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Chapter 3

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"Hurry up!" Jamie shouted .

The boys pedaled even more laboriously . The sky was now dark as coal and the sudden thunder brought more dread into the boys' heart .

"Did you just hear that?" Bogart asked . "It was frighteningly loud!"

"It was the loudest I heard all my life," Tonton seconded .

From out of nowhere, flashes of lightning appeared in the sky . They were random and their bright yellow and white streaks cut across the sky .

The four stopped and stared at the wonder . They never had seen such thing in Subangdaku . Lightnings alternately flared in random patterns, and the once dark firmanent glowed in marvelous lights .

"It's beautiful!" Bogart bellowed .

"And scary at the same time," Kiko objected . "This has never happened before . "

The boys continued watching and after a another loud thunder, the lightnings exploded into one final burst of radiance . The sky once again turned pitch black, covering Subangdaku with darkness again .

"Wow, that one is the loudest ever!" Bogart exclaimed again .

"How did that happen?" Tonton asked .

"Is there a storm coming?" Kiko uttered . "It's not in the news . "

"It's actually weird," Jamie said . "Those thunders and lightnings are too close . They were like fireworks but grander and brighter . "

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"But we can't deny it, guys," Bogart spoke with smile in his lips . "That was magnificently beautiful!"

The three looked at one another and the boys instantly laughed .

"That was a crazy thing," Kiko said . "Hope someone has taken a photo of that"

"Or photos," Tonton agreed . "Science books will kill to have those images . "

Once more, they all laughed in unison . They began their bicycle ride again and despite the sudden peals of thunder and lightning, the night was not as cold as they expected . Passing by the haunted house and seeing the atmospheric showdown did not bring enough chill; the boys were sweating hard .

"The sky is clear again," Jamie finally broke the silence . "I thought it would rain after that, or at least some cold breeze . "

"Don't you think it's beautiful?" Tonton voiced out . "The stars are incredibly brighter and clearer . "

"Yes," Bogart agreed . "I can see the Big Dipper . "

"We can actually stop for a while and look at the stars," Kiko suggested .

"It's late already," Jamie said matter-of-factly . "But I kind of like that . "
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Jamie chuckled and stopped his bike . The three boys also did the same . Bogart immediately jumped into the lush grass and the others followed .

"It's lovely!" Jamie whispered .

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"It's magnificent," Kiko agreed .

"It's the Little Bear!" Bogart pointed .

"It's the Polaris!" Tonton echoed .

A moment of silence ensued as the boys absorbed the beauty of the sky above .

"The grass smells fresh that it makes me feel sleepy," Bogart said .

"Yes," Jamie agreed . "I'm also feeling tired and lazy that we should better get going . "

The two were about to rise when Kiko jolted and pointed at something . "Hey, guys, look! That could not be a star . It's moving way too fast . "

The other three followed his finger . Indeed, there was something very bright moving in the sky . It was even brighter than Polaris .

"It's just a plane," Tonton said uninterestingly .

"It can't be," Bogart countered . "It is not blinking . "

"It is!" Tonton insisted .

"But it does not blink the same way planes do," Jamie finally said . "It's not red or yellow . "

"It seems very far," Kiko spoke up, "but it moves really fast . "

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"It's a meteor," Bogart voiced out . "Is there a meteor shower tonight? "

"Nope," Kiko answered . "It's not in the news and it's not in the books . "

"It's just a random meteor," Jamie said . "Come on, guys, let's go home . "

The other boys rose up but Kiko remained seated on the grass, fixated on the sky .

"C'mon, Kiko, let's go . " Bogart said . "Why are you still staring at the sky?"

"I think it's getting bigger, guys," Kiko answered . "It seems like it's moving toward us . "

The three looked up again and stared in silence . Indeed, the "shooting star" seemed to grow larger, from a mere little dot like the tip of a pencil to a bigger round like the tip of a board marker .

"Whoa!" Bogart gasped . "I think you are not mistaken . "

The "meteor" was now obviously brighter than the surrounding stars; it was five times larger than the Polaris . Seconds passed by and it grew much even bigger .

"Something's not right about what we are seeing," Tonton finally shattered their reverie .

"This is really very wrong," Kiko agreed .

They continued to gaze in disbelief as the "thing" took on much larger size . It was now like the size of a baseball and it grew bigger at a much faster pace .

"I'm beginning to get scared," Bogart mattered .

In just few seconds more, it grew to a basketball with blinding brightness . Neighboring stars were swallowed by its radiance and the once eerily dark sky gradually shone .

"It's coming towards us!" Jamie shouted after realizing that the meteor would probably fall into the village .

As if on cue, the boys quickly rode their bikes and begin pedalling . It was harder this time, sweating more than before even though the night breeze had already become colder . In panic, Kiko turned around and his eyes grew with what he saw .

"Oh no!" Kiko shouted . "It will hit us . "

The three turned around and were almost thrown on the ground . The bright thing was now almost a meter wide . As it approached the village, loud thunders were heard .

"Faster!" Jamie ordered .

The boys moved faster while the light and thunders intensified with each passing moment . Bogart turned around again .

"This can't be!" And the boy tripped over .

"Bogart!" Tonton yelled and immediately stopped and ran toward his friend to assist him . He was crying now . The other two also halted .

Kiko looked at the sky again and the meteor was covering at least half of the sky . Its white light was glowingly profusely . "It can't be happening . "

They shielded their eyes, afraid that the extreme brightness would blind them . The thunders grew more deafening as the light engulfed the entire sky . It was a moment of fear and chaos, and in the heart and mind of the four boys, the end had come .

In the blink of an eye, the thunders blasted one last time as the sky exploded into blazing brightness . The Biker Brothers were all thrown away . . . .