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Chapter 307

Wang Han became famous overnight .

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Sha Wuduan led an army of Sha Guards to destroy the Swordsman Training Hall and got his army completely demolished, making everyone’s jaws drop . Even those who were confident in Wang Han’s abilities did not expect this to happen . Furthermore, this time around, Sha Family had utilized all of their elite troops and even brought out the Sand Sentinel . In the end, they still lost terribly, shocking everyone .

The sword chime, the See You Laters and the artifact remnants had amazed everyone, especially in the last moment where he used the drought fire lotuses to defeat the Sand Sentinel . It was a flash in the pan .  

No one knew the Sand Sentinel could be defeated using such method!

Being on the ban list of the Elders Guild said a lot about how dangerous and powerful a Sand Sentinel was . The usual offensive methods were useless against a Sand Sentinel as it had many sand cores . It could be defeated only when all of its sand cores were destroyed at the same time . A Sand Sentinel’s absorption rate of earth elemental energy was terrifyingly fast . It could repair its body by absorbing an endless stream of earth elemental energy .

And if it decided to self-detonate, half of Peace City would be destroyed .

The fearsome powers and formidable survivability of the Sand Sentinel made it a nightmare for one to face in the battlefield . No one had ever found an effective way to deal with it before this .

"Why did you think of using drought fire lotus? How did you know they will devour sand?" Jiang Wei asked curiously .

Jiang Wei was filled with admiration for Ai Hui, who mixed the seeds of drought fire lotus in the sand pits and reaped his harvest after the Sand Sentinel absorbed them along with the sand .

The drought fire lotus was an unorthodox and infamous species of plant . The ground within ten miles from where it was grown would be dry and barren .

And because of this fact, it was very difficult to cultivate drought fire lotus . One drought fire lotus would consume up to ten miles of earth elemental energy . Once a plot of land was barren, no plants could be grown on it anymore .

Every plot of land in the Avalon of Five Elements was earned through diligence and blood from the Wilderness . Hence, why would the higher-ups tolerate the growth of drought fire lotus? The Sand Sentinel was like a small mountain that was made up of earth elemental energy, which made it the best soil for drought fire lotuses to grow in . Earth elemental energy was highly addictive to drought fire lotuses, so they could deal a fatal blow to the Sand Sentinel .

The logic behind it was not difficult to understand . After everything ended, everyone gradually realized what was going on .

Brilliant creativity did not necessarily have to be complex, but rather, it was about being filled with the dazzle of wisdom and knowledge . Otherwise, why would the methods used to defeat a Sand Sentinel have been so limited before this battle?

Instead of feeling surprised at Ai Hui’s closely interlinked arrangements in the battle, like the others, Jiang Wei was unconcerned .

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This fellow was already so powerful when he was in Central Pine City .

"I’m being forced to do these things," Ai Hui was very happy to see Jiang Wei . However, when the topic of money was mentioned, he was filled with heartache, "When a poor man like me is being pushed to dire straits, how could I not think of some ways to break even? Otherwise, after this battle is over, I might even have to pawn my clothes . Isn’t the Sha Family famous for their sand puppets? How come their sand puppets aren’t as smart as my Lou Lan? Stupid sand puppets are easy to deal with . However, I really didn’t expect them to bring out the Sand Sentinel . I really have to thank them for that, otherwise, how can I break even? Do you know how much earth elemental energy one drought fire lotus needs? Eh? This might be a good way to earn money . I can ask Lou Lan to make a few Sand Sentinels and I can grow some drought fire lotuses…"

Ai Hui’s eyes were sparkling as he continued to talk .

Jiang Wei laughed softly . The moment he saw Ai Hui’s facial expression, he immediately knew what evil tricks this fellow was up to . However, Ai Hui did seem slightly happier than when he was in the Central Pine City .

When Jiang Wei thought of the pressure Ai Hui had to face in Central Pine City, he could not help but sigh silently .

For the last three years, he had asked himself this question countless times . If he was in Ai Hui’s shoes that day, would he have had the courage to take on all that responsibility? Or would he even be capable of taking on all that responsibility?

No, he would not .

"Where’s Lou Lan?" Jiang Wei looked around .

Ai Hui returned to his senses and replied, "He is currently upgrading his body . It will take him a few more days to complete the process . "

"Sigh, it seems like there’s no chance for me to drink Lou Lan’s soup," Jiang Wei gulped down his saliva, looking slightly disappointed .

Ai Hui chuckled and Jiang Wei laughed as well .

Jiang Wei started to talk about what he had been doing and what battles he had taken part in during the last three years . For some unknown reason, Jiang Wei did not like to talk to Shi Xueman about such things . However, when it came to Ai Hui, Jiang Wei would take the initiative to spill the beans to him .

He also talked about what Shi Xueman, Sang Zhijun and the rest of A-1 unit’s members had been doing for the past three years .

Ai Hui did not speak and listened attentively . He could sense the excitement in Jiang Wei’s tone .

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Both of them were filled with the joy of their reunion .

When Ai Hui heard that the iron lady and Sang Zhijun were on the God-subduing Peak, he could not help but feel regretful . If he knew they were on the God-subduing Peak, he would go and say hi to them . Then, when he heard that Duanmu Huanghun were defeated by She Yu, his eyes flickered and his fists clenched involuntarily .

This was the first time in the past three years that Jiang Wei had talked so much .

While talking to his heart’s content, Jiang Wei ordered his subordinates to buy them some alcohol .

The soldiers looked surprised at their captain . Usually, their captain was extremely self-disciplined and would never touch a single drop of alcohol . What happened to him today?

With alcohol to liven things up, both of them were chatting non-stop, dancing and gesticulating with joy . When Ai Hui heard that everyone was doing quite well, he was overjoyed .

This type of friendship could only be developed through life-and-death battles, those who had never experienced it would not understand how it felt .  

Within a short period of time, both of them were dead drunk .

They were not intoxicated from the alcohol, but rather from the happiness derived from a reunion of comrades-in-arms .

Both of them had no idea how dead drunk they were . Countless citizens of Peace City had trouble falling asleep .

… . .

Sea Pacific Enterprise .

"Found it!" reported Fu Renxuan . "Jiang Wei, a survivor from the Central Pine City . After leaving Central Pine City, he joined the Sky Edge Division . Because of his outstanding military service, he was promoted to a small captain . Jiang Wei’s fighting style is firm and steady, possessing exceptional abilities . He is highly recognized by his higher-ups . This can be seen from the fact that they transferred him from the front line to Peace City . Furthermore, he has a rather close relationship with Shi Xueman as both of them were comrades-in-arms during the Battle of Central Pine City . This time around, he arrived at Peace City by taking the God-subduing Mountain . " Fu Renxuan reported solemnly .

Jiang Wei held great power by leading a team to take over the mayor’s residence . From the task given to him, one could tell that he had boundless prospects . As for Shi Xueman, she was known to everybody .

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"Wang Han and Jiang Wei have an extraordinary relationship . I have just received news that both of them were drinking and chatting merrily for the entire night . According to our investigation, Wang Han arrived at Peace City three years ago . That happens to be the time when the Battle of Central Pine City ended . We suspected that Wang Han might be a survivor from Central Pine City . This possibly explains his relationship with Jiang Wei . However, when we searched through the database of the Battle of Central City, we did not find anyone with the name Wang Han . Soon after, we suspected that Wang Han might be a false name . Eventually, we managed to determine his real identity . His real name is Ai Hui . "

"Ai Hui?" Fu Yongwu had a pensive look on his face, "I have heard of this name somewhere before . "

"It’s him!" Fu family’s oldest daughter muttered as her face turned pale .

Fu Renxuan’s face became pale as well . With a slight tremble in his voice, he continued, "Ai Hui, a citizen from the Old Territory . He worked as a laborer in Wilderness for three years . He is one of the two survivors from that batch of laborers . He is an average individual with mediocre natural capabilities . After he finished his stint at Wilderness, he applied to study in Induction Ground . Eventually, the Induction Ground made an exception and accepted him as a student . Subsequently, he received Teacher Wang Shouchuan’s recognition who later accepted him as a disciple . After the blood catastrophe broke out, Ai Hui led a team and fought desperately to save Central Pine City . He had achieved outstanding military merit and obtained the nickname, the Lightning Blade . . . "

Fu Yongwu finally responded and cried in alarm, "That renegade-cum-murderer!"

"Shut up!" Fu family’s oldest daughter sternly berated Fu Yongwu, a rarely-seen sight .

"Am I wrong to say that? Isn’t he the one who killed his master with his own hands?" Fu Yongwu retorted .

The Battle of Central Pine City was a distant and fuzzy memory to many people . In the past three years, there had been numerous major battles . However, the incident where Ai Hui killed his own master still remained fresh in countless people’s memory .

Ai Hui, a highly controversial fighting genius, had single-handedly saved Central Pine City . However, when he killed his master with his own hands at the critical junction, it stirred up a huge controversy and provoked countless debates over the incident .

Sky Edge Division and Infantry Division had tried to enlist the fighting genius but there were a lot of strong objections from the people within the two divisions . There were even some people who said that they would beat up Ai Hui if he was to enter the Thirteen Divisions .

However, in the end, Ai Hui did not join the Thirteen Divisions and vanished without a trace, seemingly as if he had disappeared from the world .

No one had expected Ai Hui to be in Peace City .

The Fu family’s oldest sister stared coldly at Fu Yongwu and reminded him, "If you don’t want to create trouble for our family, you’d better keep your mouth shut . "

"I don’t think it’s as bad as you think, Big Sister . What makes you think he can create troubles for us single-handedly?" Fu Yongwu defended himself .

"That’s what the Sha Family thought too," Fu family’s oldest daughter replied coldly .

Fu Yongwu was speechless .

After the last battle, the Sha Family was destroyed, completely destroyed .

They witnessed how the unstoppable Sha Guards were decimated by Ai Hui with their own eyes .

Fu Yongwu was rash but he was not stupid, "This Ai Hui is indeed a strange individual . How can he be so powerful when he has just attained elemental externalization! It doesn’t make any sense! I don’t understand how he won the battle . Didn’t you say he is an average individual with mediocre natural abilities? If that’s case, why is he so powerful?"

"He is an individual who saves the entire city by himself, it’s normal that you can’t understand him," the Fu family’s oldest daughter answered coldly .

Fu Yongwu knew that he had offended his big sister and quickly begged for forgiveness, "Big sister… . "

"You better not offend him, he is a dangerous man," The Fu family’s oldest daughter was concerned about Fu Yongwu and reminded him once more with a serious tone .

"Big sister, don’t worry, I won’t spout any nonsense outside," Fu Yongwu quickly replied .

"This time around, Peace City is going to be lively," Fu Renxuan felt a slight headache as well, "This time around, Ai Hui has more than five drought fire lotuses . Since when does the market have so many drought fire lotuses? There’s going to be a lot of people drooling over them . Drought fire lotus has always been unsellable due to the lack of market for it . "

At this point of time, a subordinate hurriedly brought a piece of intelligence to the Fu family’s oldest sister .

After she read the report, she laughed bitterly, "This time around, more fuel is going to be added to the fire, things are going to get serious . "

Upon reading the report, Fu Renxuan could not help but laugh bitterly as well .

"The Elders Guild has agreed to confer the title of Master on the late Wang Shouchuan of Central Pine City . Master Wang Shouchuan assumed the position of teacher in the Central Pine Academy for several decades, working diligently and sweating blood and tears everyday . Not only did he play an important role in the Battle of Central Pine City, his theory is extraordinary and contains the wisdom of our ancestors . It is deeply meaningful . . . "

If the Fu family could determine Ai Hui’s background, that implied other people would be able to do so as well .

This decision of the Elders Guild had awakened many old slumbering memories that could push Ai Hui to the heart of the struggles in the Avalon of Five Elements . . .