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The Best Male God - Chapter 3

Published at 15th of April 2019 08:55:11 AM

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Entertainment Reality Show (3)

The staffs of the reality show couldn’t quite adapt to the sudden change of Zhou Zeyi . Nevertheless, they became pretty curious about this handsome little boy so they continued to ask .

“How do you plan to change Ming’an Village?”

You want this poor mountain village to change? Can you really do what you say? Even for adults, there are many things we couldn’t do . What more of a mere child like you?

Everyone in the program team were thinking that this teenager with whimsical ideas was actually daydreaming .

Just like what their program title entails, when the rural teenagers and urban teenagers went through an exchange, the teenagers from the city would experience the hardships of the countryside . Nonetheless, once they return to the city, they would still be the richest young masters .

What about the rural children?

They said this was to motivate them to yearn for the city and study harder in the future . But who knows how big the shock the big cities would bring to the young children of these rural places? Once they see the prosperity of a big city, would they still be willing to stay in a future-less rural village?

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“I have to consider this again . After all, I just came here . But I will definitely find a way . ”

Zhou Zeyi does not want this reality show to be boring . Tang Bingyu wants to be a celebrity, no? Since they want to become stars, they must first become everyone’s favorite! Many people will like them if they become sensible .

After hearing Zhou Zeyi’s response, the program team did not ask any more questions . This might only be a child’s idealism after all . Considering this, they shifted to another topic and then concluded the session .

When the interview ended, it was almost nine o’clock . Originally, the group were planning to have the two city children to help out in the house, but Zhou Zeyi proposed to tour the entire village . In the end, Tang Bingyu seconded . The two people were the focused of the crews so under the shooting of the cameras, they went around to see the way of life in Ming’an Village .

It has to be said that this rural community is really poor . The houses made of bricks and tiles are few . Most of the houses are actually cave dwellings . Perhaps this was due to the locals’ habit of relying on the mountains to eat . Everything here seems to be so different from the advanced cities .

Ming’an Village is simply isolated from the world .

The two looked at such a poor mountain village . Tang Bingyu’s face was full of curiosity . Zhou Zeyi was frowning and no one could guess what he was thinking .

When he saw an old grandpa sitting somewhere in the village, he started to talk with him .

“Good day, grandpa . ”

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The grandfather also noticed the children from the city and immediately replied with a kind smile .

“Little children, good day too . ”

There was still an accent, but it was already at the understandable level . Some of their people had few encounters with several villagers before but there were villagers who were even having a hard time with Mandarin .

“Can grandpa tell me the story of this village?”

To change the quality of life here, they must first understand the village’s situation and know whether poverty was already rampant here way before . There has to be a reason if it was so .

The old man naturally wants to share to these foreigner children the  history of Ming’an village . Afterall, nowadays, the outside world is getting more and more prosperous while their village still remains poor . It could not be said that this old man has no idea in his heart . That would be absolutely false . He had already spent his lifetime struggling for this village yet there was not much change . Now, he was hoping that these outsiders that came would let more people know about their village and consequently bring them more changes .

“But that’s all before . Now, to send their children to school, many villagers have to go to work and earn money for learning expenses . Otherwise, if their child is not cultured, then the latter part of their lives would be difficult . Over time, the number of villagers staying at home became lesser and lesser . At daytime most of them would venture into the woods and pick things that could be sold . Given our village’s location, the generations of children of our Ming’an village live off of the mountains…”

The sight of the elderly man was directed at the dense jungle . He had no clue what magical things are there, but Zhou Zeyi could guess that the reason why this place is poor is, first, it is not accessible .   Second, it is rocky . In its early days, the government wanted to level a part of the mountain to build roads connecting it to the outside, but the villagers stopped them . As a result, Ming’an village kept getting poorer and poorer . The forest was not flattened so the road was not built . They are all now going out to work, yet the place was still getting worse .

After listening to the story of the elder, Zhou Zeyi said goodbye to him, and Tang Bingyu was very curious on why Zhou Zeyi inquired about that .

She asked him when there was no more villagers around .

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“Why did you ask them those things?”

Actually, the program team staffs were also curious but were just embarrassed to ask .

Zhou Zeyi turned his head and looked at Tang Bingyu seriously .

“Say, what do you think is the biggest purpose of our participation in this reality show?”

To be a star… is what Tang Bingyu answered in her heart . This little girl really wanted to become one . But she knew that she couldn’t say that in front of the camera, so she replied .

“It is to experience the life of rural children here and realize how fortunate we are . Before I came here, my parents always said that I am too hot-tempered and they wanted me to change this . ”

Tang Bingyu gave the best answer she could think of . She considered how Zhou Zeyi was sent here because of his bullying tendency at home .

“Not this . ” Zhou Zeyi shook his head and pointed at the camera before continuing .

“They sent us to be reformed, but the biggest reason is not to make us change, but change the fate of several other people . From birth, and since we’re born at a bustling city, we could easily enjoy more things . But this village is poor, backward and even isolated from the world . The reason why I want to be sent here is actually because I’m tired of staying at home . I am being controlled by my family all day long and could only watch a movie, go to the playground and do KTV . I’m tired of these things . Now I have a new game . Do you want to play together?”

He deliberately put on a mysterious look, and he was now completely different from the previous him . But it attracted the attention of Tang Bingu, and even the program group was very intrigued .

“What game?” asked the little girl in curiosity .

Is there anything fun in this poor and dilapidated mountain village?

Zhou Zeyi, after seeing that the fish had been hooked, said .

“We have to play it big! Let’s not change only ourselves! Let’s also change the entire Ming-an Village! Isn’t it poor? Then, we are going to bring it out of poverty! Aren’t there not many children going to school? Oh, well, it is necessary for all children to start going to school! They will not be relying on their parents’ money to school themselves, but on themselves . This is to change the whole Ming’an village! What do you think about this?”

Tang Bingyu only felt like Zhou Zeyi’s eyes seemed to be shining with a different light . About this game he was trying to bring up, she could not refuse, because once this is done, it would be very amazing!

The little girl’s face immediately burst into a beautiful smile as she nodded .

“Okay! I also want to play this game!”

None of the people from the crew or the outside world knew . But this game the two wanted to play, under the lens of the cameramen, would actually change the fate of the entire Ming’an village .

………… .

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