The Blade Summoner - Chapter 35

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:50:40 PM
Chapter 35

In the morning we decide to test out her magic first . Range, strength and control are the main focusses our tests are supposed to reveal .

Our first test was walking away from her, while she uses it . The one walking away, me in this case, keeps talking, then he marks the point he was able to hear himself again . This will be repeated with others, to detect inconsistencies .

As planned, I go first . I step back slowly, telling myself a childrens story about a chicken and a crocodile . After around fifty meters, such as the first half of the story was the point I could hear . The others heard how I said: 'The chicken cuddled the crocodile' . Unpleasant .

We only used generals for these tests, we wanted to simulate the demons strengths and resistances as good as possible, so Rhage goes next .

He was walking for exactly fifty meters, then stopped . Reciting a poem is a better choice than a childrens story I suppose . Next up is Servve . Expectedly, he stopped at fifty aswell, with a hearable warsong .

Laurin and Lyght were going at the same time, it was only confirming our theory at this point . Both stopped at fifty aswell, Lyght repeated the assassins motto and Laurin reciting the leprechaun manifesto .

We were all going in different directions, so the directivity was a circle of fifty meters radius . . .

Control was the next thing we wanted to try . Could she control directivity, range or filter the persons the magic applies to?

The fairy king guided her through me, so the first results were very early . She was able to control the range, but she was unable to go over seventy five meters . At this point we were able to communicate with screaming again . Thus, range directly affects strength .

Next up, directivity and selectivity . Directivity was nothing else than changing the range for certain parts only, so this one was easy to achieve . If she took the range away from one side, she could apply it to the others .

If she can use regions separately, there was the possibilty to just spare out our own soldiers . We tried that out aswell . It seems that her silence field, which is what we called the silent area around her, only stops the formation of sound . Not the sound itself .

Which is perfect, if she learns how to control it . She could silence our enemies commands, while not affecting ours . In contrary, if she fails, it was devastating . Accidentally silencing our commands was possible too . She had to change the radius with our movement aswell .

Ce:" Let us stop here . I have an idea . "

We stop and gather .

Ce:" We all know that she is able to direct her silence field . We also know, that the strength gets lower with the range rising . So why would we apply the magic to our fields too? Leaving each of our heads out is hard to do . "

Cia:" So you mean I should only silence the enemies, but don't apply the magic to our region?"

Ce:" Exactly . The magic will be stronger and if enemies are in our army they aren't getting any good commands out anyway . "

The others nod, they seem to understand .

Ce:" Also, in the stealth part, silence us completely, we don't know how good demon ears are . If a guard appears, silence him and we can kill him without anyone noticing . "

Our plan was done . The only thing left was to perform it properly . And to reach the place to fight first, of course . But with the enchanted carriages we have now, it shouldn't take too long .

The carriages looked normal, but they were much more comfortable, had more space inside and were faster . Even without horses .

We simply used the main road, meeting a demon here was unlikely . If we did, our first cart was prepared . Cecilia, Lyght and myself were in it, so if one appeared it was easy for us to silence him, take him down and hide him . Luckily, there was none anyway .

We reached the closest village without problems, it was a small one called Stuckenborstel . The name came from the time leprechauns still lived there, such as many of the buildings were .

Most houses here looked cold, but stand out . They were new and didn't fit in at all, but the cozy feeling they emit was better than the stone houses around them .

The streets had a few people on it, but that was to be expected in a small village like this . Some were getting water, others bought bread . It wasn't hasty or full, but it wasn't enjoyable either .

It seems as though they are mentally dead . Their eyes were glassy and they walked around without changing the point they looked at, at all .

Something is wrong here . Just uncozy houses weren't able to make humans this emotionless . What happened here?