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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 11

Published at 8th of October 2018 08:18:01 PM

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Physical examination


Guan Taizhong got a report from the police station on the phone and learned that Gong Ping was arrested by the security guard . After hanging up the phone, Guan Taizhong sighed and said to himself, "Gong Ping, how can you be someone who can help me solve problems . "

"A man cannot be judged by his appearance, nor can the water in the sea to be measured by a bucket . " Long Jiaojiao sat on a large comfortable sofa opposite him, wearing loose gauze pajamas .

The texture of the pajamas seemed to be transparent, but in reality it exactly covered all that you wanted to see . And because of this, she had some kind of unclear temptation . She had a glass of red wine in her right hand, cocked her legs, and she has some ignorance to Guan Taizhong . "The chief of the bureau, this is Late midnight, why are you still in my house? "Guan Taizhong spread his hands, both helpless and charming, and said to Long Jiaojiao, "My grandmother, I have no confidence . Not to refer to the whole country, another police station has cracked the case of supernatural ability in our province . The supernatural ability case summary meeting will be held at the end of the year, pointing out that the police chief had to take the team to participate, and I didn’t have any hand in hand right now . What should I do? The superior department now pays inordinate attention on supernatural ability . ”

Long Jiaojiao said, "Take it easy . I targeted him ten years ago, but he was unconscious and useless . His spiritual power is quite strong now, but . . . "

Guan Taizhong hurriedly said . "Grandma, let's get straight to the point . "

Long Jiaojiao smiled and said, "Don't worry, take your time . I wonder if you know that I have been waiting for ten years . And I can let you get a promotion . Certainly, I can also let you to move forward . I am just wondering, as an escort, his ability seems to be too strong . . . "

Guan Taizhong said, "Isn't it better to be strong?"

Long Jiaojiao said, "The things of this world are not so simple . The so-called dead coaches, drowned sailors, the greater the ability, the greater the risk . Twenty-two places in other places are an escort with a cultivator as his partner plus a few miscellaneous . . . but he . . . "

Guan Taizhong said, "How is he?"

Long Jiaojiao said, "The strength of his body is very high . It is said that an escort has the ability to lead a practitioner, but he . . . I can’t believe it . There are thousands of people’s marks, enough to organize an army, and there is an inexplicable power energy that can compete with the gods . "

Guan Taizhong was shocked . "This is too exaggerated . "

Long Jiaojiao shrugged and said, "What can't happen in this world? You didn't believe that there were monsters in the world at the beginning . " She stretched out on the jade hands to slam the chin of Taizhong . Guan Taizhong was shocked and hurriedly jumped away . His agility and obesity were completely mismatched . He had certainly suffered a lot before .

Long Jiaojiao giggled and said, "When you saw me before, you were eager to take advantages . Now I give you the chance . You dare not take the move?"

Guan Taizhong seemed to be very afraid of Long Jiaojiao, hiding behind his desk and waving his hands and said, "Forget it, I can't stand it . "

Long Jiaojiao condensed a smile, and said, "I am not kidding . Although I have been doing fun of you in recent years, I have looked after you . If he is capable of escorting thousands of people, you must arrange it for me, or I will retaliate against you . . “

Guan Taizhong saw the seriousness of Long Jiaojiao, he had no choice but to say, "You want to be a god, and I want to enjoy the prosperity of the world . Each takes what he needs . Don't say it like this . ”

Long Jiaojiao said with a smile . "It is up to you . As you said, each takes what he needs . "

The next morning, Ma Fei came back to work in the hospital . Before she left, she gave Gong Ping 20 yuan of pocket money and pulled a big box of the magazine from under the bed . Gong Ping found that those were all kinds of news and newspapers for nearly ten years . Gong Ping found the good intentions of Ma Fei . "You want me to know what has happened in the world in this decade . "

Ma Fei nodded .

Gong Ping added . "This is not anxious . Now I have time . I really want to sweep the grave of Dean Gong . "

Ma Fei said . "I will accompany you when I take a break . You have never been there, you don't know where it is . "said Ma Fei .

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Gong Ping smiled and said, "I don't know, and you don't know either . "

Ma Fei said . "I go there on behalf of you every year . "

Gong Ping was an orphan, and Dean Gong was his only relative . If it wasn’t Dean Gong that took him back from the snow . Gong Ping had already disappeared from the world, so the feelings of Gong Ping and Dean Gong were far exceeded the feelings of the father and son . So when he heard that Ma Fei went to the tomb of Dean Gong in his coma every year, he was really grateful, his brain was hot, and his left hand covered Ma Fei’s eyes, and slightly kissed Ma Fei's red lips .

He felt a bit presumptuous after he kissed Ma Fei . He stepped back and muttered . "I'm sorry . . . I can't help but do it . . . In short, thank you so much for everything you have done for me . ”Ma Fei was not angry, just felt a little shocked . Gong Ping's speed was too fast, she couldn't escape from it . . . But Gong Ping was helpless and made an apology, she smiled tolerantly and said only one word . "Don't forget to bring the key, and don't go far . " Then she went back to work .

After Ma Fei left, Gong Ping repented for a while, seeing that the sunshine outside was not very big at this time, he grabbed a bound book and went on reading on the stone bench in the community park, by the way, to be familiar with the environment . It happened a lot of things in the past ten years . And it was just so bizarre . If he didn’t know anything in advance that these were regular news newspapers, you would think that he was reading strange stories again, Gong Ping still didn't believe it a little . Are these all reality? He had been reading for more than an hour and he didn't pay attention on the time .

At about ten o'clock in the morning, the sun was getting bigger . Gong Ping stood up and stretched out . He was planning to go back to the basement, but a police car drove into the community and a beautiful policewoman went off, and she was Long Jiaojiao .

Long Jiaojiao smiled at him from a distance, and said to him,"It seems that you are in good spirits . "

Gong Ping responded politely . "Nice to see you, thank you for the water and snacks yesterday . "

"That . . . Was not worth mentioning . " Long Jiaojiao said . "Get on the car, the chief personally ordered me to accompany you to the hospital for medical examination . The bureau leader is now having a meeting to discuss when you can get back to work . ”

Gong Ping said, "sincerely thanks consideration from to all the leaders . "

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Long Jiaojiao smiled and said, "You always say thanks or sorry, I really can’t imagine you were so tough yesterday . In fact, today I am not alone . Jianguo and Little Li are in the car as well . You guys go to the hospital together today to do a comprehensive physical examination . It is identical to graze sheep no matter it is one or a group . ”

Speaking of this, Xiong Jianguo poked his head out of the car and smiled, " Sister Jiaojiao, what are you talking about, we are all sheep, then you are the female shepherd? His half face was swollen and his speech was a bit sloppy .

"You guys!" Long Jiaojiao scolded, "If you don't know what to say, don’t say it . Be careful or you will be beaten again . " Xiong Jianguo said with a smile . "Now brother Ping knows that we are our own, he will not be hands-on . Am I right? Brother Ping . ”

Gong Ping thought, "I already knew that we were our own, but unfortunately you didn't know it at that time . " But said, "Yes, yes, I was sorry for what had I done to you yesterday . "

Xiong Jianguo yelled at the gang and said, "As a predecessor, you have extraordinary skills, you kicked me badly, and now it still hurts, ha haha . "This person was still very happy from his expression .

"Don't say so much nonsense . Get on the car . " Long Jiaojiao said .

Gong Ping got on the car and greeted Little Li in the car . It was said that Little Li had a slight concussion, so his spirit was not powerful . On the contrary, Xiong Jianguo was fine . Regardless of the fact that half of his face was swollen, it didn't hinder him all the way .

They reached the hospital designated by the police station . It was also the hospital where Ma Fei worked . It seemed that the police station tried to save trouble in the past and found a caregiver nearby . At the same time Gong Ping also found out that Ma Fei was actually not a nurse at all, even a part-time nurse and an intern nurse was not counted, she was just a cleaner, She was always asked to do things, but she was very good-tempered, she only cared about doing things, and she didn't care about other people’s swearing .

Gong Ping knew that Ma Fei was a gentle and kind person, but she was not a regular nurse . He found that the bureau was not truly care about him .

When Xiong Jianguo saw Gong Ping watching Ma Fei, he took it for granted that there was something between them . He smiled and said, "She is not at an unfavorable situation . She got double pay when she both works here and goes to take care of you, she was paid 700 yuan monthly from the bureau . And you have hundreds of Injury subsidies per month . The subsidy was also given to her for management use . ”

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Gong Ping said"Oh", and did not continue to talk, Xiong Jianguo said, "when you are not busy, you should ask her to report, these working girls, they seem to be honest, actually they are mindful . ”

In order to prevent Xiong Jianguo from saying more, Gong Ping had to respond him a few words, and Gong Ping had a good impression on Ma Fei, and he did not like Xiong Jianguo to say her vicious remarks .

The medical examination was conducted for a whole day . Their whole bodies were checked thoroughly . Although it seemed that Gong Ping was very healthy, a formal medical report would take a week to come out . Long Jiaojiao saw Gong Ping was a little anxious, and said, "Nothing big, you should regard it as a few more holidays . "Anyway, the bureau will arrange a job for you only when they see your health certificate, you can take this opportunity to take a walk around . It has happened a lot of things these years . ”

Gong Ping thought in his mind when he heard it, "Time flies . There are really a lot of things for him to figure out . Looking at the attitude from the bureau, this is not necessarily a bad thing" . He felt relieved when he was thinking about it .

 At noon, Long Jiaojiao took them to a neat restaurant nearby for dinner . Xiong Jianguo seemed to have some alcoholism, but it was said drinking was banned . He didn't have the courage to have a drink . Gong Ping will continue to have a medical examination in the afternoon and he can’t drink alcohol as well, but when he thought of Ma Fei, he dragged Ma Fei out together, and he also noticed that Ma Fei was actually a vegetarian, even didn't like the oily oysters . However, large bowl of cabbage vermicelli soup was very appetizing for her, and she drank up to it . What is more amazing is that she could eat more than Gong Ping and Xiong Jianguo plus Long Jiaojiao . Xiong Jianguo was shocked . After Ma Fei went back to work, Xiong Jianguo said, "I think your injury subsidy may have been used by her . "

Long Jiaojiao also said, "Yeah, you are honest, be careful . "

Gong Ping smiled and didn't speak . He knew from the bottom of his heart, no matter what miracle happened, without Ma Fei's meticulous care, he could maintain such a good body now . It's no big deal to eat more .
When he was on his way back, Gong Ping found an opportunity to ask Long Jiaojiao quietly,: "Why do you think about Ma Fei like that?"

Long Jiaojiao smiled and said, "What kind of opinions are you talking about?"

When he heard what she said just now, Gong Ping knew that Long Jiaojiao didn't want to continue this topic again , he didn't say it anymore .

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