The Blade Summoner - Chapter 31

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:50:48 PM
Chapter 31

A few minutes of scurry later, the crowd was gathering in our front again . Sounds of excitement and happiness surround us . Laughing, cheering and some of them began to sing .

As more gathered, more began to sing . The song got louder - more rhythmical . The king knocks onto his chest twice . Where his heart was, a signal of union and integrity .

Several seconds later, the entire crowd copied it . The sound was loud, I wonder if you could hear it outside . Apparently this was the signal of departure . Laurin taps my shoulder and drags me along for a small bit .

The crowd behind us stays coordinated, even though the tunnel gets way tighter . As if they did this a few times already . The light from outside surrounds more of us with the time . After looking back the glorious sight hits me . An army slowly stepping into the rays of light, brightening up - making their armor and weapons shine .

Thousands of golden hammers and shields glowing together as one . At this moment I already felt victorious .

Laurin leads us further outside the forest, he was a way better guide than Catalyt . The sight from the small mountain we were on was breathtaking, but we still had to walk . Simultaneous steps got us further down, further towards the others .

The forest was overgrown, so a few times the steps got interrupted by roots and plants . The rhythm was found back seconds later, it was amusing hearing them curse . They cussed pretty often, but they never included others in it . They always blamed the situation itself .

Stepping around the trees cutting off the river was easier, if you knew about the tunnels leading to the riverbed . The army was forced to walk in rows of two, like kindergarten children . I laughed out loud at that thought . They actually had the height of those too!

I was looked at weirdly, but I didn't want to explain, so I just turned away my head a bit .

Moss and plants were growing from both top and bottom of the tunnel, probably caused by the humidity of the river coming down here . The smell was really bad aswell, but no one complained .

Laurin and I were the first ones to step out of the tunnel . Catalyt was the one greeting us there . Seemingly, Laurin already told him where we would be . What neither of us expected was Catalyt to already gather the previously scattered parts of my army .

The picture welcoming was . . . awfully accurate in explaining our squad . Lyght sitting down and eating, Servve fighting and Rhage analysing that fight . Christian was the target of Servves enthusiasm, so all of my generals were distracted . Fine then .

I tell Laurin to silently get closer and arrange his army, but the soldiers already had the perfect formation to seem big and scary . This will be a fun picture, if my plan gets some agreement .

Following my plan, Laurin puts shackles on me, and pushes me forward . I already got the feeling that leprechauns loved theatre, but Laurin showed more eagerness than expected . He put on a really serious face and takes his hammer out .

He is going all out for this, huh?

The moment I was thrown towards the fight and fell, less intentionally but perfect for the effect, they turned towards us . Laurin understood his role well and started talking .

L:" Is this one yours?"

Rhage was the first one to gain his speak back .

R:" Yes . Do you mind telling us what happened?"

L:" He invaded our kingdom without allowance, just like you did . I ask you to immediately leave"

The other three panicked and got the message to the others, which made half of our army gather . This was no match for the army behind me people . Would you really react like that you morons?

After quite some time of dangerous staring between Laurin and Rhage, the leprechaun king cannot keep it in anymore, he starts laughing . My army was so clueless, that I had to hesitate to laugh . Were they really trained that badly?

Well no matter what, first we need to explain ourselves I guess .

Ce:" Hey guys . Laurin, do you mind to take these off again? They are uncomfortable . "

L:" Cecil, you really need to get over your need of comfort in a war!"

This time Servve was the first one to speak up again .

S:" Does that mean that they joined us? Are they strong?"

I giggled a bit, then initiated introductions .

Ce:" This is Servve, he is one of our generals . He is always up for a fight, so if one of you guys want to try and beat up an elf, go ahead . "

L:" Pleased to meet you, my name is Laurin . I'm the leprechaun king, but please feel free to talk casually . Introducing the rest of my army would take too long, so bear with me . "

Ce:" Well . Let us keep it at our generals aswell guys . Introduce yourselves, please"

A few seconds of elbow bumping and refusals Lyght goes next .

Ly:" My name is Lyght . I am in charge of ambushes, I am not really into talking . "

Laurin nods and looks at Christian . He recognizes his appearance . From me obviously, but Christian gets uncomfortable - Laurin looks at him a bit too long .

Ce:" Christian, would you just like . . . Go ahead please?"

C:" Umm . . . My name is Christian . . . I am leading the human parts with Cecil, who already knows you . "

L:" What is your relation? Brothers?"

Christian nods .

L:" Well, well . I heard about you! I'm fine with you leading aswell . "

C:" T-Thank you . "

Laurin smiles a bit, happy about his intimidating voice and attitude . They didn't know how friendly he was yet .

L:" And you?" Whilst looking at Rhage .

R:" My name is Rhage . I control food in this army, asides from coordinating the elven army . "

Servve is getting jittery, so Laurin breaks this awkward conversation in a good manner .

L:" Servve, right? Do you want to fight? I heard that fights and actions convey feelings better than words . "

Servve grins and stands up . I am getting excited aswell - I never saw the leprechaun sovereign fighting, just like any other leprechaun . This will be enlightening .

They both draw their weapons, a greatsword on Servve's side, such as a hammer and a shield on Laurin's .

Laurin had a rather passive way of fighting . He waits for an attack, blocks it then places his own . It wasn't flashy, but it was perfectly executed . There was no opening in his defense at all, as Servve got to know .

Servve tries to jump over him, dash to his side and hitting frontally . None of them worked and each time his sword got redirected outwards, leaving his chest wide open . Laurin used his time, stepped forward swung his hammer and made Servve jump away .

This goes on for around one hour, the armies already started to merge in the background . They talked about the fight, their missions and ways of fighting . Some of them started fighting themselves, all of them because of curiosity .

Won't take long for those armies to find together .

The fight ended without a single hit . Servve was sweating and exhausted, so he gave up . He understood that he had no chance to get through with his current level . He reserves himself a fight for later, after he trained up again . Laurin agreed, a few drops of sweat are to be seen .

L:" If I fight, you have to fight too Cecil . I recommend Tohrin, he is the best fighter we have . "

Fine then . This will be a long fight, I suppose .