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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 7

Published at 8th of October 2018 08:17:59 PM

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Negotiation


Before going downstairs, Uncle Nine used the communicator in the monitoring room to pass information with Gong Ping in advance, thus saving a lot of trouble .

"You guys go far away, the farther you leave, the more secure you are . " Before going to the basement, Uncle Nine said to the leader of the assault team, and the team leader could not stop him and had to inform the chief Guan Taizhong .

Uncle Nine's ability is not only known by Guan Taizhong, but also the entire Baofeng City . They considered him to be a legend . So when he heard that Uncle Nine went downstairs, Guan Taizhong was relieved . After all, the old guy’s reputation is not just a name . Since it came from hard work, it's natural and genuine .

Uncle Nine knocked on the door of the interrogation room and said, "Ping, I am Uncle Nine, I am alone here, without weapons . "

Gong Ping twisted the door lock, but did not open the door . He continued to hide himself in the dark .

Uncle Nine heard a bang, he knew that the door lock was open . He also slowly twisted the door handle and slowly pushed the door open . He smiled and said, "Ping, It is dark here . What the hell are you doing? I don’t know if you are Gong Ping . ”

Darkness was the best ally for Gong Ping, but now was the time to leave this ally, because the comer was Uncle Nine, and he was a trustworthy person . Gong Ping also smiled and said,” I can't help it . I originally wanted to report it back to the bureau . I got it here, and they didn't listen to my explanation . They just hit me and I can't stand it . "

Nine Uncle said, "Yes, you are Gong Ping, I remember your voice . Go with me, the bigger the trouble, the longer you drag, the more difficult it is to end . Go upstairs early, make an apology to the leaders . Everything goes well then . "

Gong Ping asked, "Why don't ** come to see me?"

Uncle Nine said, "Don't be sad, ** died two years ago . "

Gong Ping felt sad when he heard the bad news . After all, ** is one of his few friends . It was no wonder that Xiong Jianguo said that it is impossible for ** to see him . It was possible for him to see ** . People all would die . If they die, they would naturally meet each other . It was also seen that sometimes Xiong Jianguo is quite vicious .

When Uncle Nine saw Gong Ping silent, he asked again, "What? Don’t you believe in Uncle Nine?"

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Gong Ping sighed, "No, I just thought something, even if he was dereliction of duty, there should been lots of my colleague in the bureau since ten years ago . When I came in, I said who I am . No one came to talk to me . And they still bothered you to take risks to go here when you are so old . If not me, what about a real suspect? Or me, I am already sick and mad? What should you do?"
Uncle Nine smiled and said,“Ping, you are still as dumb as before . Your former colleagues, nowadays, some have family, some already got promotion . Nobody still wants to take risks, I am an old bachelor, risks does not matter to me . Besides, the current situation is different from the past, and it usually uses special police team . Nobody is still struggling to talk to you . Ping, you almost kill your own life this time . Fine, let us stop talking about it, go up with me . "

Gong Ping felt that it was definitely not good for him to continue the hard confrontation at the moment . It was better to gamble . At least in his impression, Uncle Nine was still a good person and an easy-going person . So he made up his mind, gave him the pistol and said, "Uncle Nine, I will go with you . "

"That's right . " Uncle Nine took the gun, expertly closed the insurance, then took out a handcuff and said, "Ping, let's get together, it is safer . "

Gong Ping stepped forward and put his left hand and Uncle Nine's right hand together . Then Uncle Nine unplugged the gun with his left hand and went to the door of the interrogation room with Gong Ping and said loudly, "I am Uncle Nine, I am now out with Gong Ping, I have a gun in my hand . " The gun's hand slowly extended the door and waved twice . Then he pulled Gong Ping and said, "Let's go, it's safe . "

When Uncle Nine and Gong Ping were talking, Xiong Jianguo and Little Li also showed the quality of a police . They did not say anything because it was better for the hostages not to make a compelling sound during the negotiation .

When Uncle Nine and Gong Ping appeared in the aisle, the police officers of the assault group outside suddenly became extremely nervous, and suddenly there were seven or eight guns aimed at Gong Ping . Uncle Nine said, "What the hell are you doing, he is also our colleague . Let's go, we will go to see the chief Guan . "

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Although the police of the assault group slightly retreated a bit, the guns have not been put down, and some people have already flew to the command to report what happened, and the radio contact has been ringing .

Uncle Nine smiled and said to Gong Ping, "You can see the squad is being enlarged by you . "
Gong Ping also smiled and said, "Fortunately, I gave you the gun to you, otherwise I would be shot like a honeycomb coal . "

The two talked and walked forward, not caring about the guns around them, but the people around them were so nervous . As soon as they left, five or six policemen rushed into the basement and rescued Xiong Jianguo and Little Li .

The emergency headquarters was set up on the seventh floor, Uncle Nine and Gong Ping entered the elevator . When they got out of the elevator, they found that at least 20 policemen were standing at the entrance of the elevator . All of them were armed with guns . Some of them were panting and were familiar with Gong ping . Gong Ping smiled and said, "You guys are good . You can run up the stairs soon, faster than the elevator . "

Uncle Nine said,"There is professional training twice a year, the bureau has spent so much money on the training, and if they don't make any progress, they should be guilty for tax payers . "
They couldn't go forward, because the front is the emergency command, and nobody can casually bring dangerous suspects in to put the leader in danger .

After a while, the words came out from inside and let Uncle Nine go advanced . UncleNine smiled and said to Gong Ping, "Then I am advanced, are you afraid of being alone here?"

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Gong Ping said, "I died ten years ago . What things can make me feel scared? And all of them around are my men . "

Uncle Nine patted Gong Ping’s hand and said, “you already have courage and wisdom, you just use it in the wrong place . ” Then he took out the key and opened the handcuffs and said “You can have a rest on the chair on the side and I will be out soon . "Then he said to the police around him, "You give him a whole cup of water to drink, let him rest there on a hot day" then he separated the crowd and go to the command .

Gong Ping had a rest on the bench next to the road . But without Uncle Nine, the guns were getting closer to Gong Ping’s head, and it was almost like a shadow . The result was that although he sat on the bench, there were five or six guns on his head, and nobody got him some water .

After all, Gong Ping was a policeman here for ten years . He also knew a lot of people, and someone saw him far away and recognized him and also reported to the headquarters . This was also beneficial to Gong Ping, but no one dared to come up and talk to him, just like Uncle Nine said, some had families and some got an official position, no one wanted to take any risks .

Gong Ping is actually really thirsty, not only thirsty, but also hungry . After all, from the wake of the resurrection to the present, almost ate nothing, but now he was even a gasping action, the people around were nervous, so the request was not mentioned, anyway, things are going to be resolved .

Just when Gong Ping was hungry and thirsty, two beautiful hands gave him water at the same time .

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