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Published at 23rd of May 2019 09:19:06 PM

Chapter 3

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hey guys the girl from chapter 2 is called rose not roos i got confused with my first language because some words are Just similar too english

"Yes I did it I finally did it . Yes I Dante who is the most handsome boy in the world finally made a weightless poition with griffin feathers this will shock the hole bloody wizardy world . It took me 2 years and i am now 8 years old if the wizards find out what I did and how old I am they will go mad . So I better just tell mom and dad about this and over 2 years I am finally going to the academy . So i better not show my new poition off ,because I don't want too much attention . I already got enough attention with my previous poitions" I thought(jinx) .

"Dante dinner is ready"! my mom said .

"Yes mom im coming!" I answered . I was heading to the dinner table where my father was reading the newspaper . So i sat down the chair and then I heard my father say "The most handsome boy in the world have finally finished his weightless poition" . "Dad how do you know!" I responded . "Well maybe you should not say these things out loud and yes you should hide the fact that you can make this poition . Your mom and I have agreed about your decision and of course we are proud of you" my dad said . My face was red and then my mom walked in and said "yes you made the right choice but you are a little narcistic but you got that from your father so it can't be helped" .

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My father smiled wryly and continued to read his paper . "Oh and also my sweetie pie Romeo and Rose are coming over to play so you best behave!" mom said . "yes mother" I said . Trrrriiiiinnnngggg(door bel) "oh speak of the devils" my mom said and walked to the door and opened it . Two children of 8 years old came and they said "hallo miss love" . "hallo Romeo and Rose come in Dante is waiting for you in the living room!" mom said .

They went to the living room and saw me . Romeo had a smile on his face while Rose looked shy and tingle bit of red was seen on her face . She really was adorable that you could eat her up . I went up to Greet them and said "sup Romeo and hallo my little adorable apple Princess" . Romeo responded with "sup Dante" . while rose had tears on her eyes and her face flushed red . She was looking so adorable i want to pinch her . Just a little pinch can't hurt right! this isnt sexual harassment right!

Just when I want to pinch her i got hit on the head . "aaauuuch!" I said My mother who punched me said "what are you doing you're Just as perverted as your father!" She went to rose to hold her hands and said "don't worry rose if my perverted son bullies you again just say something to aunty and i will punish him very hard" . Romeo was just laughing and he came to me said "Its always so fun to see you getting beat up by your mom" .

"Thank you for enjoying the show it was also fun when you got beaten up by aunty(Romeo's mom)" I said . We glared at each other and then we laughed . "Moms are just too scary Romeo" said . "Tell me about it" I responded . "Hey Romeo and Rose over two years we can finally go to wizardo academy aren't you guys excited" I said .

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This conversation lasted voor 3 hours . . .

it was getting late and Romeo and rose had to go home .

"bye Romeo and bye My little sweet apple princess" I said .

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"bye" Romeo responded

Rose face flushed red and said with a pouting face "S-top teasing me!"

"So cute" I thought .

"Dante come to the garden i want to talk about something important" my father said . "Alright dad i am coming!" I said . "I wondered what my dad wanted to talk about" I was thinking as I headed to our garden . My father was standing there with two weird devices . He said "today we are going to test your bloodline and elemental affinity . This is absolutely necessary for choosing your wand when you turn ten" . "Okay dad what do i need to do" I responded with some excitement .

My father took out a device with a crystal ball on it first and he said "put your hand on the crystal ball Dante" . So I put my hand on the ball and a lot colors were on it some colors were bigger than the other . Some places had rainbow spots on them . My dad was excited and he said "I already knew that you had affinity with all the elements since you can cast basic spells of each element . But i am now seeing which element you have the largest affinity with and i can't help to be amazed" my dad said . "Why are you amazed about dad?" I asked .

"My boy how can i not be amazed you got affinity with al elements and with six elements your affinity is five stars . a star is a rating of your affinity 1 star is super bad, 2 stars is bad, 3 stars is decent , 4 stars is great and 5 stars is supreme affinity . you got supreme affinity with dark,spirit,fire, lightning,wood and wind this is also the order which is the highest of the five stars ( so 1st place dark and 2nd place spirit etc) .

This is extremely good because i also have 5 stars with fire,lightning and wind . these elements can be used for my ace spells explosion spells . I will be teaching you that . Your mother got 5 stars affinity for dark,spirit and Wood she will be teaching you spells of those elements . The biggest advantage you have is combining those 5 star affinity elements together! The rest of the elements where you don't have 5 stars affinity with Will be thaught at wizardo academy and a lot of other classes!" my father said .

"Okay now that we have checked the affinity device lets move on the bloodline device I hope you will get good results with this one as well" my father continued when the result of the affinity device were clear .

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