The City of Terror - Chapter 283

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Chapter 283

Chapter 283 - Master!

    With Wei Xiao Bei’s current amount of evolution points, it was enough to deal with this problem .

    As his evolution points quickly decreased, the color in his [Cooking] skill changed . It quickly changed from yellow to deep yellow and in the end became light green .

    Cooking (Master): High-quality dishes 0/500

    When [Cooking] ranked up to master, the requirements had changed to high-quality dishes .

    Just the amount alone was enough to make Wei Xiao Bei lock his eyebrows .

    It was too much of a waste of time .

    He just did not know if these high-quality dishes meant the same high-quality as when he cooked the reindeer meat .

    Wei Xiao Bei walked out of the room with a frown as he ended his break .

    When Wei Xiao Bei entered the kitchen, the worker responsible for passing out the menu gave him the day’s menu .

    There were expensive dishes, and there were also cheap ones .

    Everytime Wei Xiao Bei cooked a single dish, he would use [Status Appraisal] on it .

    It was just as he expected that not every dish was high-quality .

    . . . . . .

Name: Huangpu Scrambled Eggs (Normal Quality)

Description: This dish was created by the [Cooking] skill . Main ingredient: Eggs

Effect 1: Fragrance increase by 10%

Effect 2: This item cannot be brought into the Dust World .

    . . . . . .

Name: Dinghu Shangsu (High Quality)

Description: This dish was created by the [Cooking] skill . Main ingredients: Shiitake, Saint George’s Mushroom, Straw Mushroom, White Fungus, Golden Oyster Mushroom, Jelly Fungus, Bamboo Fungus, Winter Bamboo Shoots, Carrots, Lotus Seed . Auxiliary Ingredients: Fava Bean Starch, Canola Oil

Effect 1: Fragrance increase by 30%

Effect 2: Consuming this would hasten recovery from fatigue .

Effect 3: This item cannot be brought into the Dust World .

    . . . . . .

    After finishing a single table’s dish, Wei Xiao Bei counted that out of 17 dishes, 10 were high-quality while 7 were normal quality .

    The probability of having high-quality goods appearing was not low . It could even be said to be high .

    Even cheap dishes could become high-quality dishes, but the chance of them becoming so was a lot lower than expensive dishes .

    If he thought about the dishes he cooked in the Dust World, it was easy to understand .

    Perhaps because it was the quality of meat monsters had, everything he cooked was a high-quality good . Even the barbecues were never normal quality .

    However, it was different in reality . Ingredients were cheaper resulting in a low chance of creating high-quality goods .

    No matter what was said, in Wei Xiao Bei’s point of view, the [Cooking] skills requirements were not harder than before, it could even be said to be easier .

    Even some dimsums were considered high-quality goods and counted towards the requirement .

    Wei Xiao Bei smiled at this thought .

    When he got off work, he had already finished 53 high-quality dishes .

    However, Wei Xiao Bei, who valued his time, was not satisfied . While on his way home, he went to the market to buy kitchenware such as an oven .

    These kitchenwares did not exist in the dojo . Additionally, he also bought some ingredients .

    When he reached the dojo, Huang Kun greeted him and helped out in carrying things as they both walked towards the kitchen .

    At this moment, Zhu Xin Yi was preparing to cook a meal . Seeing her master and Huang Kun carry things into the kitchen made her curious .

    She became happy when she saw the kitchenwares and materials that were used to cook snacks and cakes .

    Zhu Xin Yi was still a girl . She loved to eat sweets and bake cupcakes when she had nothing to do at home .

    New kitchenware needed to be cleaned, and ingredients needed to be prepared . Just like that, Wei Xiao Bei and his disciples busied themselves .

    Wei Xiao Bei had also planned to let Huang Kun learn a bit of cooking since having more skills was better .

    After half an hour, he opened the oven, and a fragrant smell wafted out .

    Compared to Huang Kun, Zhu Xin Yi was more amazed .

    After all, the ingredients were just common ingredients . His master did not add any flavorings, but the pastries that came out had an alluring smell that had confused Zhu Xin Yi .

    As for Huang Kun, eating delicious things was enough . He did not even bother to look into the reason of the smell .

    Wei Xiao Bei used [Status Appraisal] to check every single one of the 49 pastries . A lot of them were high-quality goods that recovered stamina while one of them recovered the mind .

    Compared to cooking a single dish, making pastries was a convenient way of finishing the requirements .

    However, the pastries still could not be brought into the Dust World .

    Wei Xiao Bei ate the pastry that recovered the mind and let his disciples have the rest .

    He continued baking pastries and did not use [Status Appraisal] to check them anymore . As he did this a few times, his speed at making pastries increased .

    From preparing the ingredients to pulling the finished products out of the oven, it did not even take him half an hour .

    In other words, Wei Xiao Bei could make a lot of high-quality pastries in an hour .

    Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun were initially eating happily, but they could not endure it anymore after Wei Xiao Bei repeated the same routine a few more times .

    No matter how tasty the pastries were, their stomach had limits .

    If it was a normal person, less than half a batch would have already filled them up, and Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun could only eat two batches .

    Thus, when the third batch came out, Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun could not help but bring the pastries outside and deliver them to their neighbors as guests .

    Wei Xiao Bei had determined himself to finish the requirements in one go .

    However, he would need to waste at least 13 hours to finish this .

    At 12 midnight, all the neighbors around the dojo had received pastries as a present .

    On the other hand, Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun could not continue anymore . They could not help but excuse themselves and returned to their rooms to sleep .

    TIme slowly passed by .

    At five in the morning, Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun got up and washed their face before going to the kitchen to help, but in the end, they were driven away by Wei Xiao Bei to let them continue their training .

    When the two of them finished their training, Wei Xiao Bei directly placed a huge pile of pastries as their breakfast and demanded that they must finish them .

    Luckily, the pastries were fragrant and not that greasy . Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun did not have any complaints enjoying it for the second time .

    However, no matter how awesome the two were, they could not eat more than 1000 pastries by themselves .

    When Wei Xiao Bei had finished the requirements, the kitchen table and even the tea table in the inner practice ground were stuffed with cupcakes .

    How do I deal with this?

    He could not just throw away these pastries as he had not acquired a habit of throwing away food .

    Luckily, Wei Xiao Bei was not out of options . He made a phone call to Zhou Xing Yuan .

    Afterwards, Zhou Xing Yuan sent a car over and brought away all the pastries, distributing them to the company’s employees .

    Initially, Zhou Xing Yuan had thought that Wei Xiao Bei had gone crazy . After distributing the pastries, his employees’ favorable praise was like a tide . Even his secretary asked where the pastries were made as she wanted to place an order for the long term .

    Zhou Xing Yuan rolled his eyes and ignores their questions .

    Telling a guy who is like a human nuclear warhead to bake you pastries in the long term? That is simply daydreaming!

    Zhou Xing Yuan’s employees were happy by the pastries that were sent . When the pastries were all delivered, Wei Xiao Bei sat down on a couch in the outer practice ground as he basked in the sun while looking at his status panel .

    Without a doubt, the remaining evolution points that he had was useful now that he had completed the requirements for the [Cooking] skill .

    After using his evolution points, the [Cooking] skill deepened in color from light green to dark green .

    When he finished, the deep green turned into light blue .


    Just when his [Cooking] skill reached perfection, Wei Xiao Bei could feel that the things he did not clearly understand before become clear . At the same time, the recipes and ingredients that he had memorized floated up in his mind like tree leaves that he could see clearly .

    In simpler terms, Wei Xiao Bei could feel that he had been studying every single item for more than 20 years . As long as he remembered the recipe, he could cook it as if he had cooked the same dish countless times already .

    Even common ingredients like tofu and cabbage were included .

    If he had not become tired from cooking continuously for 13 hours, then he would have impulsively went back into the kitchen to cook again .

    It was already late autumn as the winds carried a slight chill, but the sun was still bright and beautiful . The warmth that it brought had attacked Wei Xiao Bei and placed him to sleep .

    When he woke up, he was already in bed, and it was already 5 am the next day .

    It should be his disciples that carried him here .

    After washing his face, his disciples had also woken up .

    Wei Xiao Bei thought for a bit and pulled Huang Kun to the side, asking, “Have you been going to school recently?”

    Huang Kun was at a loss for words . In this period of time, Huang Kun had been training with Zhu Xin Yi and experiencing the Dust World . His master should also know about these matters .

    He wondered why he would ask such a thing now .

    “You didn’t go? You still need to go . Don’t become an illiterate . ”

    Wei Xiao Bei did not intentionally want to make it hard on Huang Kun . It was just that he had suddenly thought about this .

    After all, Huang Kun was still 13 years old . If he dropped out of school now, there were many things that Wei Xiao Bei did not have time to teach him . Moreover, if this continued, Huang Kun’s disposition would be easily warped .

    Wei Xiao Bei did not want to raise a physical man who only knew how to fight and kill . If it was like that, then he would be embarrassed to meet Zhou Rong again .

    “I am fine with how I am now . ”

    Although Huang Kun did not clearly say it, his tone carried a loathing for studying .

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