The Blade Summoner - Chapter -8

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:51:48 PM
Chapter -8

The next day I skipped my morning routine, I didn't go looking for my mother or father this time . Instead, I washed myself, ate and told my brother that I will leave .

I hurried over to Gus house, the two wooden swords I found besides my bed this morning in my hands . Many of the passing faces have a happy expression, greet me . Some of them also tell me to be cautious not to fall . To prove them wrong, I didn't change my pace, turned around told them I was fine then stumbled .

Proving them wrong ended in laughter . . . . It was fine, wasn't it?

Soon I had reached my destination, Gus door was open once again . This time, he wasn't smithing, but his father was . I knock on the doorframe again, to make myself noticeable . His father turned and greeted me, then signaled me to sit on a chair next to him .

Gus Father:" You have to be Cecil, right?"

C:" Yes, did Gus tell you?"

Gu-Fa:" So you think I don't know the prince! Why am I even smithing this sword for you?!"

C:" This is for me?" I point at the glowing red mass on the anvil

Gu-Fa:" Yes, your father asked me to craft it for you . He also told me that you wanted to learn swordmanship here?"

When did my father tell him all that? It was just yesterday that I visited Gus the first time . . .

C:" Yes, I also have two wooden swords here, in the hope to train with Gus . "

Gu-Fa:" Well, he is in school right now, so how about we train after I finish with this?"

C:" Sure, but I'm just starting to train so-"

Gu-Fa:" Don't worry, old Klaus will not go easy on you"

C:" Thank . . . Wait, did you say not?"

Klaus grinned, then proceeded to process my sword . He didn't answer my question .

A few loud metallic sounds later, he put the swords . . . blade I suppose, aside .

K:" Well then . Give me your swords first"

I hand the wooden swords over to him, wondering what he wanted to do with them .

K:" Like I thought, we will not be using them . They are too light to give you right impressions, every step you take with them is a step back, rather than a step forward . "

C:" But what are we fighting with then?"

He goes out of the house, to a smaller building close to it . It was the shop, I suppose . Klaus went in, then came back out with two old swords .

K:" These things . I will grind off their edges, then they are just as dangerous as the wooden ones, but simulate real swords much better . " He said, while handing me one of them .

I take it, but I underestimate the weight and my arm rushes down . God, this thing was heavy!

K:" You see now? You need to train your arms aswell, techniques don't have any use if your strength can't back them up . "

C:" But I cannot fight with these swords, I cannot even lift them!"

K:" This is why we will train your body up first . For today, stamina and endurance should suffice . I will make weights for you to take tomorrow, just train with them a while . It will hurt a bit, but the results will be better that way . "

So I was supposed to train my muscles first, makes sense . But stamina training?

C:" Why stamina training?"

K:" How long do you think a fight lasts for? You need to stand through an hour sometimes! And, which is the more important point, it will raise the amount of training you can do in one day . "

C:" Why am I only doing stamina today then? If it raises effectivity, wouldn't it be better to do it every day?"

K:" Oh, you misunderstood . You will do only stamina today, but both strength and stamina from tomorrow onwards . "

Well, at least my progress will be fast . I wonder how hard it will be . . .

K:" What are you doing? Start running!"

C:" Running?"

K:" Stamina training?! Did you even listen?"

Okay then . Instead of answering I start to run, no real set goal but just around the city . I take paths I haven't seen before, take stairs and unpathed roads . Exhaustion was hitting me quite fast, but I didn't intend to stop this fast . After three rounds through the town, my body was about to give up, but I somehow managed to force myself to a fourth one . Covered in sweat and huffing I return to the smithery .

K:" You are back?"

C:" Yes" My voice sounded powerless and faint .

K:" You pushed your limits, perfect . If you keep this up you will most definetely surpass Gus . You can go home now, come back tomorrow morning"

It was still noon, but I was really exhausted, so I went back to the castle . I ignored the servants trying to wipe my sweat, took their towel and did it myself . Then I went up to my bed and slept . Sleeping at noon felt really weird .