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Published at 13th of May 2019 07:32:17 PM

Chapter 242

Clyde noticed something…off as they approached a classroom . Around it seemed distorted, like a ripple in water . There were no students around nor any sound coming from Melody's classroom, as if they were dismissed early . Eerie .

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"Don't touch that door, Chika," Clyde said, voice urgent . She quickly pulled her hand away from it .

"Very wise thing to do, pervy-nii . "

The group turned to see Natalia, Alice, and the others who were at lunch with them . Clyde allowed himself to give the loli at micro-glare at the kid-sized school uniform she wore .

"So this is what had you in such a dark mood during lunch," Alice said, examining the distortion from a distance . "Nothing I can't deal with . "

"Meh, princess Alice, don't waste your energy doing things yourself," Natalia said . "Why do you think I'm here?" She gave the group a smug look .

"Because Ming called you," Clyde deadpanned . "But I'm damned glad she warned me about the fallen angel because I planned to go outside at that time for some fresh air . "

"Dude, you really need to give her some kind of promotion," Seth said .

"I want a promotion—I'm…me," Natalia said, folding her arms, still smug .

"A bratty kid," Seth said .

"So what to do here," Toru said, eyes on the ripple in space . "Melody's in there, right? Is she in there with this Matsuko person you told us about?"

"It can't be," Clyde said . "I mean I watched them take off . They didn't seem to be in a hurry to do anything . Hell, they looked like slackers . "

The genie hid behind Clyde, glaring at the distortion .

"Are you okay, Kanako?" Harumi asked .

Suddenly, Clyde felt a colossal about of unexplainable aura, grief, pain, and destruction circulate his blood like lava . He winced, eyes shining brightly . That's when he saw the vision .

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A shadow retreated into a portal as five blue…moons fell to a planet . Somehow, he knew the shadow was responsible for it . The vision winked out before the destruction occurred, but reappeared to show the aftermath of red and black gas, aura and fog thickly coating the surface of the world . It looked like Hell . All life, gone . And nothing could be done about it .

Clyde gasped, finding himself back into reality, on his back for some reason . Melody was holding him up, eyes filled with worry . He sat up, noticing that his friends were looking from him to someone ahead . And they had guarded expressions . The young man's head throbbed . He felt cold . Why would he have a vision of a shadow eradicating an entire planet? The system didn't flash a prompt, explaining it—nor did this occur as a result of his foresight talent . Before he could worry about that, he'd have to tune into the present .

"What's going on?" he asked .

"I could say the same thing," Melody said, quickly hugging him . "But we have an unwanted guest . "

"Oh dear daughter, no need to be like that," someone said, superiority in that voice . Alarm stormed through . The power forcibly brought itself in front of his magic, ready to be instantly turned on at his will .

A woman with crimson hair and unsettling glowing gray eyes walked over to the two . The smile she gave him felt cruel . She took the natural anime girl beauty and made the young man feel nervous . Melody's mother . Selkie called She who dawned time . A name she was afraid to speak . The same went for the redhead's father . A full-blooded and legendary trickster demoness .

"So you're the one courting my daughter," she said, kneeling next to him . The woman gave him an embarrassing once over, poked his chest then his cheek . Then she turned to Melody, evil grin on her face . "Just like your mother, eh, attracted to the divinity . You'd better hope your father doesn't find out about this . " She turned back to Clyde, her smile like Gin . "The pureblood Stone of legend, gorging himself with lust . I like it . " She offered a hand toward the young man . "I'm—" She froze, eyes widening . "That can't be…" She stood up, nearly tripping . The woman trembled . "He destroyed…" She looked at Melody then Clyde . "So you saw it too . "

"I did," Clyde said . "Who's the shadow? Or should I say, what is that shadow?"

Alice looked at her life mate, concern in her eyes . Natalia's expression hardened .

"You know who it is," Melody's mother said . "Just admit it to yourself . "

"The Viper," Clyde said softly, gaining the gasps or shocked expressions from the others . "That's the first instance I've seen of him . "

The woman paced back and forth, then nodded to herself .

"I'm going to see what your father think of this…disaster . " She grabbed Clyde's hand . "I am Juliette or what some people call me, She who dawns time for some reason . " She chuckled . "That's another story for you, future son-in-law . " She turned to Chika, evil grin returning to her face . Clyde could tell she held in the urge to shudder at that glowing gaze . "Your mother's trying to gather the parents of this Team Stone, right? As the mother of my Melody, I have the right to show up . And I will know if she intends to do so this Friday . If so, see you then . " She winked then turned to Melody . "If he weren't the Stone of Legend, I'd be really angry that you involved yourself in what almost looks like some kind of harem . But…you're just friends at school . " She turned her back . "Do not forget what you saw, Clyde Stone . That's what you're up against . " The super trickster vanished in a flash of light . The distortions vanished . Time around the area resumed .

"What a day it's been for you Melody," Natalia said . "Matsuko's roaming about and will more than likely get dangerously drunk . The Blood Hand searching every minute of the day, then to top it all off, flipping she who dawns time herself shows up . I don't even know what's going on anymore . "

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Melody sighed .

"When you don't ask for it to happen, it happens . "

"We need a solution to deal with the Blood Hand," Clyde said . "And judging by the way you talk of Matsuko, we can't reason with her . "

Natalia shot Clyde a blank glare .

"You'll have more luck taking that woman's virginity than getting her to see reason . Anyway, Ashard's waiting at your house . "

"Wasn't he supposed to be long gone?" Clyde said .

"Yeah, but I summoned him," Natalia said . "He's going to help us beat the Blood Hand . "

"Have you lost your mind?" Alice said . "What if Titania shows up?"

"Then we give him up," Natalia said . "No skin off our bones . Let mommy's boy go home . "

"That's messed up," Clyde said .

"It's either that or the destruction of the entire city," Natalia said . "Besides, Titania was last seen in a nation thousands of miles from here .

"Let's just meet up at your place after classes," Toru said . "Sitting in this hallway for others to snoop isn't going to get us anywhere . "

Everyone nodded .

"Let's make sure Chika's mom don't do this get-together thing," Seth said, invoking laughter from the group .

"Sorry," Melody said, giving Clyde an apologetic smile . "Just remember…not to trust my mother . Never trust her . " A distant look briefly flashed through the redhead's eyes .

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Sato Academy, hiding behind a corner…

Misaka dropped her Loli Saga books as she fell backward, attempting to piece together what she'd witness . That group again—the false magic users who called themselves Team Stone . They who staged an elaborate hoax in order to trick the people into believing they were heroes . The dark brown-haired girl clearly saw a woman disappear . No one was around for them to stage a prank—no news crews, nothing . And that boy…he…his eyes . Something happened with him .

They were real . But she was the one with a great destiny! Her powers should be dormant inside of her, right? Where were hers? Did she have to promise to save the world to some great god or goddess? She'd do so if it meant awakening . She flung her right hand out to the side .

"I am the lady of the…"

She realized she accidentally hit someone . Misaka turned around to see the most popular girl in school, staring at her blankly .

"I—I'm sorry!"

She scooped up her books and ran before Maki could open her mouth . At least she didn't faint this time .

Maki blinked .

"Strange . I wonder what's her problem?" The purple-haired young woman shrugged and entered the restroom . She was seconds from asking if the girl needed help or something . Oh well . She wondered if she could get Yuki into the Loli Saga .


Sato Academy halls, last class…

Harumi panted, splashing water on her face . Ever since she saw that vision, that cruel shadow, her true form continuously attempted to break its leash . Her bones ached, her heart did too . Those poor people, murdered .

She knew nothing of that world, but the screams: a mix of both children and adult, were real . The five blue moons, the smell of pine and… Tears streamed down the pink-haired young woman's face . As a result of being the first to touch Clyde when he collapsed, she saw what he saw and fainted herself . Thankfully Kitome caught her .

Harumi replied to Sazuki's text message . She just hoped that she'd be well enough to hang out with her friend after the team meeting .

So many off things this day: a fallen angel in the area, a true trickster demoness, and now a sign that the Viper is not laying on his back . He was a real threat .

Harumi had already accepted her true form, sometimes walk around the house in it . But the urge for…She'd have to overcome it . Control it . She'd need as much power as possible to be of use in the fight . Maybe Yuki could command Sophia, Clyde's Stone Maiden, to lend a hand . Extra muscle wouldn't hurt .