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Chapter 17

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“… And then, I was completely worn out . I feel like at this rate I’ll really get an ulcer…”

“Don’t cry . Cheer up . ”

Me and the God of Hunt (abbreviated: Hunt) were sitting next to each other in the stone chamber . When I tried talking to him, it turned out he’s a great chap, who sat hugging knees to his chest and lent me his ear .

Anyhow, he might look eerie but he’s a God, not an evil monster . When he understood that I’m not an adequate hunting prey — that is, I’m too much of a shabby opponent, he has completely lowered his weapon . It also seems that, the fact that he killed the adventurers’ familiars was actually him disposing of animals let loose by robbers, who were causing a disturbance in the ruins .

“That before, above, amazing . That, Rēko?”

“Yep, you’ve got great intuition . She left for town just a while ago . ”

“That, strong . Very strong . Not human . Dangerous . ”

“Nah, she’s still a human . She just went a bit too far with her wrong assumptions . ”

“Amazing . ”

While remarking briefly Hunt felt deeply impressed . It seemed like Reko’s awakening was hard to believe even for a God . What is she, that child . After I complained for a while and felt refreshed, I’ve wiped away tears with my forelimb and asked .

“By the way, are you living here?”

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“Yeah . ”

“It has to be hard . Adventurers wreak havoc, robbers make this place their headquarters, it has to be noisy . ”

“Not, really . No more, treasure . No one, comes . ”

Having no visible face Hunt obviously had no expression, but he still somehow looked lonely . And yet, he still tried to ruthlessly kill the first visitor he had in quite a while, so his hunting pride must’ve been considerably high .

“Since no one’s coming maybe you should move somewhere else, where there’s more people?”

“I, this place’s god . I cannot go, anywhere else . ”

“That’s just suffering . It’d be nice if there was something I could do to help…”


Hunt looked as if his non-existing eyes were shining .

“Of course . You kept me company for a long while . As long as it’s something I’m able to do, just tell me . ”

“After a, long time, I want to, go outside . ”

I quizzically tilted my head to the side .

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“Were you not allowed to?”

“Usually, I could not . But, when teaching hunting, special . Can go, grasslands . ”

“Ah I see . Since you’re a God of Hunt, teaching is also a job of yours . Were you teaching humans long ago?

“Yes . Taught, a lot . ”

I nodded in agreement and said .

“Then it’s decided . Please teach me hunting on the grasslands above . Honestly, lately I was thinking I need to temper my body a bit anyway . With a God’s guidance it might be a little easier . Having said that, I’ve never hunted before, so please go easy on me . ”

“… It fine?”

“That’s obvious . I believe helping each other out when in trouble is the way to go . ”

The huddled together holding his knees Hunt stood up in an inhuman movement . After staring intently at the grotto’s ceiling, he said .

“… Thank you . Up, we go . ”

Once he muttered that, before I noticed the surrounding scene has been painted anew . Grasslands were illuminated by the moonlight . Looks like we were sent to the surface by his hands without even crossing the ruin robbers’ passage .

And then, when looking at the night sky, I remembered .

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“Oops, not good . Can I quickly go and get my medicine? The one I told you about, youthful rejuvenation elixir . If I don’t use that, I’ll return to my original form and just get hunted for bounty . It’s already this late, so the effect might run out any time now . ”


Surprisingly, it turned out that Hunt thought ahead and held out a small barrel in his hands .

“Yes this, thanks . You really helped me out here . ”

When I took a step forward to take it, for some reason Hunt took one step backwards . Taking another one, he stepped further away .

“Why are you drawing back? If I don’t take it I’ll be in trouble . ”

“Hunting is done with utmost effort . Issuing a challenge and drinking weakening medicine is unforgivable . ”

“You, didn’t your personality change too much?”

“No compromise permitted . ”

Eeh, as soon as I thought I was blessed with a kindred-spirit, it turned out he’s that kind of person (god) . When I said “after all I’m not feeling good today” and tried to run, all the while feeling with my whole body an unpleasant premonition, Hunt, like a rider, got on top of my back .

“Now, let’s go . Was a while now, my blood boils . Don’t worry . From now on I’ll make you, into a splendid hound . ”

“For God’s sake, can’t you return to your former gentle self? I don’t want to turn into a hound, above all I think I’ll piss myself . ”

“Get running!”

Hunt’s black arm changed shape, stretched and turned into a whip . Then, not tolerating any objections, he lashed my back relentlessly and made me single-mindedly dash through the grasslands .

I continued to run while letting out shrieks of terror and grief . Even when my body returned to my former size, the Spartan training continued till morning .

“Fool! Don’t run so loudly! Become one with nature!”

“Running quietly at full speed just isn’t possible! Besides, I’ve nothing to do with nature! I’m a dragon!”

“The food you are eating, is what?!”

“Grass and trees!”

“That’s nature! In other words, you are nature!”

“Hey, isn’t that too much of a leap in logic?!”

A lash for talking back . Since it’s like that, I shouldn’t have asked for guidance and should’ve just abandoned him in the depths of the earth . With loud thuds my steps echoed in the grasslands, as I’ve received the God’s personal torture-like guidance through the whole night .

“The Evil Dragon Lord is angry…!”

From what I heard later, in response to the earth tremors terrified bandits at the hideout were saying that .

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