The Blade Summoner - Chapter 56

Published at 19th of March 2019 10:37:33 PM
Chapter 56

This was the first time I saw the 'apartment' they built for me . It was a rather large room with rather soundproof rock-walls and a bunch of trivial necessities . A few plants were growing around the room too, probably an addition by the involved elves . But my overall favorite was: The bed . It was the same one I had back in there hiding place, so my sleep schedule will be a few hours longer in the next days . The bed was also my choice of seating to talk with Cecilia about the past .

Cia:" Can I sit here?" She points towards the bed

Ce:" Yes, I don't have any other seats around anyway"

An eternity later Cecilia began to talk again

Cia:" I should start, right?"

Ce:" Or you tell me that we stop talking about it here . Your choice"

Cia:" Alright . . . . Like I already told you before, my mother got banished when I was still young . Back then I said it was to the demon territory, but that was not true at all . It was on the outskirts of the human empire, belonging to a baron called Uriel . "

Ce:" Oh I know him, he was weird but seemed to be a good guy to me . "

Cia:" He was! Compared to our live in the capital it was a feast . We were hunters before, so he showed us places to hunt by himself - told us to bring some of the meat we get back to town and sell it on the market . He assisted us to integrate as far as he could and succeeded easily . Everyone was nice and friendly there, the small village was like a bunch of friends actually . Over time we got to know more about Uriels deeds, his person . His only concern were his citizens, he passed out several times because of overworking and even lack of food sometimes, because he gave it to the smiths daughter . "

Ce:" Wait, didn't Uriel die seven years ago?"

Cia:" Right . He was killed by a viscount . He was offended because one of Uriels citizens . . . I killed his pet boar in the forest . I didn't know it was a pet and we still hadn't found anything that day, so I took the shot . The viscount demanded my head for it and Uriel refused . Lork, the viscount felt offended and commanded his guards to behead Uriel . He . . . He didn't even have a weapon to protect himself . He died, just like that . Afterwards . . . "

Tears start rolling down her face, I pull her into a hug and try to comfort her .

Ce:" You don't need to go on if you don't want to . " My voice was as soft as I could manage

Cia:" No, I'll go on . Afterwards he threatened the citizens to give me to him, or he would gather his army and raid our village . From the look of his eyes, he would've done it . I knew someone would have to hand me in so I stepped forward myself . The grin on this bastards face . . . " A few sobs and a cracked voice after them went on .

Cia:" He tied me up and threw me onto a horse sideways and took me to his castle . It was untidy, moss was everywhere . His servants were dressed in gray and had those . . . dead eyes . I knew it wasn't good to be there . I knew! Yet I couldn't leave . Lork didn't allow me to leave my room at all, with the threat to kill the village entirely . That bastards grin everyday when he entered my room . Everyday . . . "

Ce:" . . . I think I understand . You don't need -"

Cia:" He raped me . Day after day . I had no idea how much time passed, but he just kept coming . I screamed and tried to get away, but he poisoned my food so I wasn't strong enough . After what had to be a year . . . I got pregnant . He didn't bother with me anymore, and I thought I was saved for the time . I was wrong . After him . . . He just send guards and even boys to come to me . At least they allowed me to open my window, so I knew it was a week of that torture until a guy and his wife came . The guy threw his sword and it flew around, beheading one after another . The castle was wiped, only servants were left . They took me into a village near to the capital and helped me to recover . My child was magically transferred into a woman that deeply wished for a child at that time . The same feeling struck me . A home to call my home, a stable job and food . I couldn't believe it, until I overheard them talking about their own child in the capital . The fathers voice was so filled with love that they couldn't be bad people . The just couldn't . "

Ce:" . . . "

Cia:" That's where I was until you came and started training . Every morning I saw you stand up and do that routine . A week until I started copying it, with no chance to follow it up at all . Without the weights you put on . The feeling of being to weak was shrinking further and further, but I just couldn't talk to you . I couldn't . I felt to ashamed . You lead my life from thereon, so you know the rest of my story already . "

Ce:" . . . My dad helped you out of there? And even my mother was free, huh?"

Cia:" Your father?!"

Ce:" A sword that is flying around? Magic that transfers a child? My father any my mother are the only ones with that special magic I know"

Cia:" Weren't you the prince?!"

Ce:" Kind of, but I never felt royal . My mother was forced to become the queen, while she was pregnant with me . She also brought Christian with her, but she always left the castle for weeks . If she came back, it was only to look after us"

Cia:" Isn't this a good point to start with your turn? I still need your story"

Ce:" Alright, but you know what? We'll keep Christian out of this . If you hurt this much telling your story, I have to do the same"

Cia:" . . . "

With that, I began to explain my story to her . Unexpectedly, she was really shocked about the point with Gus and Marina . She tightened our hug and rested her head onto my shoulder, while I proceeded to tell the story and caressed her hair with my right hand . The story was longer than hers by far, so we went to sleep right after . Weirdly, we didn't have any uncomfortable feeling after it . It felt, easy to talk .

Cia:" Oh, I forgot to tell you . . . Well . Ask you, rather . "

Ce:" Ask me what?"

Cia:" They didn't build me an apartment, because they thought we would live here together . Do you mind?"

Ce:" Ha! We already spent all these days in the nursery tents together, in my - our home it can just get better"

She blushed, then pointed to the bed .

Cia:" Two more things . They only put one bed in here and secondly . . . I was completely healed from the happenings back then . So you know . . . "

Ce:" Know what?"

Cia:" I'm technically a virgin again, the memories are mostly deleted too"

Slightly forced to grin by my instincts I say:" What do these two things have in common?"

My grin grew to a complete smug face when she blushed