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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 19

Published at 13th of October 2018 07:29:32 AM

Chapter 19

Long Jiaojiao felt awkward after she said what Gong Ping just said . She was waiting to continue to explain . Sher Qianqian went forward and pushed Long Jiaojiao away, and said to Gong Ping . "Brother Gong Ping, do you still remember me? I am Sher Qianqian . It was me that took care of you when sister Ma Fei was busy . "

Gong Ping was still crazy . "Medusa . . . in Greek myth . . . "

Ma Fei pushed Sher Qianqian’s hands and held Gong Ping’s shoulder and said,”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you . . . ”  

Gong Ping showed a smirk and said, “Ms . Horse face . . . Where is Mr . Bull head?”

Long Jiaojiao said, "It’s over . . . The escort is mad"

At this time, Gong Ping raised a hand and pointed at them . "You are all . . . monsters . . . " Then his eyes closed, and then he fainted .

This was really not the performance of an average person .   
"He was scared, it was because of you . " Long Jiaojia complained . "It is auspicious to see the real dragon . It is unfortunate to see a horse face . "

Ma Fei was very self-blaming, so she didn't answer back . Only at this time, Sher Qianqian understood something, "In my opinion, he was not scared, he was not willing to accept the reality . Beauties all became half-orc, no one could accept it . "  
Long Jiaojiao lived in a nearly 200-square-meter stratified room suite with four bedrooms and two living rooms . Her salary as a police couldn’t afford such a good house in this city . Since Long Jiaojiao was a monster, there were ways for monsters to collect money . Guan Taizhong played an important role in it .   

Few people come in the house on weekdays . The most popular ones were several cleaners on weekends . It was an exception today .

Several banshees put Gong Ping in the fragrant master bedroom bed . Sher Qianqian slapped the bed, "Oh my god! This is a 2 . 2 meter big bed, not to mention 3P, group P is enough . Jiao Jiao, what do you do on such a big bed . . . Is it . . . "  

Long Jiaojiao pushed her away . "It is possible to spit out ivory in the dog's mouth . It has nothing to do with you . Get out of my way"  

Sher Qianqian spit out her tongue and said,"It is not my business . It is just that if you misbehave, you will not get the mark of the escort . If you don't get the mark of the escort, you will not be able to be an immortal . "

At this time, Ma Fei said . "Don't make a noise . Let him get a rest . If you quarrel again, I will take him back to my place . "

Long Jiaojiao said, "In your basement? Forget it . For the sake of Gong Ping’s face, I will be quiet . I can bear it . . . "

Sher Qianqian also said . "I am too lazy to argue with someone . I will watch TV downstairs!" Then Long Jiaojiao went on and said, "No, that is what I just bought . "  
Then, along with the noise of the stairs, "Don’t move my air conditioner! Don't sit on my new sofa! Don’t use my bathroom!" The sound was getting farther and weaker .

Ma Fei shook her head helplessly and closed the bedroom door . Then she went back to the bed and sat down, lovingly putting her hand on Gong Ping’s forehead . And she said . "I’m sorry, it’s my fault . ”

"Butterfly . . . " Gong Ping suddenly spoke, but still closed his eyes .   
"You woke up!" Ma Fei shouted in surprise .

Gong Ping continued to say with his eyes closed . "Is Zhuangzi dreaming of becoming a butterfly, or is a butterfly dreaming of becoming Zhuangzi?"

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Ma Fei stepped back and opened her mouth, but she did not know what to say .   
Gong Ping opened his eyes and propped up on both hands . Ma Fei helped him lean against the back of the bed . With a sigh of relief, Gong Ping said . "Is it a monster that I saw, or is my dream still not awake? Or is this a long dream? Maybe I am still lying in a hospital bed . "He took a look at Ma Fei and said, "I can't figure out a lot of things but just one thing, that is, no matter if you are a person or a monster, you will not harm me . "

"I'm sorry . . . " Ma Fei bowed her head .   
Gong Ping smiled and said, "You said little, most of them were sorry, just like most of mine were thanks . "

Ma Fei was teased by Gong Ping . When women smile, they tend to be the most attractive . Although he knew that Ma Fei was a monster, Gong Ping still couldn’t help but hold out his hand to hold Ma Fei's face . Ma Fei gently used her face to stick to Gong Ping’s hand . At this time, Gong Ping's action suddenly stopped, Ma Fei looked up and only found Gong Ping put down his hand, and slowly moved her body back .   
"He is disgusted with me, because I am a monster . " Ma Fei's nose was sour, turned her head, in order not to let Gong Ping see her tears . The house was plunged into a quiet silence .

For a long time, Gong Ping broke the silence . "Long Jiaojiao is also a monster?" In fact, this question was superfluous,he saw it clear just now .   
Ma Fei nodded .

Gong Ping sighed again and said, "When I wake up, it becomes a monster city . I read the briefings you showed me . Those people I saw in the hospital last night were also monsters . "

Gong Ping turned around, and got out of bed and put on his shoes . Ma Fei was busy helping him . Gong Ping pushed her away and said . "No, I am not so weak . " Then he went to the window and opened the curtains, looking up at the night sky . He said, "Since there are monsters, there must be immortals . Then what am I?"  
Ma Fei said, "You are an escort, the person who turns the monster into an immortal . "

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Gong Ping smiled and said, "I can seal God, then I am the same with Jiang Taigong . . . "

Ma Fei said "hmm" to show approval .

Gong Ping smiled again . He just said a joke to make the atmosphere more relaxed, but he got the approval of Ma Fei . It made him a little ridiculous, so he turned back and said to Ma Fei,"Okay . This can’t be explained by a sentence or two . Where is this?"  
"This is Long Jiaojiao’s home . " Ma Fei said .

"Oh," Gong Ping said . "I am not used to living here . I will go back first . We will move to the old house of the orphanage tomorrow . It is good once it gets repaired . I grew up there . "

Ma Fei did not expect it after they experienced so much, Gong Ping still did not change his original intention, she didn’t believe her own ears,and said, "You know I am a monster now . . . Do you still want to go there with me?"
Gong Ping smiled and said, "What are you talking about? Maybe this is a dream . When I wake up tomorrow, you are still a clumsy nurse, and then . . . I may have died long ago if you haven’t taken care of me these years . Even if you are a monster, you won’t harm me,unless . . . "

Ma Fei widened her eyes and she waited for Gong Ping to say more .   
Gong Ping stretched the end of the sound and finally said, "Unless you want to fatten me and eat me . "

Ma Fei said in a serious way . "I am always a vegetarian . "  

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Gong Ping waved his hand and said . "You have no sense of humour . Forget it, let's go . Let’s go downstairs to say goodbye to Long jiaojiao . "

Ma Fei said . "In fact, you don't have to be stubborn . I can take care of myself . I just worry about you . "

Gong Ping said . "Do the monsters also watch the romance TV series? Your speech is so moving . My place is spacious, and your basement is not is not suitable for people . If you feel unsuitable, you can rent . "  
Ma Fei had some pain in her heart . Although Gong Ping still invited her to live with him, the distance between the two people was obviously farther after he saw her prototype .

Gong Ping was in front, Ma Fei followed her docilely, and the two went downstairs . When they were still on the stairs, they saw Long Jiaojiao and Sher qianqian fighting on the sofa for the TV remote control board . After all, Sher Qianqian was just a snake . Even if they didn’t use skills, Sher Qianqian was not a physical opponent to Long Jiaojiao . Sher Qianqian was pressed on the sofa in a few rounds . Gong Ping and Ma Fei saved her when they reached downstairs .   
When they learned Gong Ping didn’t mind the existence of monsters, Long Jiaojiao was especially happy . Gong Ping was a treasure . Looking at the upper and lower 5,000 years, there were only two people who had so many embossed marks on an escort, one was Jiang Ziya, the other was Pu Songling who wrote the "Strange Tales of Liaozhai" . They were all awesome people . Gong Ping was the third person from the past to the present . So she tried her best to keep Gong Ping, but the method was useless .   
"Oh, why are you still going to the basement? How spacious my house is . Here is a noble residential area, it's convenient . Let Ma Fei go back . I can take care of you . " Long Jiaojia said .

"Forget it,"Sher Qianqian touched the neck that had been hurt by Long Jiaojiao . " Honestly speaking, everyone used to pick up the mark, but when you saw Gong Ping was unconscious,you left . Sister Ma Fei has been taking care of him . Now Gong Ping is back to normal, you just come over . You are really good at taking advantage . "  
Long Jiao Jiao said, "Natural Selection . I don’t think I have done something wrong . I will help him a lot in the future . "

Sher Qianqian said . "Thank you . Brother Gong Ping can't stand it .   
Gong Ping saw they struggling . He could only understand a little . He thought it would be better to leave here earlier,otherwise they may fight again .   

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