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The Almighty Ring - Chapter 1276

Published at 23rd of May 2020 05:50:05 AM

Chapter 1276: 1276


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 Just when Jiang Fei thought he was able to follow Alexis’ movements, he was struck again . The pain and threat of failure, coupled with sheer will to rise victoriously, granted Jiang Fei the desire he needed .

 “Amazing!” Alexis gasped as he withheld his next attack . Jiang Fei’s current power level was already reaching 2,800,000 .

 “Terran, give up . You cannot win,” Alexis snorted .

 “We’ll see about that,” Jiang Fei gritted his teeth and snarled .

 “I wasn’t being serious, not until now . Perhaps you possess some kind of ability that allows you to grow stronger periodically . But now, I have had enough of this game . I can feel the power growing in you and I know you will be a threat . If you wish to continue, I will kill you in the next move . I’m done helping you become stronger,” said Alexis . His voice and tone were different from before . He was serious this time .

 During the second rise of power, Alexis had somewhat made sense of Jiang Fei’s ability . Even though he did not fully understand it, he could at least piece all his observations together and concluded that Jiang Fei was gaining power throughout the fight . There were others just like him in other quadrants of space and there was a way to kill them . Before they became stronger, end the fight with a single, decisive killing move .

 While Jiang Fei was slowly becoming stronger, Alexis was merely toying with him . But when he noticed his combat power was only growing exponentially, and was about to come close to his own, Alexis decided to stop playing around . He was already being merciful by giving Jiang Fei an option to end the battle right there and then instead of killing him instantly .

 “Are you saying that because I am going to win?” said Jiang Fei . He took several deep breaths before continuing, “Perhaps, if I stop now, you would spare my planet?”

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 He understood well what Alexis was thinking . Before the enemy could get any stronger, one must end the fight quickly . It was a gaming mechanism which even Jiang Fei knew well . Still, he was prepared . If Alexis was going to end his life, Jiang Fei would drag him into the 10th Dimension and kill him there .

 Even though he could not defeat him in combat, he could still rely on the power of the 10th Dimension . As long as he was ready for it, and not killed instantly by the enemy, he would enter the 10th Dimension . There was where he ruled . There was where he was god .

 Jiang Fei had also been entertaining Alexis throughout the fight . He wanted to prolong the fight for as long as possible to allow him to grow .

 “Your planet? You are already on the verge of death yet you are still thinking of your planet! Hah!” Alexis laughed .

 “Know this, your planet means nothing to me . I do not care if your planet stops spinning,” said Alexis before he burst out laughing . Earth to Valsalrians was the same as a small ant colony to a kid . It was but a tiny unimportant planet in a corner of a random galaxy . Destroying it wouldn’t be hard but the effort was not worth the trouble .

 Jiang Fei was stumped when Alexis stated his disinterest in the planet .

 “Young Terran, you have talent and I like men such as yourself . Join my crew, surrender the Core of Time, and I shall spare the Earth and even protect your entire planetary system . ” Alexis smiled and gave Jiang Fei an offer . The alien was taking a fancy to Jiang Fei . Such an ability to become stronger and stronger with every defeat was rare throughout the cosmos . Valsalrians were strong but even they had limits to their growth .


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 Jiang Fei couldn’t be more happy . Even though he had the power of the 10th Dimension, he wouldn’t be able to stop the fleet of spaceships . He was only invincible in certain conditions . In the 10th Dimension, Jiang Fei would be the same as Spectres; invulnerable and undetectable . He could escape from certain doom or even defeat his foe with the 10th Dimension in his control . However, like a tethered kite, Jiang Fei could escape to the edge of the known universe and Earth would still be destroyed .

 To be fair, if the Core of Will was in its full charge, Jiang Fei might have a chance to destroy the current fleet of spaceship hovering near Ceres . But currently, the Core of Will was only charged with one-third of its full power . Even if he could fully fend off the second coming, what of the third? Or the fourth?! Moreover, he needed to keep the power of the Core in absolute secrecy . If he used the 10th Dimension power, he needed to make sure no one lived to tell the tale . If anyone in the universe knew about his power, he might not be able to live a day without being chased after .

 The offer to join his crew was a tempting path . If he joined them, Earth would be spared . For as long as tens of thousands of years, there hadn’t been any incidents of other races daring to trample across any of the Valsalrians’ territory .

 However, there was a catch . He needed to surrender the Core of Time, of which was lost! Alexis might be courteous enough to offer Jiang Fei options but he was a man of duty . Sparing Jiang Fei or his planet was only secondary to his primary mission . He could be lenient in any other way but the Core of Time had to be in his possession . If Jiang Fei could not fulfill this condition, they would have to fight it out .

 “You need not think for so long . Or are you looking down on us Valsalrians?” Alexis asked, his voice was solemn with a mild tone of disgruntlement .

 “No… It’s not that… The Core of Time… Well…”

 To be honest, Jiang Fei was fine with the idea of joining a brigade of space bandits . Even though they weren’t the nicest group of soldiers out there in the universe, Jiang Fei could still accept them . He had been hanging out in the Metahuman Society for so long . Even he could not escape the fact that he had done something… not commendable . Besides, if he joined the brigade, he would be leaning against a powerful foundation . At the very least, they would be a pillar of support to protect Earth from future threats . Best of all, he could use this period of time to master his domain ability . Once he got that in check, who else in the universe would dare to cross his path?

 “What’s wrong? Not willing to give up the Core of Time?” Alexis asked . His voice grew louder .

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 “I… seem to have misplaced it,” said Jiang Fei honestly . He then proceeded to explain the event prior and after the conflict with Akatziris . Instead of saying that he had lost the Core of Time, he twisted the story a bit and said he had forgotten where he had kept it . All the while, he made sure to not reveal anything about the Core of Life and the Core of Will .

 “Are you telling the truth?” Alexis asked, frowning .

 “I have no reason to lie . My planet is yours to destroy and there’s nothing I can do to stop it . To think that I would lie just for the sake of a single Core…” Jiang Fei explained .

 “Sixth Officer, bring Wanda down,” Alexis ordered someone on the ship .

 “Yes, Commander,” a voice replied . In the next second, an oddly shaped creature, very much like a dog of Earth, was teleported there .

 “Come, Wanda! Come on!” Alexis cried out with a soft voice . The dog-like creature then hopped and skipped its way toward Alexis before jumping into his embrace .

 “Terran, look into its eyes tell me the truth! Where is the Core of Time?” Alexis asked again .

 “Ehrm… Okay…”

 Jiang Fei figured that the dog might have some kind of hypnotic ability . Even so, he wasn’t afraid . Consciously speaking, he did not know the whereabouts of the Core of Time . If he did unconsciously know where it was, the dog might be able to help him find it .

 “I have no idea where the Core of Time is,” said Jiang Fei as he stared into the eyes of the dog .

 “Ark! Wuu… Wuu…”

 The creature barked once and then turned to Alexis whilst shaking its head .

 “Mhm . Sixth, scan this entire system for the Core,” Alexis ordered .

 “Aye, Commander,” someone on the ship replied .

 In just a few seconds, the leading ship had finished scanning the entire Solar System and the Core of Time was not detected anywhere .

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