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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Grievous News -

 Chapter 1 Grievous News 


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"Ha ha ha, it's really amazing! After a hundred years, and finally, our Cheng Clan person can board to [Hidden Dragon List] of Hidden Dragon Academy . "


"Yes, the Hidden Dragon list, as the most authoritative talent list for the entire Hidden Dragon region and even the entire Yuhua Divine Dynasty, has been shining all the time . It can be seen on the Hiden Dragon list's Martial practitioner, and he/she was both talented and extraordinary . ”


"Tiemu Dengke, the son in law of Cheng Clan, once he directly entered top ten of [Hidden Dragon List] which was rarely seen and maybe only him in the world . "


"Quickly, today our clan will celebrate a feast!"


In Sky Continent, Yuhua Divine Dynasty, Hidden Dragon region, Sky Star city, Cheng Clan's courtyard . This time it was overwhelming talking about Cheng Clan's talented son in law, Tiemu Dengke .


This Tiemu Dengke was a peerless genius .


He began to practice martial art at eight years old, then he reached the peak of the Human Martial Tier at twelve years old, he entered the Earth Martial Tier at fifteen years old and arrived at the Earth Martial Tier peak at eighteen years old . At the age of twenty years, the man burst out and not only cultivation base directly into the Heaven Martial Tier, but also awakened an eight order Martial Spirit, the fighting power surged several times so that the Hidden Dragon list of Hidden Dragon Academy, he directly advanced, can be described as an extraordinary man .


However, the success of Tiemu Dengke was due to the help of Cheng Clan's Pearl, Cheng Qingxue .


Cheng Qingxue was born with Nine Linglong Body, a Martial practitioner who did a dual cultivation with her could soar to the sky within a short time . If with a common method, someone would only reach ten meters, however, with her help, someone would able to reach a thousand meters .


If someone could marry this woman, not only practice speed would increase rapidly, but also when he was awakening the Martial Spirit, the order of Martial Spirit would also be changed drastically .


That's why Tiemu Dengke could arrive at this stage, more than half because of Cheng Qingxue's contribution . . .


Cheng Clan's courtyard, with Patriarch Cheng Wutian's order, the Cheng Clan people quickly took action .


In a few moments, the Cheng Clan's courtyard was filled with a variety of delicacies fruits and wines .


The clans of Sky Star City and martial practitioners who received the news naturally came to join in, making the huge courtyard of Cheng Clan suddenly become narrow .


After half an hour, the all guests had arrived .


As the owner of the party, Cheng Clan Patriarch, Cheng Wutian, stood up and greeted the guests .

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Although Cheng Wutian was sixty years old, his body was still healthy .


He sat together with three people . They were Cheng Xinghe, Cheng Feng, and his granddaughter, Cheng Qingxue .


Cheng Qingxue was 18 years old, tall and well-behaved . Although she wasn't beautiful, her appereance was pleasing in people's eyes .


Standing beside Cheng Qingxue, an ordinary man, even more ordinary, Cheng Feng .


If someone didn't pay attention to him, he mostly would be ignored . However, Cheng Feng didn't care about it, because the person who shone was his elder!


After drinking three rounds, Cheng Wutian with a bright smile, said: "Today is a day worthy of being remembered!"


“Because of today, Tiemu Dengke, the first genius of our Cheng Clan, the husband of my granddaughter Qingxue, and Yuhua Divine Dynasty, Hidden Dragon region, Tiemu Clan, he on the board . . . ”


Cheng Wutian spoke while the audience was silently hearing him .


But at this moment, a wooden eagle suddenly appeared on the sky .


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A Wooden Hawk, made by black ironwood, looked like a living hawk . "Tiemu" was engraved on its back . It seemed to send a message to Cheng Clan .


"Tiemu . . . . . "!


It was the identity symbol of Tiemu Clan!


Undoubtedly, this suddenly wooden Hawk's owner was Tiemu Clan .


The party owner, Cheng Wutian saw the Wooden Hawk and immediately put it in his hands . Immediately afterward, a very cold voice was heard from the Wooden Hawk .


"Cheng Qingxue, the daughter of Cheng Clan, Sky Star City, she was a fickle woman . Therefore, I, Tiemu Dengke write off our marriage!"


Buzzz~~~ After listening to the statement of Wooden Hawk, the whole Cheng Clan's courtyard was soundless .


Immediately, the blazing voice of criticism exploded .


Compared with the guest's argument, Cheng Clan, headed by Cheng Wutian, was completely embarrassed . He couldn't believe his ears and thought that there was an auditory hallucination .


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"Impossible, impossible . . . "


After Cheng Wutian heard the grievous news, his gray hair turned a gray and white hair, as if he was suddenly become old .


"Qingxue, what Wooden Hawk said, is it true?" Although Cheng Wutian's face was green, he still asked .


At this time, Cheng Qingxue was already shocked by this unexpected news, because of it, she stared blankly .


At the moment she heard her grandfather's question and just shook her head .


“Father, will an enemy was framing us? Our Cheng Clan has risen rapidly in recent years . We also climbed the high branch of Tiemu Clan and will invite a jealous person . ” Cheng Xinghe looked ugly .


"The enemy framed?!"


Cheng Wutian's eyes blinked, "Tinmu Clan's token, 'Iron-Wood Northern Goshawk', is not something that anyone can imitate . Second, even if someone can imitate 'Iron-Wood Northern Goshawk', that voice . . . . . . Can someone imitate the voice?"


"The voice that comes from the Iron-Wood Northern Goshawk's mouth is Tiemu Dengke's voice . "


Cheng Wutian walked in front of Cheng Qingxue, staring at Cheng Qingxue's eyes, and asked: "Qingxue, look at me, don't hide anything from your grandfather, what Tiemu Dengke said . Is it true?"