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Published at 25th of February 2017 10:55:45 AM

Chapter 90

The place Ragnil guided me to was the great hall in the castle . There was Meral who was sprawling comfortably in that place . Meru, who saw the figure of Meral, separated herself from Ragnil at once and flew towards Meral's place . Ragnil who saw Meru leave him seemed lonely .

Be strong papa dragon!!

Meru was hovering above Meral before she dove towards Meral's face and started to rub her face against Meral's .

[Oh Meru? Fufufu . . . . . it seems you came back home to visit . I’m glad to see you after a long time . Did you become a little bigger?] (Meral)

[Kyuiii~!! Kyuii~!!] (Meru)

[I see . You were having fun . I’m glad to hear it] (Meral)

I slowly got closer to the two .

[It's been awhile, Meral] (Wazu)

[Yeah, Wazu also seems to be fine . It seems you have taken a good care of Meru, I feel relieved] (Meral)

[Well yeah, though various things did happened . Since we are going to stay for the night, you should enjoy the parent-child time to the fullest] (Wazu)

[I see, thanks!!] (Meral)

Meral raised corner of her mouth and showed me a happy dragon's smile as I said so .

[I am delighted with the offer, but why are you here again? Are you just coming here to let us see Meru? (Meral)

[No, actually . . . . . ] (Wazu)

I told her the reason why I came here . I skipped the details that I heard this information from the goddesses just in case .

[I see, you are looking for mother with that kind of situation . Then, why don't you ask my mother directly? I think she will listen if it's Wazu who’s asking] (Meral)

[Oh, she is here?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, she is here to monitor Ragnil . I think she is reading a book in the study room now . The place is in the innermost room upstairs] (Meral)

[I understand, thank you . There you heard it Meru . We are going to stay the night here so go enjoy your time with your parents] (Wazu)

[Kyuui~ Kyuui~] (Meru)

I head to the innermost room upstairs through the stairs on the right side of the great hall that Meral pointed out .

I enter the innermost room at the end of the corridor after knocking on the huge doors . There is an extraordinary hall that is bigger than the great hall from before .

Huge bookshelves reaching the ceiling, with height that is not reachable unless dragon flies, covered the surrounding walls . Every bookshelf is filled with books without vacant gaps at all . The books are stored in orderly manner .

Inside this room there is a number of desks and chairs sized for human that tells who will read there . In the center of it, there is a huge dragon sized desk and chair . White dragon Megil is reading while wearing glasses over there .

Megil, who noticed my presence, slowly closes her book and turns her attention to me .

[Oh? I'm sure you are Wazu, right? But Meru doesn't seems to be with you] (Megil)

[Yes I am, it's been a while . Meru is with her parents downstairs] (Wazu)

[I see, It's good as long as she is healthy, I also should go and see her later . So, you bothered to take the trouble to come here for some reason, didn't you?] (Megil)

[You can tell?] (Wazu)

[Because I have lived a long life not for nothing . Although I'd be glad even if you simply came so that Meru could meet her parents, but I feel that the atmosphere in this mountain turned somewhat strange recently] (Megil)

It seems Megil also felt the sense of incongruity that I felt when I entered this mountain .

(TL : Kinda messed up about this details at the previous chapter . Not changed the story that much but I already fix it)

[I'm sorry, it's not about the mountain but if you can, I would like to ask for your help . . . . ] (Wazu)

And then, I explained about the situation of northern hero Haosui . Like before, I skipped the details about goddesses . . . . .

[ . . . . . I see . But Wazu, where did that information come from?] (Megil)

[Eh . . . . . ?] (Wazu)

*gulp!!* Why did she ask?

[What’s wrong? You can’t tell me?] (Megil)

[ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ] (Wazu)

It can't be helped . . . . . I am in the position of asking for help in this place . I'm not too close with Megil to begin with, let's speak honestly to gain some credits . Though I don't know if she can believe me . Well, in the worst case scenario I will show her my guild card .

I tell her that I got this information from the goddesses . Her countenance slackened and she began to laugh out loud .

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[Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!!! I see, you heard it from goddesses!!] (Megil)

[Do you believe me?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, I believe in you since the time I entrusted Meru to you . However, only limited number of people were informed about the tears of white dragon's power, even among the ryuujin race . I thought from whom you had heard it . . . . . so it's goddesses, that's make a little sense . It seems that you are quite favored by them] (Megil)

[Ha-haha . . . . . ] (Wazu)

I can't say they favored me to the extent sought for physical relationship .

[However, that brings back memories . . . . . I didn't hear anything since that time . . . . . but it seems they are doing fine] (Megil)

[ . . . . . Eh? Are you acquainted?] (Wazu)

[There was a little story in the old days] (Megil)

[ . . . . . Old days?] (Wazu)

[It's not a good deed to probe the secret of a woman so much, you know?] (Megil)

[Excuse me . . . . . ] (Wazu)

It flew for a moment, “How old are the old days?” But I was discouraged in an instant when I thought about it . Perhaps it was just my imagination, but I got the feeling that goddesses in my guild card were beginning to clamor . Well, I won't check it out though .

[So, about the story of this hero . . . . . ] (Megil)

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[Yes?] (Wazu)

[What is this Haosui girl’s hair color ?] (Megil)

[It's green] (Green)

[I see . . . . . I thought whose dragon blood she inherited that it would make her strong enough to become a hero . . . . . But I see . . . . . ] (Megil)

[ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ] (Wazu)

Umm~ there are a lot of things I'd like to ask since sometime ago but let's endure it .

[All right, rest assured . I am the thousands years old white dragon, if you can save that child with my tears, you can take as much as you want!!] (Megil)

[Thank you very much] (Wazu)

We came down to the first floor to get an empty bottle to store the tears .

Meru clinged to Megil firmly the moment we came to the first floor . It seems she was glad to see her grandmother .

Megil who is stroking Meru's back happily, Meral who is pleased to watch them, Ragnil who seems envious, this scene makes me remember how strong the bond of this family .

Megil put the tears inside an empty bottle that Meral prepared and we enjoyed our time in this castle afterwards .