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Published at 12th of September 2019 10:29:01 PM

Chapter 214

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"Okay I won't upload it" Nan Shen grinned as he patted Tan Hua head, treating her like a good doggo .  

"Really??" Tan Hua eyes was shining as she looked at the man taller than her, looking down on her with evil smile on his face . She was just about to celebrate this when she saw that smile .  

Haha . This devil won't let her go just like that!! 

"I can delete the video and won't upload it but…you have to do something for me" Nan Shen spinner his phone as he talk to Tan Hua, starting the plan he had made before .  

"I'll do anything you ask me as long as it's not something humiliating" Tan Hua pouted as she gave up trying to make this devil be kind just for a fucking single day .  

Nan Shen was born to be a devil! Even when it's their first date…he still have to be a big meanie huh?? 

"It won't be humiliating I promise" Nan Shen looked happy when Tan Hua promise to do anything he asked her in turn for the video . Of course in the first place he didn't have plan to upload the video .  

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He didn't want anyone to know how cute his girlfriend is when she was dancing the penguin dance while being surrounded by a bunch of penguins .  

"So what is it that you want from me?" Tan Hua took a deep breath before asking Nan Shen what the heck he wanted from her . She hope it won't be something hard to do .  

"It's simple . I just want you to kiss me . On my lips" Nan Shen smiled looking like an angel but his words was enough to make a certain poor doggo almost got a heart attack .  

Whaaaat?! Kiss?? 

Tan Hua mouth was opened wide as her jaw hit the floor . Her face turned red mixed with a dumbfounded look . She was so shocked!! She couldn't believe it that Nan Shen would ask for a kiss .  

They just dated for a few days…isn't a kiss a bit too fast?? 

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"You can't? but it's so easy ah or you don't know how to do it? I can teach you and give you example how is it?" Nan Shen raised one of his eyebrows seeing Tan Hua didn't say anything and only stay rooted to her place .  

Is it so hard just to give him a kiss? It isn't their first kiss after all right? The first kiss is the accident in the cinema before .  

Or…could it be Tan Hua didn't want to kiss him? Like she didn't want him at all? Really?  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

"N-no no need for example of teaching b-but kiss isn't that too early for us?" Tan Hua gulped her saliva nervously seeing Nan Shen expression . It wasn't as if she didn't want to kiss Nan Shen .  

She did want but all this time she grew up being sheltered and she believe to kiss someone just after a few days dating them… .  

In drama she often watch, a kiss was something usual both female and male lead did but for her… . it's not that easy .  

"Too early? Then when you want to have a kiss? After we date a few months? If you don't like to kiss me or even hate being touch by me just say so" 

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Seeing Tan Hua looked so reluctant, Nan Shen heart hurt . He wasn't horny teenager that wanted to do those kind of things but a kiss…he only want a kiss from his girlfriend .  

He want to hug her close, kiss her, cuddle her… . but why does it seemed like only he wanted to do so? Could it be Tan Hua didn't have these kind of thoughts at all? 

Is he really that unattractive? Did he lack sexual appeal? 

"Wait wait don't misunderstand I do want to kiss you but I'm embarrassed okay?? I never kiss someone before I…I…" As if knowing what Nan Shen was thinking about, Tan Hua quickly cut his thought with her words .  

Fine a kiss is it? She will do it! 

"If you really want to kiss me then prove it I'll be waiting" Nan Shen harrumphed when he saw Tan Hua was trying her best to not make a misunderstanding between them .  

So this girl is just shy…hehehe so cute ( ̄▽ ̄) thanks God it isn't as if she hate to kiss him .  

Tan Hua looked at Nan Shen smug face and couldn't help but blushed even more . Okay she knew she was so lame being embarrassed just to give her boyfriend a kiss! Still what's with that smug smile?! 

Ughh anyway she gotta kiss this big brat so he won't sulk anymore .  

"Hhhh" Tan Hua sighed before she took a deep breath preparing her heart . She calmed down her heart and slowly, approved Nan Shen .  

"Lower your head! I'm short" Tan Hua tiptoed trying to reach Nan Shen face but when she found out she still couldn't, she tugged on Nan Shen sleeves asking him to lower his head down .  

"Sure~" Nan Shen happily lowered his head as he close his eyes, waiting for his cute girlfriend to give him a kiss .  

Tan Hua looked at Nan Shen handsome face being displayed in front of her and couldn't help but have her heart beat faster again as she brought her face close to Nan Shen face .  

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