The City of Terror - Chapter 285

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Chapter 285

Chapter 285 - Barcelona!

    At the dinner table, Wei Xiao Bei announced the big news of him going abroad for a month .

    Zhu Xin Yi was not happy to hear this news, while Huang Kun was very excited about it and tried to ask him if he could go also, but he was immediately shut down by Wei Xiao Bei .

    In the end, Wei Xiao Bei promised to bring them some souvenirs to settle this matter .

    In truth, Wei Xiao Bei was slightly excited about going abroad . But more than that, he was worried about Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun .

    Within a month, the two of them would roughly enter the Dust World four times according to the frequency they did it .

    In these four times, the amount of danger that existed was not small .

    However, he could not stop them from going .

    Just as he previously said, the chick had spread its wings and left the nest . He could only do careful preparation to help them and not impede them .

    While waiting for the visa and passport for two days, Wei Xiao Bei had became a prattling grandma in front of Wei Xiao Bei and Zhu Xin Yi’s eyes .

    With his passport and visa at hand, Wei Xiao Bei had finally obtained [Spanish] in his status panel . Naturally, he used 200 points to increase it to proficient .

    Basing his travels on distance, Wei Xiao Bei’s first stop was Alaska .

    Alaska had the world’s best deep sea marine products . His next destinations were in the order of Spain, France, Italy, and Iran .

    Among them, the caviar in Iran had already been ordered by Huang Jun’s friend . The only thing Wei Xiao Bei needed to do there was to check the quality .

    The best ingredients were something that could not be easily found like staple goods . It needed chefs to go and pick by themselves . This was especially important in Western food .

    As Wei Xiao Bei rode the plane, he recalled Alaska’s history .

    Alaska was one of the luckiest trade item in history .

    Initially, it had been colonized by Russia and specialized in producing fur clothing . However, when the fur clothing industry declined, Russia had sold this land to America for 7 . 2 million dollars during the 1700s .

    Naturally, the Secretary of State who bought this land had received a torrent of abuse within the country .

    However, when they had discovered the land to be abundant of gold and oil, the Russia’s losses had outweighed the gains .

    With the huge gold mine and the largest oil field in Northern America found, Russia was full of regret .

    Before he entered the plane, Wei Xiao Bei had checked materials about Alaska .

    The indigenous people here were the Eskimos, the Aleut, and the American Indians .

    The place was very spacious with 1 . 7 million square kilometer of land with less than a million people .

    In this kind of situation, Wei Xiao Bei had not yet decided to enter the Dust World from Alaska .

    If he stayed there for a long time, then he would go check it out, but if his stay was short, then nothing could be done .

    After all, the next place after Alaska was Spain . The population was denser there so the gains in the Dust World should be plentiful .

    What happened next was just close to what Wei Xiao Bei had imagined .

    When he reached Alaska, Wei Xiao Bei had immediately came in contact with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute .

    What had surprised him was that when the full capacity fishing boat had just reached the harbor, the bluefin tuna, king crab, and salmon that he wanted were already there .

    After 14 hours, Wei Xiao Bei rode another plane . The three meter long bluefin tuna, five king crabs, sea cucumber, and lobsters, and some excellent deep sea salmon had been sent back to China through air transport .

    Wei Xiao Bei was very satisfied about being able to buy these ingredients from Alaska .

    The three meter bluefin tuna was not something that could entirely be served in the banquet, but it was able to make the Long Hu Dou Restaurant even more famous .

    Next, he could waste a bit more time in Spain .

    He landed in Barcelona International Airport . Barcelona was said to be the world’s first-rate soccer team .

    Wei Xiao Bei was not a fan . Thus, he only enjoyed the beautiful scenery . With his fluent Spanish, he found a map guide and hailed a taxi . His destination was the famous tourist spot that was known for its marine products, Palamos .

    After buying the ingredients that he needed and hurriedly sent the goods back to China, it was already night time .

    There were many hotels in that place and checking in was very convenient . Wei Xiao Bei had decided to stay there for the night and leave the next day .

    When he was learning Spanish, Wei Xiao Bei had understood Spain’s history and current situation .

    Barcelona was the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia . The majority of the people living there were Catalans .

    It was said that in the year BC 1153, the great mythical Greek hero Hercules was the one who founded the city .

    Hercules was the demigod son of Zeus . When he was born, he had extraordinary strength . Hera, Zeus’ wife, had tried to kill him but was never able to succeed . In the end, Hercules made many earth-shattering achievements and became a god after death .

    At this point, the disorder on the system of Greek gods need to be mentioned . Hercules’ mother was actually the great-granddaughter of Zeus . This was something very common in Greek Mythology .

    In the year BC 300, Carthage had established a colonial rule in Catalonia, but in BC 201, Carthage had been defeated by Rome, resulting in Rome obtaining Catalonia .

    In the BC 90s, Catalonia had gradually gained independence until the end of BC 15, becoming the country of Castile .

    In the end, it had been conquered and merged with Aragon to became the Spanish Empire .

    Even until now, Catalonia was still trying to gain independence from Spain .

    It could be said that Wei Xiao Bei was very interested in the place .

    Thus, after eating a meal rich in seafood, Wei Xiao Bei returned to his room, informed the customer service that he would not require any services, and locked the door .

    Afterwards, he sat on the side and poured brandy into his stomach .

    Compared to the Cui Hu Ten Year Brew, brandy was weaker in alcohol content . Wei Xiao Bei had to drink five bottles before his mind became hazy and fall asleep .

    … . . .

    Wehen Wei Xiao Bei woke up, he was still in the luxurious room, but it was already ruined to the point that the curtains were filled with holes .

    “Kill! Eliminate all these Carthaginians !???? Glory to Rome!” In this sentence, there were words that Wei Xiao Bei could understand but not everything . He guessed that this was Latin .

    Wei Xiao Bei had only researched Latin a little bit when he was learning French and Spanish . Compared to other European languages, Latin was equivalent to the language used before the Qin Dynasty .

    The current European languages had the origin of Latin, and there were even a lot of Latin vocabularies still used to date .

    “Glory to Rome !????” The rise and fall of grand voices passed through the windows .

    Wei Xiao Bei’s room was at the tenth floor, but with his hearing, he could hear the voices coming from the streets .

    Could it be soldiers from ancient Rome?

    Wei Xiao Bei had probably guessed the owner of the voices .

    When he looked down the window, he could see a bloody battlefield happening in front of him .

    There were more than 30 half naked Romans with spears and shields fighting against a force of the same numbers with pikes in their hands .

    Wei Xiao Bei could immediately identify who were the enemies of the Romans .

    The soldiers on the other side should be Carthage’s Sacred Band, one of their elite forces . In short, it was just another name to make light infantry sound cooler .

    In battle, their pikes would pierced through their enemies’ chest . If they could not immediately pull it out, they would pull out the short swords on their waist to attack .

    The Roman forces were also light infantry and appeared to be from the poorest citizens of ancient Rome . This was why they did not even have an armor and held wooden shields and 1 . 7 meter long javelins .

    They did not only carry one javelin . This was because behind the Carthaginian force, there were already six corpses that had their chest pierced through by pikes .

    Soldiers of ancient Rome were valiant . This had been described in many works and literatures to the point that it seemed they could fight with 1 against 100 .

    Naturally, these Roman soldiers were also very valiant, but their enemies were Carthaginian soldiers that might be more valiant than them .

    Under the dauntless attack of the Carthaginian soldiers, the difference in their equipment had determined the battle . In almost every ten seconds, a Roman soldier would fall .

    When the Roman soldiers were about to be annihilated, the sound of running came from the corner of the street .

    Very quickly, more than ten Roman soldiers with big shields, javelins, and chest armor appeared .

    Wei Xiao Bei guessed that this was the reserved forces of the Romans .

    The word reserved forces might sound unremarkable, but in truth, the strongest force was the reserved force .

    In regular situations, they were comprised of veterans that had 7-8 years of experience . Their equipment was better than normal soldiers, and they had a lot of battlefield experience .

    Thus, in large scale battles, they would be placed in the third row, while the first and second rows were for younger soldiers and adult soldiers respectively .

    Every time the reserved force went out, the battlefield would turn around and set the war!

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

    When the Roman reserve forces saw the Carthaginian soldiers, they did not even say a word and just threw their javelins at them .

    On the other hand, the Roman light infantry at the front immediately retreated to dodge the attack range of the reserved force .

    However, even if that was so, there was still one unfortunate soldier who had been hit by a javelin at the back and directly fell down .

    Compared to the accidental injury, the Carthaginian soldiers were a lot more pathetic . After a wave of javelins, half of them had collapsed on the ground .

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