The Blade Summoner - Chapter 4

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:51:30 PM
Chapter 4

The first day in my new class were pretty easy . It was a class of ten people, plus the teacher we were eleven people in a rather big room . Our class room was planned for having fifty seats, as it was built before the changes in lawsuit .

Back then, commoners still had a right to come here, if they had the talent . Just like the rooms decorations, it changed . I heard from older students that these rooms used to be wooden, lighted with torches filled with laughter . None of that remained .

The wooden chairs and tables got exchanged with iron ones, the light was made with magical stones and the athmosphere was silent and uncomfortable .

The first thing we learned about wasn't how to use magic, not to hurt anyone and so on like it used to be, but we learned about mana conductivity . What it is, what role it plays in a spell and lastly how to train it .

Mana conductivity is basically how much magic you are able to control, without losing any . Mine was really high for example . I was at seventy percent, meaning that only thirty percent of my power gets lost if I use it all . Compared to the fifty percent the others were at, it was quite good .

The amount of magic you can control without going rampage is also determined by it, so high level spells can only be reached with high level mana conductivity . Not like I had any spells . . .

Well, without any spells, I had to train it by gathering my mana in different points of my body, letting it flow from there and then regather it somewhere else . This was the content of the first few days . After those days, the fact that I was essentially unable to cast spells got more attention .

Practicing casting is considerably hard without any spells . They started to call me fools gold, playing with the fact that I was deemed the best ranked student after enrolling . Then utterly failed to do anything . In training, they left me out in my corner - where I trained mana conductivity even further .

I surpassed their range before I even started, but it raised to ninety five percent before I got stuck . The number didn't change anymore . So I had nothing to do, except sitting around . Which encouraged the others to pick on me even further, adding lazy and outsider to their vocabulary .

The days got longer and longer, as they got more boring . There was nothing I could do about it, so I endured, trained my body and kept on trying to raise what I have even further . Knowledge, Swordplay and Mana . Through a few books on the library, I found out that weapons and muscles are easily enhanced with mana, so I trained into that direction .

Soon, I was able to send my mana back and forth in my body, enhancing what I need instantly . Luckily, I got some guys from the bears paw to spar with me . Trying the technique for real was rather astounding, if I enhanced my arm I could easily break through their defense . I mean, they weren't too strong, but they were still adults with some amount of training .

Breaking their defense like this was . . . Feeling undeserved . It felt like I was cheating my way to win, so I tried without mana next . The fight got closer, but they were still too slow to hit me frontally . So I waited for my oponent to attack, dodge his blade - block his sword if I had to - then strike an opening . I haven't lost a fight today, so I doubt this will give me much progress .

Covered in sweat and my t-shirt off, I notice that people have gathered to watch us . Back then unexperienced, I had no idea why the face of some of them were red . Mainly female ones, to give a hint . I looked down to my body, thinking there would be something strange, as they were staring at my stomach .

The only thing I spotted was the usual sixpack, my broad legs and my dirty hands . Grabbing my towel to wipe the sweat off, I walk to the waitress which came around to watch too .

Ce:" Why is everyone staring at me? Is there something strange?"

Waitress:" Strangely well-built guys are rather rare here, so don't mind them too much . But keep them from drooling please, I don't want to clean it"

Ce:" . . . "

What? So they aren't used to muscles, huh? Admittedly, most guys here valued mass over quality .