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Chapter 129

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“Tsk…don’t look at me like that.”

Balpas was on his knees before me as he clicked his tongue and turned his eyes away.

After both of his hands were shackled, Haines had taken him here, close to the storage house.

“Balpas. So, you were lying to me after all.”

I began to question him.

He really had been attempting to spy on us. Furthermore, he had a special ability that I hadn’t known about. He was able to become invisible and make his magic undetectable… These were abilities that would be perfect for an assassin.

Father must have sent him here because he would be the most capable of acquiring information about this island.

According to Haines, who had been the one to find him, Balpas had seen everything between the port and the cave.

This included the Chimera, other monsters, and the dragons.

Well, we had already declared this a country where monsters would live together, so I didn’t really mind that he saw that. If anything, perhaps news of dragons being here would discourage the continent from attacking.

The biggest issue was the cave. But if he only saw the entrance, then there was no problem. All of the silver and gold was stored deep underground.

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However, according to Haines…

“He was going towards the World Tree, but then he suddenly stopped and moved towards the cave instead.”

Then Balpas turned his face to me.

“Heal… Your crest was ‘Cave King,’ wasn’t it? Considering how much this island has developed, and your magic… It must be because of your crest. You had an awakening in that cave, didn’t you?”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-