The Card Apprentice - Chapter 292

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Chapter 292

The long-distance shuttle cars were already waiting in the transit tunnel . Everyone knew how precious time was and how they would certainly suffocate if something were to happen during that critical juncture .

Those under Chen Mu were in high spirits; to be able to leave a place where you could die at any moment had already caused them to rejoice . And, good lord—to be able to enter the flourishing districts was something countless people dreamed of, and the chance had actually been dropped right onto their heads .

None of them had ever imagined they would be able to get a pass to enter the flourishing districts one day . It was out of reach given their meager talents . They were overjoyed to have it now dangled in front of them .

The results of their harsh training were reflected in their ability to control their emotions no matter how much joy they felt . Their faces remained impassive, and no one was even talking in low voices . They all understood that the reason they could get the passes for the flourishing districts was because of that awesome boss of theirs .

If they wanted to go with the boss, they would need to be sufficiently strong to meet the demands of him and his supervisors . Quite a few of them couldn't help but feel that it was no wonder he was the boss; he was so awesome at such a young age .

Under Bogner's command, the card artisans moved the materials without the slightest confusion . They weren't taking many things with them apart from all kinds of cards and some food . Most of what they did take was comparatively precious material .

Both sides were well-trained, and they worked fast . They finished loading the cars within 15 minutes . Bogner then pulled out a card and gave it to Chen Mu, saying something in a low voice . Chen Mu nodded to show he'd understood .

Chen Mu walked over to Tang Hanpei and gave him the card . "This is the plan of the base, along with some of its tactical layout . I hope it can be of some assistance to you . "

"Thank you!" Tang Hanpei solemnly accepted the card . They could more quickly master the base by having it, so it was a big help . Their counterpart hadn't needed to give that to them; it had doubtlessly been a favor .

After some thought, Tang Hanpei took out a dark, gold-colored card and presented it to Chen Mu . "This is the internal communications card for the Federation Comprehensive Academy . If you are in the flourishing districts and use this card, you can easily find our school's support structure . If you run into any trouble, you can look for them to resolve it . "

"Thank you . " Chen Mu accepted the communications card, which would be very useful for him . None of them had been to the flourishing districts, and who knew what they might run into? It would be a lot more convenient to have the card .

But the premise was that the Federation Comprehensive Academy didn't know who had killed Zu Ning . Chen Mu had made up his mind that unless they encountered something they really couldn't resolve, they would absolutely never deploy that card . Otherwise, they would be throwing themselves into a trap .

Tang Hanpei suddenly said, "It has been quite pleasant working with Mr . Cao . I hope we might be able to reach another deal . "

"What kind of deal?"

"I'm hoping we might be able to have priority rights to purchase the numbered series of cards that Mr . Cao makes . Of course, we would certainly satisfy Mr . Cao with regard to the price . We would like to pay 500 million Oudi for each four-star fantasy card . "

Jiao Si was immediately unhappy with that . "That's not what you should stress, Hanpei . If you wish to speak of cooperation, we've had a longer-term cooperation with Mr . Cao, and always a pleasant one . If anyone is going to be given priority purchase rights, it would only be proper that they be given to our Origins Academy!"

Chen Mu shook his head . "Please forgive me, Mr . Tang, but there's no way I could abide by that . " If it hadn't been for the awesome cards driving the numbered series of cards, such as 007 or 013, it would have been impossible to imagine getting such prices . It looked as though he'd made a lot on such cards, but in fact, the overall income was quite a bit lower . Having been with Xi Ping and the others for a while, Chen Mu had started to understand something about the principles of business .

Tang Hanpei probably also knew it was a little inconsiderate to propose such a deal, and he smiled with some relief . "Not important . It was ill-considered on my part . "

Seeing Jiao Si, Ru Qiu rushed over . She became somewhat formal upon seeing a stranger and stood quietly at his side .

Seeing how affectionate Ru Qiu and Jiao Si were with one another, Tang Hanpei was surprised . "Is this your daughter, Old Jiao?"

Jiao Si gave Tang Hanpei a derisive look . "What kind of question is that? She is Ru Qiu, the next dean of the card making division at my school . "

"Oh!" Tang Hanpei couldn't help but take a closer look at Ru Qiu, who lowered her head shyly upon seeing that .

Jiao Si casually introduced him to Ru Qiu . "This guy wearing a mask and looking down on everyone is Tang Hanpei . You can call him Uncle Tang . "

"Ah!" Ru Qiu covered her mouth in shock, looking at Tang Hanpei in disbelief .

Tang Hanpei sneered to say, "You don't need to be so sarcastic with me, Old Jiao . I'm no more than a dozen or so years older than her . Uncle Tang, indeed!" Then, he pulled a gray card out from his card wallet and gave it to Ru Qiu . "This is a fantasy card I got unexpectedly while traveling, in which is recorded how to make a kind of card . It would be useless for me to keep it, so I present it to you to mark our meeting . "

Ru Qiu was overjoyed to take the gray card . The card wasn't very well-preserved; you could tell how old it was at a glance . It wasn't important what was recorded on it . What was important was that it had been presented personally by Tang Hanpei .

Xi Ping was holding little Yang Bo in his arms, and Wei-ah had the fleshy dog in his hands .

Tang Hanpei's gaze fell onto Wei-ah, and he flushed suddenly before quickly returning to normal . "Those under you are quite talented, after all!" Tang Hanpei said suddenly .

Jiao Si nodded . "This man of Mr . Cao's is really extraordinary . He has a pervasive murderous aura, which has been tickling my mind for a long time . Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to compare notes with him, which would have been the pleasure of my life . "

Seeing Jiao Si's expression, Tang Hanpei couldn't help but laugh . Jiao Si looked like an old drunkard whose mouth was watering upon seeing a bottle of the world's best wine and being told he couldn't drink it . His friendship with Jiao Si had come from a fight, and he knew how addicted Jiao Si was to that sort of thing .

"Very well, everyone . I wish you a smooth trip . "

The shuttle train started to move slowly and gradually picked up speed . Chen Mu let out a long sigh of relief as all of his muscles relaxed . He sank his whole body into the soft seat . Bogner and Xi Ping also let out sighs of relief as they relaxed .

The pressure they faced when dealing with such a person as Tang Hanpei wasn't something they had ever felt from personal experience . They hadn't had a way to know . Moreover, the three of them were all hiding something, which had increased the pressure .

"Tell me, why do you think Tang Hanpei wanted to buy our base?" After a long while, Chen Mu had suddenly opened his mouth .

Bogner and Xi Ping looked at one another, both sitting up straight and showing a contemplative expression .

"I can't quite figure it out myself . Could he feel that our very existence might have some kind of impact on them?" Bogner was puzzled .

Xi Ping muttered, "Is Tang Hanpei worried about Jiao Si, so he made us leave like this?"

"I don't really know . Perhaps he has some way to assure his victory . If that were the case, he would hope to reduce any unknown factors . But if he were to have some way to assure winning, he would have made his move earlier . " Bogner furrowed his brow .

Listening to their analysis, Chen Mu started to get a headache . Thinking it over, he decided to put the matter aside for the time being . "No matter what, it would be a good thing to leave Pomelo . We now have passed to the flourishing districts, so it will be nice no matter where we go . Where would you prefer to go?"

That question made the two of them immediately excited, never having been to the flourishing districts . For people from the ordinary residential districts, the bustling richness of the flourishing districts held an unrivaled attraction . The five flourishing districts were a synonym for heaven in their minds .

Bogner gave his opinion . "We certainly won't go to the capital, which is where the Federation Comprehensive Academy is . Even though we have this set of relationships with Tang Hanpei, we would receive close scrutiny from his school there . That would do us no good . I've also heard the capital is where power struggles are the most intense, and there's no reason for us to put ourselves in danger like that . "

Xi Ping continued on . "We should also avoid the Upper Gan District, which is the arena for the power of the Central Repository of the Classics . Having sold our base to Tang Hanpei will certainly mean they won't have any nice feelings toward us .

"Adding it up, there is only the Northern Reaches District, the Heterodox Brilliance District, the Fanasi District, and the Heavenly Drum Village District . The Northern Reaches District is the domain of Desert Camp, and it's said to have the hardiest customs and the most fighting . Our power is limited and not so suited to our developing there . However, the Heterodox Brilliance District is the Star Academy…"

Chen Mu cut Xi Ping off . "We aren't going to the Heterodox Brilliance District . "

Xi Ping and Bogner looked at one another with tacit understanding, more certain than ever of their conjecture that the boss had some goings-on with the Star Academy .

"So, that leaves only the Fanasi District and the Heavenly Drum Village District . The Fanasi District is where the Bitter Solitude Temple holds sway and where religions are prevalent . The Heavenly Drum Village District is the domain of Moon Frost Island, where the climate is frigid, and living conditions are rather harsh . " Xi Ping put out the advantages and disadvantages of each .

Chen Mu's gaze fell onto Bogner . "What do you think?"

Pondering for a moment, Bogner said, "I'm rather inclined toward the Heavenly Drum Village District . It has unique climatic conditions . There are said to be quite a few icy valleys in the outer reaches beyond the cities there . Those would be quite suitable for building a base . Moreover, they conduct themselves rather reasonably at Moon Frost Island . Although conditions are better in the Fanasi District, it would be comparatively troublesome whenever something involved religion, given its prevalence there . "

Chen Mu's gaze returned to Xi Ping, who nodded . "I am in complete agreement with Bogner . "

"Then, we're going to the Heavenly Drum Village District . " Chen Mu made the final decision, warning, "Stay on alert, everyone, to prevent anything happening along the way . "

Bogner nodded knowingly . "Mmmm, I've already ordered everyone to take precautions while resting . "

Once their itinerary had been decided, everyone immediately felt some peace of mind . Jiao Si then walked out from the next car behind them, seeing that they seemed to have finished talking .