The Almighty Ring - Chapter 1322

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Chapter 1322: Chapter 1322 - Pills Don’t Work Anymore

Chapter 1322: Pills Don’t Work Anymore

Focusing solely on the Grundel rather than the pain in his leg, Jiang Fei tried his best to bait it away from the altar, swapping positions with it .

The Grundel might be mindless but it was persistent in killing Jiang Fei . Jiang Fei had always been able to outmove its every attack but now, with his legs injured and throbbing with pain, he was unable to perform as well as he did .

The blood of the Grundel had already eroded his boots and halfway through his calves . The bottom of his feet was purple now . The muscle fibre in his left calf was snapping at every constriction . Like any other poison, the more Jiang Fei moved, the further it spread .

For the entire time, Jiang Fei was unable to focus on the fight as the pain in his leg was too much to bear . As such, he had to force a large amount of energy to divert and halt the spread of the poison .

“0541, Evil Purging Pill! Now!” Jiang Fei ordered .

“Captain, the pill would not work…” said 0541 .

The Evil Purging Pill was simply the Ant Milk that Jiang Fei had acquired from inside the game Dawn Break . 0541 had only mimicked the properties of the potion and made a copy of what he knew, which was a simple healing elixir invented by the Namekians . Even though it would work on Earth, it would not work for the poison that was the blood of the Grundel .

“Crap!” Jiang Fei groaned . He was calm and composed even though he had stepped on the poison because he had assumed that the Evil Purging Pill would work . Alas, if only he had known that the pill, or any other pills for that matter, he had used on Earth would never work on monsters in space, he would have been extra careful during the fight .

The power of the poison in his veins was clearly stronger than anything he had ever faced . Even by channeling 50% of his powers down to his calf, the poison was still spreading, albeit slower, up to his thigh . At this point, Jiang Fei had every reason to panic . Poison was the last thing he had thought that would get him!

Right then, Jiang Fei had a sudden idea . Instead of trying to remove or cure it, he could simply change the properties of the poison and turn it harmless!

With double the power of the Core of Will, Jiang Fei’s mental powers had exceeded that of every mortal in the universe . Even though he was out of juice and was unable to use the power of the 10th Dimension, he still had mental powers of his own! To put it simply, it was the power of Hyper Concentration of the Mind, an ability that was unique to Jiang Fei . With it, he could focus his thoughts down to the quantum level of reality . It was almost similar to the 10th Dimension but without the power of the Core of Will, he would be completely exposed as his physical body will be left undefended . At least, in the 10th Dimension, he was alone and no one else besides himself was able to move there . The only way left for him to dwell in his Hyper Concentration mode would be to first eliminate the threat in front of him .

Instead of reaching for the exit, Jiang Fei decided to finish the fight . With spare energy ready to be used, he expelled a powerful blast of energy from his palms, shooting a concentrated beam toward the Grundel .

The Grundel saw the incoming attack from a mile away but was unable to dodge it as the beam attack was far too fast . It took the beam attack head on but instead of making a hole in its head, it was merely thrown backward, splattering more blood everywhere .

“Tough bastard!” Jiang Fei clicked his tongue .

The monster was not at all strong in defense but its will to live was on par with Jiang Fei . It could still stand and fight when it was supposed to have died a long time ago!

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Annoyed, Jiang Fei tried his best to think of any other way instead of relying solely on projectile attacks . The poison in his legs was spreading too fast, having already taken over the entire calf and he could no longer feel anything in the affected region . It was obvious then that his nerves had already been eaten away . If he prolonged the fight, he might lose his entire left leg! To make things worse, he could no longer move . Frantic, he could only continuously project energy beams on and on until something worked .

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“Sir, do you want to…” Ottogackt asked .

“Not yet,” Alexis hummed .

Both of them appeared to be calm but they were truly worried for Jiang Fei . Based on what they knew about him, he had every bit of strength to finish the trial . However, the thing about the trial was the monster summoned at the altar was random . Be it luck or a curse, Jiang Fei had managed to summon the worst one of all . As naive as he could be, he had actually gotten poisoned by the monster’s blood and risked dying without immediate treatment .

Ottogackt had planned to earn the Best Trainer Award this year with Jiang Fei competing in the trials but from the looks of it, it seemed like Jiang Fei might not even survive the first round . Worse, he might actually bite the dust .

Commander Alexis was worried, not for the trial or anything but for Jiang Fei’s life . Even if he failed, he wanted him to survive and live to train for another day . However, looking at how the situation developed, Alexis wanted to see how Jiang Fei could pull himself out of that sinking hole .

“Sh*t! I’ll die if I don’t finish the fight now!” Jiang Fei thought .

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“F*ck it!” He groaned and pulled out the Zhanlu Sword . With every ounce of strength left in him, he snapped the tip of the sword and imbued it with Metal energy molded with Origin Force .

“Eat this!” Jiang Fei roared as he aimed and tossed the broken piece toward the Grundel .

The fight then ended after two seconds . In the first second, the Grundel roared and moaned as the broken metal entered its body . Its body began to crumble starting from its chest where the piece of the sword struck . In the second second, the Grundel stopped moving and slowly rotted away, dying for real this time . Compared to the Grundel’s own poisonous bodily fluid, the Reaper’s Potion seemed to be stronger .

As soon as the monster fell, Jiang Fei hurried over, limping with his good foot to check for the sword piece . Unfortunately, 0541’s scanning failed to pick up any Valium signature . Clearly, the broken sword piece had corroded .

“F*ck,” Jiang Fei groaned . The fight was over and he could not have felt more disgruntled about it . Not only did he get fatally poisoned, he had damaged his one powerful physical weapon .

With no threats left, he found himself a clean spot to sit and tend to his leg . At this point, his entire left leg, all the way to his pelvis, had already lost all feeling . The poison was spreading fast and it would soon hit his spine .

“Captain, how do you feel?” 0541 asked nervously . Even with all the information and knowledge he had about the universe, he could not do anything to undo the poison of the Grundel .

Jiang Fei closed his eyes and ignored everything in the world . With the remaining minutes of his life, he was going to have to pour all his mental power into Hyper Concentration or die trying .

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He took in a deep breath, filling his lungs to the fullest and started concentrating . A mental image appeared in his mind and quickly, he was able to see himself from a third person’s perspective . He continued focusing down to where the source of the poison was and saw membranes made of energy wobbling and vibrating .

“This must be the poison,” he thought as he pinpointed foreign substances that were behaving unlike anything else around . This was not the first time he had seen his own body . That was why he could recognize what did not belong . To be honest, anyone could easily identify the poison as it was a darkened energy membrane that was releasing destructive particles that disrupted other energy membranes around it .

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