let’s carry it back home . We might get attacked again if we stay here . ]


With that said, Russel transformed into his human form and helped carry the black Fenrir .






After we returned with the black Fenrir, I reported to Martha what had happened and she hurried to come see its condition . Because the healing magic I used on the fenrir was only a first aid measure, Martha used advanced healing magic [Extra Heal] .


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[Extra Heal] is a type of magic that can regenerate deep wounds and some major injuries, however, it cannot reproduce missing limbs . High Class magic like [Perfect Heal] can heal almost anything and is able to restore anyone to their previous state . An extreme example of this, is where as long as there was still life and even if four limbs have been severed, a complete recovery was possible .


[It’s going to be fine right? It won’t die right?]


I became more and more anxious as I kept asking myself that question .


[Just relax, its life is no longer in danger . Right now, it’s just sleeping, although it looks very malnourished . It should be fed properly after it wakes up and look after it while it recovers . ]


[Martha, is it alright to keep him inside the house?]


[I don’t really mind that, as long as it wants to stay inside the house when it wakes up . We can’t just force what we want on it . ]


Martha answered .


She jokingly said how a girl who was picked up by a Fenrir ended up picking up a Fenrir might have some sort of connection . I don’t know exactly what she meant, but I’m sure there must be some deeper meaning to it .


Putting that aside, for now I’m relieved that it survived .  I hope it wakes up soon .






The next day,


Martha asked me how I was able to use recovery magic even though no one has taught me . She sighed loudly when I told her ‘I just pictured it in my mind and it happened~☆‘ . Well it couldn’t be helped if I was so talented, however, I should practice diligently to reach intermediate level magic .