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Chapter 33

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The next morning that Raven woke up, Jordan was no longer at her side .

She went straight to the dining area and saw Nanny Rong was helping the servants to prepare the table while his father was reading a newspaper .

"Good morning father . " She greeted him then kissed his cheek before sitting . She creased her eyebrow seeing Nanny Rong was adding another plate at Jordan's usual seat .

"Jordan is still here?" She asked in an unbelievable tone .

Senior Choi laughed and commented, "That brat got sick because of skipping meals according to Lou and was nervous to be back in the hospital for injections so this happened . Now he always eats breakfast and dinner with us . He even pesters me during lunch . He insisted that I'm his appetizer . "

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Raven was in disbelief . Before, she rarely sees Jordan in the morning because he usually had breakfast inside his office . And he always comes home late in the evening .

It was good to hear that he was not that busy with work unlike before . So she was more curious to know what was bothering him last night .

"Morning dad," it was Jordan who spoke with a wide smile at father while he greeted her with a half smile when he sat on the chair .

"You are back . " He simply said before getting food and began to eat .

'Huh? Of course I am back . You were in my room dead drunk last night . Don't you remember? Hello?' Raven wanted to voice out loud to Jordan who was acting like nothing was happened .

Jordan was giggling inside seeing Raven's flustered face . 'Now you know how it feels not to remember anything at all . ' He thought at the back of his mind .

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He wanted to punish Raven for giving him a hard time, thus, he planned to act clueless up to the very last moment .

"Oh yeah right, you have a fitting for your dress today," Senior Choi reminded his big Raven . It's for her eighteenth birthday which will be in five days time from now .

Raven just nodded feeling suddenly irritated . Once in a while she will stole glances at Jordan who remained focus at eating his breakfast .

"Hey, are you okay? Raven said you arrived early yesterday and rest immediately . Is everything all right at work?" Senior Choi asked .

Raven was paying great attention and looked at Jordan . She was very curious on what will Jordan say .

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"Yeah everything was going well . I had a drink yesterday after a meeting and was drunk so I don't remember much at all . All I knew was just I slept on the bed . "

'Yeah you surely did sleep on someone else bed, MY BED!' Raven wanted to interrupt him .

"Hmmm, they are linking you with Lin Wang . What do you think of her? Maybe she's a good candidate for a wife . Don't you think? You are not getting any younger . It's about time you settled down and give me grandchildren . " Senior Choi said looking intently at his son .

Jordan glanced at Raven but also withdrew quickly . "She's not that bad . I will think about it . " He simply said .

Senior Choi's eyes sparkled . Jordan and Raven both noticed that .

'What does he meant by that?' Think about it? I thought he likes me?' Raven's face was so crumpled that Senior Choi can't help but laugh .

"Hey, big Raven, what's up with your sour face? Don't you want Jordan to get married already so you can become an auntie sooner?" Senior Choi can't help but tease his big Raven .

That daughter of hers had very low EQ and won't probably get that Jordan was just checking her reaction on the topic of him being involve to another woman around .

He can sense that Raven also likes his son but he can also tell that Raven's feeling was not as deep yet as of his son or probably she wasn't aware of her own feelings yet due to her low EQ? He was also not sure, only Raven can tell in due time .

But, one thing is for sure, love life was not at Raven's vocabulary at the moment .

However, it they are not meant to be, Senior Choi would like to see his son be settled already to give him grandchildren .

But of course, he will be most pleased if the two ended up together .