The Almighty Ring - Chapter 538

Published at 2nd of September 2019 05:35:08 AM

Chapter 538: 538

Originally, Shroder was already struggling to keep up with his opponent with both of his hands . Now that he had lost one of his hands, he was in an even more dire situation . Apart from him, the Electress next to him did not seem to fare well either and may not be able to last much longer in the battle .

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“No! I have to help!” Jiang Fei said through gritted teeth .

“Captain, it is theoretically possible for you to defeat these three Bio-Humans . However, on the basis that you do not have sufficient battle experience, I would like to advise you to think twice!” 0541 warned Jiang Fei .

“No way! If I allowed these Bio-Humans to capture Shroder, how would I face Phoenix ever again?” Jiang Fei was a hot-blooded youth . He could not possibly consider everything from a cost and benefit perspective the way people like Han Tianyu did .

“Very well . I shall oblige to your wishes . ” After all, Jiang Fei was still the captain . Since Jiang had already made up his mind, 0541 would have no authority to change his decision .

Jiang Fei steered the Gigantic Saber toward a dense patch of forest as he landed somewhere within . He then used 0541’s Invincibility effect to get close to the battle . Luckily, everyone in the area was focused on each of their opponents and none of them had noticed Jiang Fei’s arrival . After all, this was a no-man’s land . Nobody would have guessed that their opponent would have backup .

Jumping Slash!

Jiang Fei got closer to one of the Lower-tier Level Four Bio-Humans and instantly activated his equipment skill . With a single leap, Jiang Fei suddenly travelled a few ten meters and appeared behind the Bio-Human .

“Ah!” The Bio-Human shouted out loudly . However, it was too late for him to react .

Penetrating Qi Strike!

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In order to land a killing blow, Jiang Fei activated the Origin Force along with his equipment skill .

This was something that Jiang Fei discovered during his ten days of practice in strategizing in battles . Although the equipment skills limited his movements, they did not prevent Jiang Fei from using the energy within his body . Therefore, when he activated the equipment skills, he was able to boost his attack with his body’s energy .


The completely defenseless Bio-Human was ambushed by Jiang Fei from behind him . Jiang Fei’s fist landed on the back of the Bio-Human . The energy from the Penetrating Qi Strike instantly caused the Bio-Human’s body to explode from within . A huge gap the size of a ruler appeared on the Bio-Human’s back . Amidst the pulpy flesh, Jiang Fei could even see his beating heart .

Simultaneously, the energy which Jiang Fei channeled into the Bio-Human’s body exploded and burned his internal organs into ashes .

In a single attack, Jiang Fei’s sneaky assault ended the life of a Lower-tier Level Four Bio-Human .

“Gahhh!” The Middle-tier Level Four Bio-Human immediately stopped attacking Shroder and turned toward Jiang Fei cautiously .

“Brother Jiang Fei, is that you?!” Shroder asked with a tone of disbelief . He thought his life would have ended here . Somehow, Jiang Fei had shown up to save his life .

“We can reminisce on life later . Here, eat this!” Jiang Fei said as he tossed two medicinal pills to Shroder .

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“These are…” Shroder’s pupils expanded . Grand Restore Pill and Evil Purging Pill were famed items in the China Martial Art circle . Other metahumans had also known about their existence since a long time ago . However, these items were heavily guarded by the China Martial Art Alliance . After all, they were only able to get very limited amount from Jiang Fei . Since these were such scarce items, it was almost impossible for outsiders to get their hands on them .

Therefore, not only had Shroder never seen these pills, but even higher ranked mutants had probably never seen them and merely heard about their existence .

“Eat it now . Ask questions later!” Jiang Fei looked warily at the two Bio-Humans before him . The Electress made her way to Jiang Fei as if she would fight alongside him .

However, the Electress did not seem to be in good shape . Her entire body was drenched in sweat . The energy in her body appeared to be very unstable . She must have overexerted herself and would probably have very little battle powers left .

“Alright!” Shroder trusted Jiang Fei enough not to hurt himself . Otherwise, Jiang Fei would not have shown up to save him .

Shroder tilted his head backward as he swallowed the two medicinal pills .

In all honesty, Planet Namek’s potions worked like a charm . As soon as the Evil Purging Pill entered his stomach, Shroder immediately felt the toxins being quickly removed from his arm . He could feel his arm again . After he swallowed the Grand Restore Pill, not only did the speed of recovery in his eroded arm increased, the wounds from his past had also disappeared .

Apart from the large amount of energy he had expended, Shroder basically recovered to his prime state .

“Thank you, Brother Jiang Fei!” Shroder said to Jiang Fei .

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“You can thank me later . Now, both of you, focus on that Lower-tier Level Four metahuman . I will deal with this Middle-tier Level Four metahuman!” Jiang Fei said as he charged at his target .

“Alright!” Shroder nodded as he and the Electress both cornered the Lower-tier Level Four Bio-Human .

Although they were previously overpowered, it was due to the fact that they were outnumbered . Moreover, one of their opponents was a Middle-tier Level Four being . Therefore, Shroder and Electress were both terribly oppressed in their earlier battle . However, it was now a case of two against one . This was their chance to exact revenge .

The combination of lightning and flame created magnificent sparks . Soon enough, the Lower-tier Level Four Bio-Human was subdued by the two mutants . It was only a matter of time before the fellow was utterly annihilated .

At the same time, Jiang Fei was occupied with fighting against the Middle-tier Level Four mutant on the other side of the battlefield . Although Jiang Fei had previously fought against Void Manta, who was also a Middle-tier Level Four metahuman, Jiang Fei was partially protected by 0541 . Now that 0541 had very little energy left, Jiang Fei had to rely on his own powers to defeat this Middle-tier Level Four Bio-Human .

“Come on! Japanese guy, let me show you how strong I am!” Jiang Fei struck with his fist as he shouted . A wave of cold energy shot toward the Bio-Human .

“Gahhh! You Chinese men again! You are always ruining our plot!” The Middle-tier Level Four Bio-Human shouted angrily in retaliation .

“Bang!” Although he was upset, the Bio-Human was not slow in his response . He too emitted a green energy beam which collided with Jiang Fei’s attack . The explosion from the collision caused Jiang Fei to stumble backward slightly and the energy vortex in his body even vibrated several times from the collision .

“Holy crap! My energy level is only that of the Lower-tier Level Four . If we fight with energy blasts, I will lose for sure!” Jiang Fei frowned .

Since fighting with energy blasts would put Jiang Fei at a disadvantage, he decided that it was better to fight against his opponent up close . Although these Bio-Humans were not people from Tokyo, they spoke perfect Japanese . Moreover, although these Bio-Humans had very strong capabilities, they had rather rusty movements . This was not apparent when they used their energy blasts . However, in close combat, such minor delays posed a great threat to their lives .

According to 0541’s analysis, these Bio-Humans were probably mutants who were captured by the Japanese . These mutants had lost their free-will and rationale when they had been turned into Bio-Humans . Thereafter, the Japanese controlled them through the implanted chips in their bodies . Therefore, all of these high Level Bio-Humans were more like Bio-machine humans being controlled by remote controls .

Since it was pointless to fight fire with fire, Jiang Fei would have to bet on his tricks . After all, he had learned a nameless fist fighting technique from old man Hai . Therefore, he would not be at a disadvantage against non-Chinese martial art opponents .

Force Punch!

With the use of the added speed from Force Punch, Jiang Fei suddenly got very close to the Middle-tier Level Four Bio-Human .


Although the Bio-Human frantically blocked Jiang Fei’s attack, he was still pushed several steps backward by Jiang Fei’s Force Punch . At the same time, Jiang Fei activated his frosty energy to freeze up the Bio-Human’s body . The Bio-Human’s body was now covered in ice and his movement speed drastically reduced .