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The Blade Summoner - Chapter 53

Published at 19th of March 2019 10:37:46 PM

Chapter 53

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A short while after our traps were set at the entrance and everyone of our troups was informed, we were back at casually working in the mining floors . Obviously leprechauns were digging the deepest, then followed by humans and then elves . Elves hate cramped spaces, so they can't stay inside for too long, which makes any lower floor inefficient . The sound of thousand pickaxes were echoing in the tunnels we dug, leaving many of our people unable to communicate at all .

I had contact to Cecilia through Arcana and I was somehow able to tell what Laurin was doing, due to the really heavy hammer he used to expand the tunnels . It was about three days that carried on like that, then - shortly after everyone started working - Laurins swings stopped and the echoes slowly faded from there aswell . Wondering about what might have happened I exchange thoughts with Cecilia .

Ce:" Do you think they found a large deposit?"

Cia:" Probably, but it might also be a part of the tunnel that gave in . "

Ce:" Wouldn't we have heard that?"

Cia:" Depends on the tunnels size . I don't think Laurin digs it for our height"

Ce:" Yeah, right . Just to be sure, can you check what is going on down there?"

Cia:" Sure, wait a second"

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While she was searching I already walked up to her . I had a bad feeling, so I stopped workers in the nearby tunnels aswell . My face might have went entirely blank when I saw Cecilias shocked expression .

Cia:" Oh no . . . . We have to hurry down there!!"

Ce:" Why?! What happened?!"

Cia:" Demons . Laurin and Tohrin are injured, the rest is probably dead already . I doubt they will hold on much longer . "

Ce:" You get Gus, I will head down there and stop them . "

Cia:" Cecil . Don't be a hero . "

Ce:" I've never been"

With that, I jump down the ladder in the middle, skipping entire storeys on my way down . A few seconds later I reached the lowest one, where I saw something intriguing . Hundreds of dead leprechauns, parts of the tunnel were inaccessible due to the corpses being stacked to high . The tunnel I finally find the survivors in held around ten demons and seven leprechauns . I recognized most of them . All of them were the leader of a certain field, all of them highly proficient at fighting .

Damn . If those seven AND all those dead ones only managed to bring down three demons, I feel like this will be a bad time . Well . There WERE twenty demons left . All of them armed .

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Cia:" I got Gus, we are coming down as fast as we can . "

Ce:" TOHRIN! LAURIN!" I shouted at them, whilst barging in front of them to block the attacks the demons threw .

In a hunch, I command them to raise their shields and prepare for a rough landing . Before they could say anything, I kicked them away . Now I just have to survive until Gus arrives . I'm sure we can win then .

Whoops . The demons don't seem to like my strategy . Due to the tunnels size, they were only able to pass through one at a time, but the room they were in was much bigger . Much more decorated and lighted . And they were still using magic in my direction . What do I do . . . Do I fight here? Or do I fight in there?

Suddenly my leg moves forward . In there, apparently . After I dodged countless spells, I managed to slide into the room . Like I thought . It was a really big room . Unlike I thought, it was basically empty . The only thing that I saw in this room were decorations around a big blue stone in the middle . But I can't really examine it, considering these annoying demons here .

The first one to die was rather easy . He simply charged in, thinking that his body is stronger than mine and that he could easily kill me because of it . Wrong and wrong . I dodge his punch with a small duck, then pierce his heart with my open hand . One down, nineteen left to go .

Eighteen to ten were even worse in terms of intelligence . They simply ignored the swords that appeared behind me, unbelieving that swords were able to hurt them . Most of them even laughed, until their lungs were too filled with blood to keep on . They didn't get the room dirty though, they kept their entire blood in, without coughing any of it out . Respect! The last ten were familiar . All of them were mages . All of them used strictly human magic, at least the form was the same . Normally demons don't bother with chants or mana gathering .

I know who they are! They are the demons I killed aside from my father! How did they get here? And why did they lose the ability to think themselves? All of them had weirdly rythmic movements and spell rotations . Fireball, Earthshard, Fireball . Iceblossom, Fireball, Earthshard, Iceblossom . Everyone of them had a maximum of three different spells, and none of them differed their order in any way . Even the speed of casting was exactly the same . If my predictions are right, everyone of them is casting for two seconds after the next spell rotation . This will be easy kills .

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Just like I thought, there was a big opening after they finished their third spell . I manage to take down both non-linear casters . Those iceblossoms were exhausting to keep track of . Fireballs and Shards are easy to dodge, so I get three more kills shortly after . Jumping over the first spell, slicing the second one open and ducking under the third one . Repeat . They didn't adapt to my strategies at all, so I kept on until the last three were standing . Behind me I heard Gus and Cecilia coming .

In another hunch I send a message to Cecilia .

Ce:" Leave please . I think Gus might get controlled like these others do . And if I'm right, he might try to take you hostage . Don't worry, I am fine here . Just leave!"

After a short moment of surprise she leaves, only barely missing Gus grab .

Ce:" Didn't think you'd turn again . Damn . "

Unluckily, the short moment of being careless got me hit . A fireball struck my back . I didn't hit the ground, but it sure was enough to reactivate a thing that I had almost forgotten . Crucible of Pain, welcome back!

After miliseconds of consideration, I made out Gus to be stronger and concentrated my instincts on him . The rock wasn't the problem . It was jealousy, towards me and Cecilia that turned him, it hits my mind .

Ce:" Gus? Do you want to die? Be honest . "

A high pitched mumbling and a tear answered . Guess there is no way around this time . A few seconds of destroying his circles with manaflood daggers - daggers filled with my mana to disrupt enemy magic - I managed to get a hit in . Gus fell down to his knees, this time in front of a more prepared, more scarred Cecil .

Ce:" Goodbye, friend"

I crush his head with my leg, then place a dagger into his heart to counter his regeneration . Gus last contribution to my life was a positive result in an experiment . Shortly after I wiped my unnoticed tears of my cheeks and eyes, I notice a fireball passing right by my head . Has it been a whole cycle already? Well, I'm done with your shit demons . With utter hatred I disconnect my leg in the middle of a kick, ending the demons miserable life with a more or less painless death . I mean . . . His head was buried a meter deep into the wall, while the rest of the body was still out here . If that guy isn't dead, he deserves to live .

After I retrieved and reconnected my leg, with a short and sharp pain pulsing through me I walk back out . There was still a rather big burn to be healed .

My way up would've been really hard, if not for the elves that Cecilia begged to come down here and help . A shaking Servve was a rare sight, but a welcome one right now .

Ce:" Hey . . . There is a few dead demons in there and a blue stone . I think that blue stone is demonic, you might destroy or watch it for a bit . The room is pretty big aswell-"

Cia:" Would you shut up now?! Your back is burned to the flesh and your concern is a blue stone?!"

Ce:" Sorry . "

I smile at her a bit, get onto Servves shoulders and close my eyes . I deserved my rest!

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