The City of Terror - Chapter 290

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Chapter 290

Chapter 290 - Greater Heights

   Whether it was on his own side or the Carthaginian army on the opposite side, it was an army that was formed by human wisdom to have the most efficient means of killing!

   Becuase of the fortunate battles that he fought within the city of Barcelona, Wei Xiao Bei’s evolution points had now reached 5380 points .

   In fact, Wei Xiao Bei was a little surprised . He didn't pay much attention to the growth of evolution points before, but after thinking about it, the number of evolution points did not seem wrong .

   Of course, Wei Xiao Bei had not seen an error on the status panel ever since he had obtained it .

   5380 evolution points . This number was quite a lot .

   Any sub-attribute that was increased to 40 points might have a tremendous change, causing the body to become stiff for a certain period of time .

   Because of this, Wei Xiao Bei directly rejected the idea of ​​putting evolution points into sub-attributes . If he did that, he would essentially be killing himself .

   In such a large-scale battle, it wasn’t necessarily safe even if Wei Xiao Bei hid at the back .

   Besides, Wei Xiao Bei didn’t know whether the ancient Roman army would perform battlefield discipline, but if you think about it with one’s brain, they should have .

   In the midst of the war, there would be no mercy for the deserters who lost their will to fight or those who have escaped from the battlefield for any reasons in any army .

   If he needed to hide behind because of increasing points in his attribute, then the battlefield discipline was executed by several ancient Roman officers while his body was stiff . Because of this, he would be placed in a miserable position . Or maybe once the war starts, Carthage soldiers might appear around him if he was careless .

   As a result, his evolution points could only be invested in skills or special skills .

   The appropriate method was to raise the voltage or maximum current of the special skill, [Release Electricity] .

   After all, most of the soldiers on both sides were wearing metal armors such as chainmail and other kinds of armor . Even the shields in their hands more or less had some metal in it .

   Maximum current increase!

   Evolution points were quickly consumed!

   508 milliamperes, 509 milliamperes, 510 milliamperes… . . .

   In the process of the evolution points being invested in the maximum current, every two points of evolution points will increase the maximum current by 1 milliampere .

   After consuming 986 evolution points, Release Electricity's maximum current had increased to 1000 milliamperes, which was equivalent to 1 ampere .

   After the maximum current was increased to 1000 milliamperes, the upgrade requirement was increased from two evolution points increasing one milliampere to three evolution points increasing one milliampere .

   He still had 4394 evolution points left .

   At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei hesitated .

   To say 1000 milliamperes limit, the current of 1000 volts was far beyond the deadly range for ordinary humans, but this might not be as effective against monsters in the Dust World .

   Besides, it was possible that the electricity could only penetrate 1 cm in the air while he was in a melee . Its uses and power was not small, but it was also very limited .

   Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei simply invested 3000 evolution points toward the maximum voltage, increased it from 1000 volts to 2000 volts .

   After the maximum voltage was increased, Wei Xiao Bei did not notice any abnormalities in his body . Of course, Wei Xiao Bei didn’t dare test the extent his [Release Electricity] had improved while in the phalanx .

   With 1394 evolution points left, Wei Xiao Bei didn't hesitate, and he invested it directly in [Bajiquan]!

   Without a doubt, in the midst of a large-scale war, if he wanted to save his life and earn more benefits, other than the uncontrollable factor of luck, the strength of the individual was also an absolutely important part .

   The evolution points were all being invested in [Bajiquan], and on the status panel, the color of [Bajiquan] changed from cyan to deep cyan .

   Because many of his skills needed to be trained for long periods of time, the amount of effort he placed on Bajiquan had decreased .

   But after the last rank up to perfection, the total effort that Wei Xiao Bei invested in Bajiquan until now was not small .

   Therefore, [Bajiquan]'s color on the status panel had become slightly deeper than the original light cyan .

   This also meant that Wei Xiao Bei could promote [Bajiquan] with fewer evolution points . Moreover, it could advance to the next realm faster after the promotion .

   This was very important .

   Anyways, after Wei Xiao Bei invested 800 evolution points, the color of [Bajiquan] suddenly deepened from deep cyan and then to a faint blue .

   [Bajiquan] immediately upgraded from perfection to greater heights!

   In fact, upgrading from perfection to greater heights required 1000 evolution points, while Wei Xiao Bei's efforts reduced his evolution points requirement by 200 points .

   Of course, it seemed like a loss based the amount of effort that he put into reducing the consumption of 200 evolution points .

   But for Wei Xiao Bei, there were still differences between his own training and the things he gained from evolution points .

   This point had been discussed before .

   As [Bajiquan] upgraded to greater heights, something unexpected happened .

   Wei Xiao Bei felt that there was an irresistible impulse . He wanted to freely practice a set of Bajiquan to release this impulse .

   But as a fake ancient Roman soldier, Wei Xiao Bei remained standing in the phalanx . If there was any excessive move, the only end would be sent to the guillotine by the military judge .

   Wei Xiao Bei naturally couldn’t accept this punishment, and would eventually have to escape if it happened .

   In this case, he could only use the muscle trembling method to release this impulse .

   Under the trembling of Wei Xiao Bei's muscles, the soil beneath his feet was gradually erroded .

   The surrounding ancient Roman soldiers naturally found this abnormality, but they just took a look at Wei Xiao Bei and didn't examine it further .

   The war was just around the corner . Even if it was a big deal, it was difficult for these well-trained ancient Roman soldiers to divert attention .

   For the remaining 594 evolution points, Wei Xiao Bei retained it .

   Finally, those Carthaginian soldiers completed the adjustment of their reverse half-moon formation .

   In fact, this new formation should be called the crescent moon formation, a modified military formation created by Hannibal .

   Regading this point, Wei Xiao Bei saw it when he looked up the information online .

   The original shape was like this . The central part bulged forward, forming a reverse half-moon shape to bait the enemy to attack the middle .

   Then, the soldiers in the middle would retreat all the way back to the end . Then together with the soldiers on both sides, they formed a sinking half-moon shape to surrounded the enemy . Finally, they would all launch an assault to completely disrupt the enemy’s morale and end the battle!

   This tactic was used once when Hannibal was on the Italian Peninsula .

   50,000 soldiers of Carthage were pitted against the 80,000 ancient Roman force, facing the enemy with fewer number . The result of the battle was that the ancient Romans lost . The number of soldiers who had been able to escape was probably about 10,000 .

   As the Carthaginian soldiers completed the crescent formation, they were slowly moving toward the ancient Romans under the command of Hannibal .

   The ancient Romans side wouldn’t show any sign of weakness . They continued to push their formation forward .

   After the distance between the two sides was shortened to 100 meters, the first row of the ancient Roman phalanx screamed in unison and rushed toward the opposite Carthaginian Army .

   The Carthaginian side also accelerated the pace of moving forward .

   When the distance between them was closer to less than 30 meters, the ancient Roman soldiers who rushed up madly threw the javelin in their hands while they were dashing .

   Thousands of javelins formed a layer of javelin rain, and after it drew an arc mid-air, it descended onto the Carthaginian soldiers .

   On the other hand, those Carthaginian soldiers had already brought the distance closer to more than 20 meters due to their momentum, which was exactly the range that brought the maximum lethality of those javelins!

   Facing the javelins that fell like raindrops, the Carthaginian soldiers raised the big shields in their hands and hid their bodies under the shields to avoid the javelins fired at them!

   There was no doubt that such a defensive tactic was useful .

   Without the protection of these big shields, Carthaginian soldiers might probably have a lot of casualties in the first wave of javelin attacks .

   But at this time, the big shields blocked the javelins more or less . Each of the javelins hit the big shield with a whistling sound . Some javelins were directly reflected, and some javelins were directly stuck to the big shields . The most unlucky Carthaginian soldiers were those who didn’t hold their shields in hte correct angle . As a result, the shields were penetrated by the javelins forcibly, and the soldiers under it naturally did not have a good ending .

   Other Carthaginian soldiers who were not shielded were also killed by javelins .

   But compared to the sheer number of these javelins, the casualties of dozens of Carthaginian soldiers was undoubtedly a very small number .

   Without any hesitation, the ancient Roman soldiers, who charged in the front, threw another wave of javelins and hurled the javelins as far as possible to the maximum range in order to block the reinforcement of the Carthaginian soldiers to the vanguards .

   These charging ancient Roman soldiers did not slow down in speed . They grabbed the last javelin in their right hands, accelerated, and collided against the Carthaginian soldiers who had yet to steady themselves .

   In the process, they protected their left side with the left-handed small round shield, and they tried to avoid the javelins that were still stuck on the enemy’s big shields, as to reduce the damage caused to themselves from the impact .

   Bang bang bang!

   A series of clashing sound echoed all over the battlefield . Some Carthaginian soldiers were knocked over to the ground and then killed by the ancient Roman soldiers armed with javelins, while the other ancient Roman soldiers accidentally slammed into the javelin, killing themselves in the process . The last kind of death was that the Carthaginian soldier had steadied their footing when the ancient Roman soldiers charged in, allowing them to swing the short sword in their right hand at the Roman soldiers and causing injuries on both sides .

   As a matter of fact, this kind of tackling tactic of the ancient Roman soldiers was very useful in such a large group battle .

   If the Carthaginian soldiers were a little careless, they would be stunned by just the tackle alone, and then killed by a javelin in the end .

    Some lucky soldiers who charged into the middle of the Carthaginian army had to draw the short sword around their waists and started to kill the enemy for their own survival .

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