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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 47

Published at 4th of December 2018 03:38:42 AM

Chapter 47

Long Jiaojiao's mana was good demon in the monster world . Although Gong Ping hadn’t reached the ability of Xing Tian yet, he could play it from time to time . Only old Wu was a mortal . Although he was brave, he can't get rid of the physical limit . Long Jiaojiao didn’t want to show too much ability in front of people who were not related, so the three people walked slowly, and the battle had just ended when they reached there .

"Master!" Mao Dou shouted and jumped her feet and touched Gong Ping for a while . Gong Ping patted her head and said, "Okay, I know you are capable . "

Mao Dou saw old Wu in the back . She blushed and slipped from Gong Ping's body and greeted him with joy . Old Wu suddenly showed disgust expression, not only took a step back, but also tightened the shotgun .   
Mao Dou was overwhelmed, and the long white tail slowly swayed and squatted there . Long Jiaojiao reminded, "Mao Dou, tail!”

Mao Dou suddenly realized that she changed back to the human body, but this time she was in trouble . When she transformed, her clothes was blown up and smashed . At this moment, not only the upper body was bare, but even the pants were broken by the tail . Although she and old Wu already made love, they had frankly met each other; after all, it was only with Lao Wu . Now, Long Jiaojiao was there and so was Gong Ping . Although he was her master, after all, he was also a man . So Mao Dou was immediately shy, and both hands clasped her chest and were at a loss . Gong Ping turned his back to her, took off his coat and gave it to Mao Dou .   
Mao Dou put on Gong Ping's coat and wanted to approach old Wu, but old Wu just hid far away and looked at her with hatred . Mao Dou summarized two points . First, it must be that the prototype had made old Wu disgusted, but this didn’t matter . After the first sex, she said that she wasn’t a human . At that time, old Wu also said that the monster was sexier than a woman . In addition, she was close to Gong Ping, and old Wu was jealous, this didn’t matter . She would keep a distance from Gong Ping in the future . So despite the cold reception, she carefully followed old Wu, making a poor look from time to time . All the people who had raised pets at home were familiar with this kind of look; Lao Wu was the captain of the police dogs team, naturally more familiar with it . However, old Wu showed cold and even disgusted look, making Long Jiaojiao fell chilling, she really didn’t how Mao Dou could stand it .

"You kill them all!" Looking at blood all over the spot, Gong Ping said .

Long Jiaojiao reminded Gong Ping, "There is a collapse here, and we’d better leave early . "  
Gong Ping also knew the seriousness of the collapse of heterogeneous space . If they didn’t before the collapse, then the people inside would be in danger of being lost in this collapsed space forever . But Gong Ping did not immediately choose to leave, but went into the pile of mice bodies and asked, "Which one is him?"

Mao Dou pointed to Yan Shuwen that was buried by the bodies of the little mice and said, "This is him . "

Gong Ping touched the breath of Yan Shuwen and sighed, "You shouldn't kill him . He just stole his own salary back . "

Although Mao Dou was blamed, the tone of Gong Ping was calm, and Mao Dou was thinking about how to please old Wu, she didn’t care about this blame .

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Long Jiaojiao reminded once again, "Ping, let's leave soon, otherwise we may be trapped here . "

At this time, the vibration was more severe . Not only did the wreckage collapse, but the sky continued to collapse and the surface began to collapse, and the speed became faster and faster . After a while, the surface broke into several large pieces . Although the surface that they were at was one of the larger ones, it was still shrinking into pieces, and the place outside these pieces was the darkness of the void .

"Let me tear it open!" Long Jiaojiao screamed, flying in the air, and suddenly there was a thunder in the darkness . After a short while, Long Jiaojiao fell from the air, and said, "I can’t do it, the distortion is too strong, and there is a strong grievance, I can’t tear it open . "  
At this time, old Wu said slowly, "So we may not be able to go out?"

Long Jiaojiao looked at him and said, "You are still very suffocating as a mortal . If someone was here, he may have pissed his pants . "

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Old Wu smiled coldly, "That should see what this mortal has experienced . "

Mao Dou looked at old Wu and looked at Gong Ping . In fact, she wanted to act like a female human at this time . She wanted to snuggle up in the arms of old Wu and said softly, "Husband, I am afraid . " But when she saw old Wu’s cold face, and thought of the fierce look of her, she couldn’t do it .   
Long Jiaojiao asked Gong Ping, "Do you have a good idea? I don't want to be trapped in this place without becoming immortal . "

Gong Ping suddenly smile and said to Long Jiaojiao, "This place can only trap you for a while, but can't trap you for a whole life . I am thinking of another thing . "

Long Jiaojiao thought that Gong Ping thought about how to break this space and asked, "What is going on? Say it quickly . "

Gong Ping’s expression suddenly became serious and said, "I was thinking, if we really grasped the suspect Yan Shuwen, could we give him a fair trial with our current law?”  

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Long Jiaojiao was stunned, she never imagined that Gong Ping was still thinking about this at this critical juncture, and they were on the verge of disaster . "How do you still have the mood to say this?" She turned her head and looked at both Mao Dou and old Wu, one was looking down and thinking, and the other was a cold-like stone man . "Only I am trying to find a way to leave here . " Long Jiaojiao was unhappy, "Forget it, I don't care . Anyway, I am a dragon, this place can't trap me . " She stamped her feet, intended to sit on the ground, but now the land was full of bloody widows, and she had to stand up and vented . "

Gong Ping didn’t care about the dirt at all . He leaned down and squatted on the ground with one leg . His right hand was placed on Yan Shuwen's head . He closed his glaring eyes and then pressed his palm against his forehead said, "I, Gong Ping make a vow before your body, and I must fight for a legal justice for you in my lifetime . " After that, his palms glowed blue light, the soft and beautiful blue light halo was bigger . Under the blue light, all the objects that were touched by the blue light, whether it was the body or the soil, were turned into white snow, but the snow was not falling, but floating in the sky . In the end, the blue light suddenly filled the entire space, and the light also changed from soft to glare, Long Jiaojiao, Mao Dou and old Wu involuntarily covered their eyes . When they recovered their vision, they had successfully returned to the real world . Long Jiaojiao never felt that the noisy people around her were so cute . However, the incident was not over yet, and the snow fluttered straight into the sky . Everyone on the scene, whether the police or the people who peeked around, had experienced this magnificent scene .   

When the blue light flashed, everyone on the scene saw it, and it was also stabbed . "Successful!" Sher Qianqian cheered from the darkness first .

Wu Min saw they returned safely . Her nose suddenly became sour and her eyes were hot . Fortunately, everyone around her cheered, and no one noticed her gaffe .

Guan Taizhong led the crowd and greeted them . He once again held Long Jiaojiao’s hand and said, "I know you can do it . "

Long Jiaojiao had no good mood this time, and shook his hands off . She was fierce both in look and voice, and said to Gong Ping, "You! Come with me . " 

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