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The Blade Summoner - Chapter 45

Published at 27th of December 2018 06:50:27 PM

Chapter 45

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Ce:" You agreed to never tell anybody, to remember you . "

Cia:" I know . "

She raises one eyebrow, challenging me to question her . As tempting as it wasto do so, the explanation was more important .

Ce:" First I need to tell you a bit about the one I was talking to . "

Cia:" Go ahead . "

Ce:" He is . . . God this sounds weird . He is in my head only, I call him Fairy King - I never got to know his name, he was guiding me for some time now . "

Cia:" I can't talk to him?"

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Ce:" I-"

F-K:" She could, if she follows a ritual . Ask her if she wants to"

Can I like, speak to her alone please? F-K:" Hey! I'll be stuck in your leg soon enough, sacrifice a bit of your time alone to me!" I sigh, then ask her if she wants to .

Cia:" Of course!"

Ce:" So, Fairy King . Explain the ritual . "

The explanation was long, so long ritual short: A really complicated emblem, drawn with dirt on a piece of paper . Three holes, one full of water, one empty and the other one with my and her blood . Obviously the last one was smaller than the others . We put the paper into the empty one, then burned it . Then we both charged our magic into the water .

The waters color began to change, such as the bloods color did . The blood became darker, the water started to glow . A few seconds later, we had one dark pit and one glowing one . We sat down at the two different sides of the holes, then put our hands into the pits . One hand for one pit .

The substances in those pits were nothing phyisical for sure . They didn't budge a bit with two hands in it, I didn't feel anything from them either . The last step, to fold our hands together - then lift a bit of the substances up . Yes, I said it didn't budge before .

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With our hands connected it did, there was still no weight though . Then we released both substances into the middle again . A little pearl appeared, with pulsating warm light . The ritual was completed, she only had to eat that pearl now .

She looked into my eyes, while holding the pearl to her mouth and ate it after I nodded . Somehow we forgot to release the other hand of each other, or we just didn't want to .

F-K:" Hello? Do both of you hear me?"

Cia:" I can hear someone!"

Ce:" He can be annoying at times, just bear with it . "

F-K:" Sarcastic before I even introduce myself, wow . But well, even though it might be late: My name is Arcana, I was the last Fairy King of alchemy . "

Cia:" Nice to meet you, I am Cecilia . . . Not really anyone . . . "

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Arcana:" Not yet, I foresee something or rather someone changing that!"

Cia:" I see what you mean now Cecil, he is annoying . Can't he just say what he means?"

I laugh severely, Arcanas surprised " What" was just too good!

Ce:" I don't know, I figured he had some kind of injury before he died . Maybe he hit his head or something . . . "

This time Cecilia was laughing, but Kings revenge was sudden . Exhaustion hit me .

Ce:" He entered my leg again, so I am really exhausted now . He couldn't bear it anymore it seems, but the day is taking a toll on me aswell . I'll go to sleep early today . "

Cia:" Sure, how was the bread today by the way?"

She suspicously looked away asking that last thing, but as there was nothing wrong with it I answered normally .

Ce:" It was really good, why?"

Cia:" Nothing! I'll bring more tomorrow, good night!"

Ce:" Good" Yawn " Night . . . "

With that I slept . Like a rock . Well, more like alloy but it is the same principle . My dreams weren't stuck to the castle or Gus anymore either . Usually my sleep was filled with pain, which is why I preferred to be in exhaustion-coma most of the time .

But now, it was the village all of this started . The villagers from back then, the elves and the leprechauns accepting me as one of them . It was built like a path leading me to a goal, I couldn't see the end at all . Doors left and right showed persons I helped, that I bonded with . The soldiers I trained, Tohrin and the others of the hunting and gathering squad, over to people from the capital, guests in the bears paw and even Viola and the whole class had a door . It was so many doors that I stopped counting soon .

All of them waved at me as I passed, unstopped - to new doors . I stopped looking into the doors as I saw three familiar faces in the corridor I was in . I instinctively knew who they were and what they wanted to tell me . Klaus, Gus and Marina were standing there, smiling at me - telling me to go further . Gus was standing arm in arm with Marina again, even death couldn't stop them, their smiles finally back to the place they belonged to . Next to Klaus was an empty place, open for Claudia to join later . My heart wavered a bit as they disappeared, but I noticed their feelings within me even after .

Behind them appeared four people, reaching their hand out for me to take . The villages elder, Wert, Cecilia and someone that just had to be Arcana looked ready to go forward as soon as I took their hands . Just as I grabbed them, I woke up . I noticed that I was sitting up, my face flooded with tears - and my hand grabbing Cecilia's, who just happened to see me crying and tried to wake me .

I would want to go back, but the warm feeling didn't leave me anyway and I think it might never will . Thats what I hope for my part .

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