The City of Terror - Chapter 223

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Chapter 223: 223

Chapter 223 - Moral Example

    Let alone the bro, even Wei Xiao Bei and Huang Kun were stunned .

    In truth, people who had been bitten by Zombies should be eliminated, but from a humanitarian standpoint, they were both brothers and not strangers .

    Could it be that bros would be sold out just like that .

    Huang Kun hesitated . He did not make a move, but tightly gripped on the machete . Although he could not make a move, he also did not want to be suddenly bitten by a Zombie .

    “Enough, let me take a look . ”

    At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei walked over and used [Status Appraisal] on Ye Lang Cheng’s bro .

Name: Zhong Da Ma

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Creature Rank: 1 Star

Status: (The average adult male’s status value is 10)

(Omitted due to being similar to a normal human)

Special Skill: T-Virus Evolution (Currently evolving)

Evolution Points: X ((Unable to accumulate evolution points)

Items on hand: None

… . . .

    T-Virus Evolution?

    Anyone who had watched Resident Evil would know what this was .

    In truth, the reason why humans turned into Zombies in the movie was caused by mutations due to being infected by the T-Virus .

    The reason why the Zombie’s body rotted was all due to the side effects of the T-Virus attacking the body’s immune system . The virus would cause huge amount of necrosis . Moreover, because the corpses brain was not fully destroyed, it still retained a bit of consciousness, but still lost a normal person’s intelligence .

    As long as one was infected, it was difficult to escape the fate of becoming a Zombie .

    However, there was a small exception .

    Without a doubt, this Zhong Da Ma was one of the few exceptions . He had contracted the T-Virus but luckily escaped the fate of becoming a Zombie while also gaining the chance to evolve .

    This man has huge potential!

    Wei Xiao Bei understood that the Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil used people mutated by the T-Virus and the G-Virus as biological weapons .

    It was easy to imagine that as long as nothing bad happened to Zhong Da Ma, he could become stronger in just a short amount of time . At the very least in strength, agility, and vitality, he would receive a huge increase in growth . He could even eventually have the power to massacre a lot of monsters .


    Perhaps because of Wei Xiao Bei’s terrifying gaze from [Status Appraisal], or perhaps due to being provoked by Ye Lang Cheng, Zhong Da Ma exploded in anger and threw himself at Ye Lang Cheng .

    His speed was so fast that he almost disappeared from the naked eye .

    Without waiting for Huang Kun to react, Zhong Da Ma grabbed Ye Lang Cheng’s neck . He put out strength causing Ye Lang Cheng’s eyes to whiten and his tongue to roll out .

    Wei Xiao Bei picked up a rock and threw it, hitting his elbow, inflicting a numb pain that prevented him from putting out any strength .

    Ye Lang Cheng took this chance to struggle for his life and escaped Zhong Da Ma’s hold . He escaped like a wisp of smoke to behind Huang Kun with his entire face filled with fear .

    At this moment Zhong Da Ma felt a bit faint . Seeing Ye Lang Cheng run behind Huang Kun, his rage rose up and pounced at Huang Kun . He extended his hands like an eagle and grasped towards Huang Kun’s head .

    Huang Kun was not the kind of person to sit and wait for death . He turned the machete in his hands and raised it towards Zhong Da Ma .

    Seeing this scene, Wei Xiao Bei was a bit startled .

    Previously, Zhong Da Ma was only a normal person, but in an instant, his speed and strength had already exceeded a normal person’s .

    Could this be the changes caused by the T-Virus?

    Wei Xiao Bei had a bit of faith on Huang Kun .

    Although Zhong Da Ma became faster and stronger, he should not be able to gain an easy advantage against Huang Kun .

    However, when the machete came at him, Zhong Da Ma retreated a few steps, dodging the blade .

    This reaction speed was not inferior to Huang Kun at all .

    Could the T-Virus be this awesome?

    Wei Xiao Bei could not help but become curious . He once again checked Zhong Da Ma’s status .

    His status had hugely changed from the initial values .

    Zhong Da Ma’s strength, agility, and vitality had already exceeded 12 points . It was incomparable to his initial status that were below 8 points .

    His special skills had also changed .

    T-Virus Evolution Mutation: The T-Virus Evolution had mutated due to receiving provocation . The host will become a Licker after a period of time .


    It seems that Zhong Da Ma’s luck was truly bad .

    Wei Xiao Bei thought that Zhong Da Ma would be able to safely escape the T-Virus infection and then gain a huge potential . However, no one could have known that the [T-Virus Evolution] had completely deviated from common sense . A slight inattentiveness had caused a bad accident .

    While Wei Xiao Bei was thinking, Zhong Da Ma’s brain was already feverish . After attacking Huang Kun without any results, he turned around and pounced at Wei Xiao Bei .

    This was probably due to the discomfort from being appraised .

    “Courting death!”

    Seeing Zhong Da Ma pounce at his master, Huang Kun panicked and shouted, since his master was currently injured .

    However, his voice was not enough to stop the opponent’s advance .

    Wei Xiao Bei lightly shook off Zhu Xin Yi and smiled at the incoming Zhong Da Ma . Afterwards, he urged his disciples, “Take a look at your master’s movements . ”

    After saying this, he took a step forward . He concentrated his strength on his shoulders and released his killing intent! With a light touch, he hit the incoming Zhong Da Ma in the chest .

    Zhong Da Ma did not even have the chance to reach out and just let out a muffled sound as he flew out like a kite that lost its string .

    Against Zhong Da Ma, Wei Xiao Bei did not have anymore mercy .

    Leaving Zhong Da Ma’s muddled brain aside, the fact that he would turn into a Licker was something that Wei Xiao Bei could not allow .

    After making many round trips in the Dust World, Wei Xiao Bei understood that showing mercy to others would result in one’s death .

    Zhong Da Ma flew more than 10 meters away and landed on the ground . Fresh blood with a few black spots spurted out from his open mouth . The smell was so repulsive as if it had been rotten cheese .

    “Xin Yi, go kill him . ”

    Wei Xiao Bei was not worried about Huang Kun .

    The boy was an unusual junior middle schooler . He might have appeared honest and sweet, but his heart was filled with wild ambition . Killing someone should not be a difficult thing .

    However, although Zhu Xin Yi would have no problems in killing monster, humans would still be more difficult .

    However, Wei Xiao Bei could not always accompany Zhu Xin Yi . If she did not gain enough experience, then this might become her greatest weakness!

    “Ah? Okay . ”

    Hearing this, Zhu Xin Yi was stupefied . She hesitantly grasped the Sacred Beetle Machete, but moved with a slowed pace .

    For Zhu Xin Yi, killing another human was a distant matter, but now, it had suddenly befallen upon her . Being frantic was givenobvious .

    However, Zhu Xin Yi knew that Wei Xiao Bei was doing this for her own good . In the Dust World, if she did not dare kill another person, then she would just be sending herself to someone else’s chopping board .

    “Stop! You cannot kill another person . If you do, you would be a criminal! He is an instigator! Ah, I remember now, you are Cheng Si Si’s boyfriend!”

    When Zhu Xin Yi took her second step, Mao An Ge suddenly jumped out .

    When he arrived there, no one had paid any attention to him . He hid at the back and squeezed out his brain dry trying to remember who Wei Xiao Bei was .

    When Wei Xiao Bei ordered Zhu Xin Yi to kill the man, Mao An Ge could not endure anymore .

    Zhu Xin Yi’s current attractive index was high . She might not be most beautiful woman, but at the very least, she could be placed among the top .

    It was easy for her to attract people like Mao An Ge . That was why he stepped out, because he was unwilling to see such a beauty kill someone . At the same time, he remembered who Wei Xiao Bei was .

    “You are actually two-timing . How could you be worthy of Cheng Si Si?!”

    What made Wei Xiao Bei not know whether to laugh or cry was this sentence from Mao An Ge .

    Let alone my real relationship with Cheng Si Si, is there any need for you to come and criticize my relationship with Zhu Xin Yi? Moreover, you don’t even know anything .

    “You must not be rude to master!”

    Hearing Mao An Ge dare to be rude at Wei Xiao Bei, Huang Kun immediately berated him back .

    However, Mao An Ge’s words had given Zhu Xin Yi determination . She increased her pace as she raised her machete against Zhong Da Ma .

    Before Zhong Da Ma reacted, whoosh, two slashes had chopped off his head . The speed of the slash was so fast and accurate, which was very hard to achieve with Zhu Xin Yi’s power .

    Seeing Zhi Xin Yi chop off Zhong Da Ma’s head with two slashes, Mao An Ge immediately became speechless .

    A fairy-like girl had actually done such a terrifying thing . Mao An Ge simply could not accept it .

    “You! You! You!”

    Mao An Ge pointed at the returning Zhu Xin Yi and could not say anything else .

    Wei Xiao Bei frowned . He did not have any ill will against Mao An Ge, but he did not have a good opinion on him .

    Mao An Ge was completely like a flower that had been grown in a greenhouse . He was even worse than Huang Kun .

    “You, you, you, what? If you look at me again, I will gouge your eyes out!”

    What Wei Xiao Bei never imagined was that Zhu Xin Yi appeared to have changed . She sneered at Mao An Ge and spoke with words that did not conform to her calm style . Now, she was like a delinquent girl .

    Seeing Wei Xiao Bei surprised, Zhu Xin Yi blushed, but did not allow Mao An Ge to see it .

    “Right, if you keep looking, this young master will gouge your eyes out . You think that you are a moral example yourself?”

    Huang Kun became happy . Whenever he became mischievous, Zhu Xin Yi would always admonish him . However, seeing that Zhu Xin Yi had caught up with his method, he had an inkling that the torment in his ears would decrease .

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