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Chapter 37

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Yesterday, Raven didn't sleep properly because of Jordan's jest at the ice cream parlour . After saying the words - 'I'm willing to take responsibility' - he suddenly laughed seeing how her face almost fainted . Thank goodness he was just teasing her because she really froze that time and can't even say a word .

She was really not ready for that kind of stuff . She felt that love life will be a hindrance for her dreams right now .

And now, her father left her dumbfounded with his last words – 'why don't you help him out?'

He was definitely hooking her up to Jordan . 'Urghh! Why does the both of them are in a hurry? Can't she at least enjoy being single first?' Raven thought to herself, she was feeling irritated on being pressured .

However, she does pity Jordan . Why would father suddenly push Jordan like that? Threatening Jordan seems cruel after all of Jordan's hardships in the company . She was well aware of all that . For goodness sake, you can consider Jordan loveless because he was married with the company .

Her phone suddenly beeps and it was Sheena .

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[I'm on my way to Yan now . Let's meet up there . ]

Raven replied…

[Okay . I will be on my way shortly . ]

Raven and Sheena will visit Yan who suddenly got married after two weeks they had left the country . Yan's family did not hold a grand wedding because of the scandal . She got pregnant out of wedlock and the man behind Yan's baby was considered by her parents as a nobody . It was someone who worked as an office clerk in a law firm .

Yan's family was into banking business and her dad was very strict with her and right now very disappointed on what had happened to her .

"I still can't believe you are going to be a mother now . " Sheena blurted out seeing Yan's flat tummy had that visible bump now .

"Yeah right, I did not expect to become pregnant this instant too . " Yan sighed .

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"I have to stop school because of this . Well, if only I can turn back the time, I won't be too reckless . You know how I wanted to become a model . I guess that dream will be in vain now . " Regret can be seen on Yan's eyes .

"Well it happened already and you just have to enjoy being a mom and make the most out of it . Besides, just maintain your good health and figure . You can still continue on your dream after you had born the baby . Go back to schooling and all . " Raven commented . She wanted to cheer and encourage her friend .

"I doubt that, being a good mom to your first born child, you have to be a full time one . It will take at least two years for you to get back on track . " Sheena blurted out unconsciously .

Raven pinched her side . She was giving encouragements to Yan and yet Sheena was contradicting her words .

"Ouch! What? I'm just stating possibilities here . Well, she can ask for a Nanny to take care of her baby in the morning . But if I were her, I wanted to be a full time mom to monitor the well growing of my baby of course . " Sheena bluntly expressed her own opinion .

Yan can't help but laughed seeing her two friends bantering like they used to before . Sheena was still candid and she was used to it . She loved her because of that while Raven never ceased with her encouragement words as she used to be .

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She really missed those times being with her two close friends . Enjoying talks like these and going out together once in a while . How she wished she can continue her schooling also .

"Anyways, it's still up to you . That's your life . You can do what you think will makes you happy . But you have to balance everything out also . Just make sure we will be the godmothers of our little Yan in the future . " Raven just added simply with a jest and smiled happily for her friend .

"Yeah right and we will always just be here to support you along the way okay?" Sheena added while she winked at Yan .

Yan excitedly asked them both on how they were doing at school and how was it during college . Raven looked at Sheena and started to talk, "Well it was nothing much . It was more complicated compared to high school . I am having a hard time sometimes . "

Raven answered simply looking at Sheena and luckily the latter understood her gestures and spoke, "Yeah, there's nothing much into college anyways except that you have to study harder . Grrr… There are higher expectations compared to before . I can't even slack-off like before!"

Raven sighed in relief seeing Sheena cooperated this time . She wouldn't want to talk about how good the experiences they were and how fun the experiences they are having in front of Yan right now .

Because it will cause more envy and regret on her friend's emotions . And this will not bring any good for the baby . She had heard that pregnant woman often had the mood swings and mixed emotions most of the time because of the sudden hormonal change in the body .

That was probably why Yan seemed to be upset on the things happening to her right now and she was sure that telling good experiences they are having will just complicate her feelings more .

"Oh I almost forgot this . " Raven said before getting the invitation card in her bag .

"Bring your husband, don't worry I will not invite you father . " Raven laughed and winked .

It was the invitation for her eighteenth birthday which his father had arranged forcedly . Her father was becoming bolder and it seems like he was enjoying having his ways lately .

Raven sighed deeply, and thought of Jordan's current situation . If Jordan asks for her help, she is willing to do so but she will make sure that there will be corresponding conditions .

Then her phone suddenly rang, it was Jordan asking where she was .