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The Archaic System

The Archaic System
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By the early 26th Century humanity had exhausted all resources that could sustain human life. Fortunately, in a science experiment in 2008 something unexpected occurred ripping open a portal to a completely different universe. Humanity spent the next 500 years preparing for their migration to the planet of Agartha. 

Humanity couldn't bring any of their advanced technology. However, they managed to create a system that allowed humans to develop themselves and gain abilities similar to the native sentient species of Agartha. To humans this system appeared and functioned almost like a video game.

After living on Agartha for ten years our MC dies under the blade of the person he was desperately trying to find and protect, his brother. However, through some twist of fate he wakes up alive and back on Earth, returned to the day he migrated to Agartha. A time before he suffered through unspeakable hardships and adversity. A time before he witnessed the cruelty of humanity. A time before he was used and tossed away by others.

Our MC decides that he cannot allow the injustices of his past life to repeat themselves. That he will use what he has learned over his ten years of struggle to become someone who cannot be ignored, cannot be trampled, someone with real strength. 

Follow our MC as he struggles to overcome his weakness, faces the enemies of his past, uncovers the truth about his brother, and confronts situations that make him question his humanity.

***[Author's Note]***
The system in this novel is not unique to our MC, all humans have it. The system does not make the MC overpowered. What does make our MC unique is that he uses his intelligence, knowledge of Agartha/future, and ability to understand how people think to manipulate and plot against his enemies. While they become weaker, he grows stronger. 

I have intentionally made great efforts to make the novel as realistic as possible. While it is a fictional world everything works how we would expect it to. This includes how characters react. My characters respond in ways that would make sense for an actual person in their situation. None of my characters will act arrogantly for no reason or relentlessly pursue the MC to get revenge for a small issue. I do my best to create a world my readers can immerse themselves in, which is made possible by being as realistic as I can.

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