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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 26

Published at 19th of October 2018 07:54:01 PM

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 The formation of YS police


Although the heterosexual space was good, it is not the real world after all . After the transformation, Gong Ping was not comfortable to stay there . After a visit leading by Mao Dou, everyone flashed back and returned to the orphanage in the real world . It was completely dark, and everyone was hungry . Mao Dou was bout to cook, and Ma Fei also helped her . Because she didn’t know that there would be so many people, she didn’t prepare enough vegetables in advance . So they simply cooked a pot of hodgepodge . Ma Fei was vegetarian, and she had botargo alone . They ate it up .  
After dinner, rooms had to be arranged . Usually, Mao Dou lived in the concierge . When Ma Fei needed to stay here overnight, she slept on the bed of Mao Dou, and Mao Dou went Gong Ping’s reserved bedroom to sleep on the floor . Although Gong Ping’s bed was being cleaned up every day, it was unoccupied . It was not enough to accommodate two more people . And since the combination, Gong Ping’s kindness side had prevailed, and in any case, he wouldn’t let the Mao Dou sleep on the floor again .

According to Gong Ping, everyone returned to their home tonight . Since they were all monsters, of course, they wouldn’t be afraid of the ordinary satyr robbers . Moreover, the monsters originally liked to be active in the dark . However, everyone did not agree with this proposal, and nobody wanted to leave .   
"What should we do?" Gong Ping finally said helplessly . "You both squeeze a bed, and I will sleep on the floor . "

"Of course not!" Ma Fei was quite in an agony about Gong Ping,so she disagreed his proposal . Then Mao Dou also grabbed Gong Ping's hand and shook his head .

"Would you like to move tonight?" Sher Qianqian suggested .   
Gong Ping shook his head: "No, no, no, it is too late . No workers can be found . "  
"Ha ha ha . " Sher Qianqian laughed and said, "Brother Gong Ping, you forgot that we have spells . Although there is no ability to move mountains and reclamation, but small handling is no problem . "

Gong Ping just realized it . These people were not mortal women . So he looked at Ma Fei with the eyes of the inquiry, and Ma Fei nodded .

Long Jiaojiao said, "I simply can’t do anything with you . You let him move in the middle of the night . "  
Sher Qianqian glanced at her and said, "No one asks you . "

Long Jiaojiao pretended not to hear .   
It seemed that only Mao Dou was somewhat dissatisfied with so many people moving in, but since her master has no opinion, and her ideal was to be a good dog, she had to bury her dissatisfaction in her heart .

In the evening, a few small whirlwinds blew in some parts of the city . Although it was partial, sand was flying and pebbles were rolling . The residents nearby closed the windows . The believers were all vocal, wishing god bless them; those lacked of faith also prayed to God . They didn’t know that it was just a few monsters moving . This didn’t blame everyone for being timid . There were many strange things happened in the city these years, causing many people lost their lives . Although the police set up section 22 to deal with them, it had made no effect . Nothing was wrong for them to ask for God .   
Everyone went to work the next morning . Long Jiaojiao and Gong Ping went to the police station, and Ma Fei went to the hospital . Sher Qianqian had nothing to do during the day, so she continued to sleep . Mao Dou only slept for two or three hours, and she got up to clean the yard, and her diligence was abnormal .   
For the construction of section 22, all levels of departments had paid more and more attention . After all, the existence of supernatural forces was both a threat and a huge benefit . The reason why Guan Taizhong asked Wu Min to serve as the deputy director of section 22 was to take a fancy to her relationship in the province . As for her ability, he was still not very fancy . However,he was fancy of Long Jiaojiao . After all, Long Jiaojiao was also a monster . Using a monster to deal with monsters was wise . Frankly speaking, Wu Min was just a pile . Long Jiaojiao was the main force . As for Gong Ping, who was highly respected by Long Jiaojiao, Guan Taizhong didn’t care him .

When Guan Taizhong knew Long Jiaojiao, Long Jiaojiao was still selling wine with Sher Qianqian . Guan Taizhong was just a personnel leader .   

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At that time, Guan Taizhong saw that Long Jiaojiao was quite beautiful and flirtatious . He had evil ideas in his heart . However, he was scared to death when he saw Long Jiaojiao’s true body at the first nught . From then on, he kept having a nightmare . On the surface, Guan Taizhong had great time, who often was accompied by a beautiful woman . Indeed, he suffered something awful . This kind of situation ended until Long Jiaojiao’s identity was completed and made her a policewoman . Guan Taizhong did not count as a sin . After Long Jiaojiao became a policewoman, she used some tricks, and turned Guan Taizhong into a police chief . It was somewhat of exchanging favors .

Therefore, in order to make achievements in Section 22, Guan Taizhong would like to place a wager on Long Jiaojiao . There was no better way but using a monster to deal with a monster .   

This time, Guan Taizhong made great efforts in the construction of section 22 .

First of all, Guan Taizhong allocated a separate office area for section 22 . There was also a large signboard at the entrance . “The idlers are exempted . ” In fact, this brand was a bit redundant . Who would ang out in the police station if he had nothing related?
Secondly, the corresponding office supplies, such as tables, chairs and filing cabinets, were all newly bought . A lot of people who didn’t know the reason thought that it was the result of Guan Tianzhong currying favour with Wu Min’s father in the province .

Followed by were the cars, Guan Taizhong arranged two official cars . And one of them became a private car of Long Jiaojiao in disguise, Long Jiaojiao still complained: If you gave it to me earlier, I wouldn’t have to look for a car the day that Gong Ping sweeped the grave .   
However, it was this Long Jiaojiao who was placed in high hopes by the Guan Guan . When she was arranged to section 22, she only did two things one day: one was to make up and the other was to make phone calls . She didn’t obey Wu Min’s rules, and Wu Min was angry at her all day long .

In fact, there were a lot of things need to be done at section 22 . In addition to reconstruction, there were several cabinets for the files accumulated in the past ten years . It would take half a year to browse through them . Fortunately, in addition to Long Jiaojiao, Wu Min, the new deputy directo, was satisfied with the remaining two members of section22 . Although Gong Ping had been sleeping for ten years, he was very talented . He was a man of abilities . In a few days, he was familiar with police service, and Wu Min admired him . However, one thing made Wu Min feel reluctant . It was that Long Jiaojiao always chated with Gong Ping . What was even more abhorrent was that Gong Ping didn’t seem to care about it . It seemed that he didn’t know to refuse . When they got off work, Long Jiaojiao always spoke in a seductive voice,"Gong Ping, get off work . Let’s go together . "  

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Gong Ping would only see Wu Min with regrets, and then walked with Long Jiaojiao, and sometimes he was held by Long Jiaojiao . After a long time, people in the bureau quietly asked Wu Min: Are Gong Ping and Jiaojiao fall in love . For this reason, Wu Min made a face several times . However, one was so honest and the other face was thick . However, Wu Min was clever . It took a short time for her to come up with a countermeasure . Whenever Long Jiaojiao numbly said to Gong Ping: "Gong Ping, Let’s go off work together . "

Wu Min immediately said,"Gong Ping, you need work overtime today!" Then she slammed a thick piece of files on Gong Ping's desk . Gong Ping had to continue to work hard . However,Long Jiaojiao, was not afraid of anything but work overtime . She fled without a trace when she heard it .   
After nearly a week of busy work, the entire office area was completely renewed, and various types of police equipment were in place . On the day of the official re-listing, Guan Taizhong and several bureau leaders took a special look at it and said some encouragement words . They hoped that Wu Min could achieve a "zero" breakthrough in the short term and do a few decent cases .

Section 22 had always been clues to the case, and not only the cases that was piled up in the filing cabinet but also someone reported from time to time .   
Wu Min was originally an atheist . As for the nature of the devils and ghosts, it was unbelievable . However, her father was in a high position and it was convenient for her to read some internal medicines . Therefore, she was not unfamiliar to the matters of section 22 .

Section 22’s full name was "Supernatural Forces Investigation Office . " At present, there were already four elite police officers: Wu Min, deputy director, Uncle Nine, the old criminal police, and social butterfly Long Jiaojiao and Gong Ping . At work, Wu Min respected Uncle Nine, and couldn’t make Long Jiaojiao work . She had to let Gong Ping work . Anyway, Gong Ping’s honest and willling to do everything he could do . Wu Min had a good impression of Gong Ping and took him as her own after a few days . In addition, Wu Min did not have the experience of investigating work . There was Uncle Nine in section 22, and therefore Wu Min listened to his words .

"Presence is reasonable!" On the first day of Wu Min’s appointment, Uncle NIne said to her,"There are so many strange things in the world, not everything can be explained by science . "  
After the office was almost cleaned up, Uncle Nine asked Wu Min to look at the files of these years . Uncle Nine was an old policemen, and the archives were prepared in two copies, one of which was this volume, and the other was the case analysis of Uncle Nine based on his many years of experience in detecting . Unlce Nine had a low level of education, and the words were not good, but the analysis was superb . In Wu Min’s opinion, some cases had actually been detected by Uncle Nine . Because the strength of people and property couldn’t keep up, they had not been able to capture the suspects . Having read these files, Wu Min admired Uncle Nine more . However, there were too many files . It was really inconvenient to operate a large number of cabinets . So Wu Min was going to make a database so that she could quickly retrieve the query in the future . Unlce Nine couldn’t use a computer, and she has to manage the police affairs . The burden was put on Gong Ping . God, two large cabinet files, it would take a few months to read it .

However, Wu Min was very happy with this arrangement . Gong Ping was going to work overtime every day, and Long Jiaojiao’s entanglement with Gong Ping was obviously less .   

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Uncle Nine saw Wu Min’s dissatisfaction with Long Jiaojiao and said to her privately, “Little Min, No one is useless, it depends on how you use her . Can you put her in the right place? "

Wu Min was puzzled .

Uncle Nine said with a smile, "We can take the case independently . . . "  
Wu Min was also a clever girl . She understood it and immediately set up a report reception desk at the entrance of the work area, which was headed by Long Jiaojiao . This caused lots of trouble to her, and the reception is in the window industry . It was no longer possible to use the time of work to make up . She had to dress up everyday, and be punctual to go to work . It could be seen at once if she was lat for work .

"You are evil . " Long Jiaojiao complained to Uncle Nine .   
"Hey . " Uncle Nine said with a smile . "In ten cases, only one is true . The others are just suspicious . Besides you, no one can tell the truth at a glance . If the clues are all picked up, we can’t be able to do police affairs . There are only a few people here . "

Long Jiaojiao listened to the words of Uncle Nine; her backbone was cold for a while: this old man, you can’t hide things to him . He was an exceptionally shrewd person .

In this way, there was Gong Pingqin's diligent work, and Uncle Nine who gave Wu Min an idea . Wu Min, the deputy director, was a good ruler .

(The end of the first volume) exciting hot scene was about to begin .  

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