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Chapter 27

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These past few days Senior Choi can no longer stayed up too late at night so he always sleeps early . He sighed deeply . Months had passed just like that and everyone were so busy . Even his big Raven was busy at school and they can only talk at weekend at most whenever she's available at daytime .

While his son Jordan just got worst on killing most of his time at work since the day he came back home from his trip at Raven's place . He became stringent and someone who was impossible to contradict . He had become famous as the 'Ironclad CEO' of the company and his son doesn't seem to care .

Senior Choi got an invitation for one of the biggest party in the country and he and his son was the usual VIP on most prestigious events . He was kind of tired on attending these kinds of gatherings . But at least one, between him and Jordan should be present on this kind of event .

His son had no interest on parties ever since and at most will just let him attends on his own as always . But the situation was different now since he was getting old . Also, his doctor advised him not to exhaust himself for his coming operation .

He had his regular check-up and decided to drop by at Jordan's office since he was often asleep already whenever Jordan will arrive home at night .

"Hey brat, are you eating in time or having enough time to sleep at least? We don't need much money so you don't need to wear yourself out too much . You know, I can't bring that with me when I die anyways . " Senior Choi jested .

Jordan frowned and answered while signing a paper, "What are you saying, you will live for many more years and I'm sure about that?"

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"How can you be so sure?" Senior Choi said while he sat on a chair .

"Well, simply because weeds do not die easily?" Jordan grinned as he rose up from his chair to sit at the opposite one facing his father .

Senior Choi just ignored him and handed him an invitation . Once again Jordan frowned and looked straight at him and spoke, "Dad you know I hate attending those . You are the one good on PR . "

Senior Choi inhaled deeply . He was thinking if he will tell Jordan his condition but he was still hesitating . His son had too much on his shoulder right now and he doesn't want to add any more worry to him .

He suddenly remembered something on his mobile phone . He quickly ran his finger to the gallery and spotted Raven's photos in two piece swimsuit .

Senior Choi grinned then showed his mobile phone to his son . "How about I send you this picture then, will you attend the party instead?"

Jordan was expressionless while he stared at the photo .

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"When is that event?" he asked simply .

Senior Choi 's eyes sparked . 'I am a genius!' He thought inwardly knowing he had so many photos of Raven in the gallery of his mobile phone to bargain with his son in the future .

"I can't remember just look at the invitation yourself," Senior Choi was still grinning .

Jordan scanned it and gazed intently at his father and spoke seriously, "I will attend this party in just one condition . You send me all Raven's photos in your phone and considered this done . If not then you go and attend this party instead . "

Jordan called for Lou then he added still looking at his father, "Give your phone to Lou . It will just take a minute . "

Senior Choi was caught off guard and can't do anything but to give Lou his mobile phone .

He shouldn't just store it all to his mobile phone . Senior Choi shook his head . He almost forgot how clever his son was .

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After his dad left the office, Jordan looked at Raven's photos which were all copied to his mobile phone and laptop .

He let out a long sighed . Sheena was reporting to him Raven's movements and he was happy that she was doing well with her studies . According to Sheena, Raven was also so active in schools clubs and was enjoying a lot so far .

He missed her badly that was why he was shifting his attention at work more to kill time at most . 'Let her enjoy the college life . ' He told his inner self .

Lou interrupted his thought . "Sir, the Wang Motor Corporation representatives are already waiting at the conference room . "

Jordan had changed his wallpaper with Raven's photo during her senior high school graduation day . She was so cute with her smile showing her dimples . Afterwards, he rose up and walked outside his office to proceed at the conference room while his subordinates followed him .

At the conference room, Wang Motor Corporation had presented their company background and their intention for collaboration, to create Choizen Car Mode Application an in-car solution that seamlessly connects Choizen smartphones to Wang Motor's In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system .

The collaboration will see the integration of a wide array of Choizen's smartphone and mobile communication technologies with Wang Motor's cutting-edge IVI to add enhanced connectivity, multimedia capabilities and internet services .

Jordan was quite impressed with how the lady had presented everything which had caught his attention . It was a promising collaboration where he was sure both companies will be benefited equally . So without further ado, he announced his positive feedback .

The lady who had presented was Ms . Lin Wang, the only daughter of President Wang .

"Thank you Mr . Choi for your positive feedback . We are looking forward to start these plans together as soon as possible . " Ms . Wang said flashing her best smile to Lou's Boss . Lou smelled something fishy with the lady as if she was trying hard to get his Boss' attention .

"You can discuss everything with my assistant Lou . " Jordan answered simply before bidding his goodbye and left the conference room .

His Boss' never disappoints him with his aloofness to girls . Lin Wang was also beautiful but if she will be compared to his Boss' first love Raven, she's definitely just a backdrop .

Lou shook his head while he followed his Boss . Then he looked at his mobile phone . There was still no message . How come she did not send me anything at all?

Lou was hesitating if he will message Sheena first or just wait for her new story within the day .