The Blade Summoner - Chapter 36

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:50:38 PM
Chapter 36

I looked around and the others in my carriage had just the same bad feeling I had . Our plan to attack tomorrow has to be cancelled . If our soldiers feel unwell the outcome might shift .

We get off of our carriages, which made quite the consistent and loud noises . The villagers didn't even notice us . The bad feeling got even worse the futher into the village we got . The low ranked soldiers started to walk stooped .

I can understand, it does have the feeling that somehing bad will happen . Unkowingly I start to walk faster, until I pass the villages well . I flinch and actually trip and fall down .

This was not only a bad feeling . The stench the well emits was awful . Rotten flesh, moss sewage seem to have fusioned at mutated, but that smell would still be better than the one coming out of there . What is that?

Keeping the soldiers from getting too close to it, the other generals come to me . Before they could ask I explain .

Ce:" It is a very bad idea to move anywhere close to that well . If you want to take a look aswell, I won't stop you"

They look at each other, then Servve passes me . He twitches, then comes back really fast .

S:" God what is that?!" He almost shouted .

Rhage and Christian were going next, Laurin trusted me and didn't get close .

Christian comes rushing back and throws up, Rhage stay there for a bit and even takes a look inside . Looking at him closely, he shut his nose with a clip . Smart one .

Even with the clip Rhage comes running back . He pulls us several meters away before starting to talk so fast and excitedly, that he even forgot to take the clip off . It might've sounded funny, but the message was an awful sign .

There was something moving down there . It was big enough to pass the opening without being seen whole, which proves two things . First, that thing has to be massive, the well was really big after all . A bear could fall into it easily . Secondly, there has to be a cave or something down there . If it was bigger than the well and it was still able to move, the cave couldn't be a small one aswell .

God what kind of village did we enter here?

We didn't further investigate, out of actual fear . Talking to the villagers got us a few information . They didn't only look emotionless, they sounded like it aswell . Also, they knew something about that thing down there, but didn't dare to tell us .

Even the emotionless sweated and started talking faster if we mentioned it . This was weird, was this thing the source of this?

After looking around the village longer, we got a few more hints, for example: They sent a few people to a cave near this village, after it suddenly appeared . The returning villagers, which was only half of the ones that left, had been left without emotions .

The other, weirder one we got, was that they seem don't seem to have children at all . We only saw one boy, but he suffered a cruel fate and died . He was lying in a market street, but he was fully untouched . My fear gets even bigger . What is this shit?!

We gather around with our soldiers . Everyone seems to be paranoid and afraid . Even Servve shivering a bit . Soldiers ask for the permission to leave, which I can fully understand . I permit it without hesitiation .

But just like before, we keep discovering weird things . Out of the many soldiers that left, a few were going into the village, towards the well to be exact . Before we could stop them, they jumped down . One after another . At that point, I commanded everyone to leave . Hell no, we cannot stay here .

A few other soldiers start to tend to the well, but we pick them up and carry them away . After we gained a distance of roughly one kilometer of the village, they returned to normal .

Looking back at the village, we notice that the ground is moving a slight bit . Just a very tiny bit, moving up and down . Up and down .

The rythm was very steady . . . Was this the beast breathing? If so, the beast was bigger than the entire village . By a few hundred meters . There weren't many cities bigger than this beast!

Is there more villages like this? Might there even be bigger cities like this?

I honestly didn't want to know . My urge to help that village faded, my wish to survive rises . How was I supposed to kill something like that anyway? Very funny summoning magic, I have no use for a fear sword! There is no way I'll be fighting that!

After a few hours of calming down, I start talking to the other generals, if they ever heard of somehing like this . Most of them shook their head, but Laurin was lost in thought .

Ce:" Laurin, do you know what this might be?" My voice was unsteady

L:" . . . "

Laurin lowers his head, rests it on his hand then starts speaking .

L:" There is a myth . Just a single one, which I ever heard which is similar . And in a much lower scale . . . "

Ce:" Go ahead, I don't think fearing that thing any more is possible"

L:" Mimicry Basilisk . A beast which is usually very small, using its tail to mimic the form of an object, then changing its color to match . It was said to only exist in myths, to be limitted to mimic a chest and eat mice!" At the end Laurin shouted desperately .

. . .

Ce:" I suppose controlling peoples minds didn't have a place in that myth either, but it might have happened in lower scalings earlier, controlling a mouses brain might be possible . "

R:" You mean . . . "

Ce:" It fed itself up to this size . It has probably eaten mice at first, but now it has faked humans and a village on it . I don't dare to estimate how much it eats now . Probably every passenger the village had in the entire time . "

L:" What about the fear we heard of the people then? If they were only something a beast faked?!"

Ce:" A beast this big wouldn't have fear usually, indeed . But it probably never confronted its prey offensively . It had fear to be found out"

S:" Does that mean we could beat it?"

This was a hard question . I had no info about its strength, so my theory might be wrong . It could control the humans on top and hold them as livestock aswell . It might even be able to hunt on its own, but prefers to stay in one place? If the humans drank out of the well, it might have numbing poison!

Cannot be, some of my soldiers were affected without drinki- The stench . The humans might be fake, but the stench was real . You might not notice it at the edge of the village, but it poisons you, allows that beast to control you at last . If the reason why we were unaffected was our strength, it would also explain our low rankers jumping into there .

A village built to be a bait, luring you in .