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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 8

Published at 8th of October 2018 08:18:00 PM

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Freedom


When Gong Ping looked up, he saw two beautiful policewomen standing in front of him . He recognized one of them, it was the female inspector Wu Min who caught him came in . The other he didn't know, but she could be described with stunning, not to say a beautiful police, it is better to say it as a beauty in a police uniform .

Wu Min had a bit of sympathy and apology to Gong Ping . After all, if she did not take Gong Ping back, he would not be able to catch such a big trouble . She has been concerned about the development of the case, and she also quietly asked the old people in the bureau, and guessed this should be a misunderstanding .

When Uncle Nine said to get Gong Ping some water, she was also nearby, she heard it and took a disposable paper cup in the nearby office and poured a glass of water and came over, but she met Long Jiaojiao . These two people are precisely incompatible like water and fire .

Long Jiaojiao's police title was not high . She has been a police for a few years, but because she liked flattering in the bureau, and was popular with the police . Wu Min looked down on her . Gong Ping had never seen Long Jiaojiao, and he didn’t know what kind of grudges between the two policewomen, but when he looked at Wu Min’s eyes, he saw she was angry . Gong Ping guessed a bit of their relationship . Long Jiaojiao is delicate and meticulous, guessing that Gong Ping may be hungry, in addition to taking a bottle of water, there is a bag of exquisite snacks, and by contrast, Wu Min's disposable paper cup was much shabbier . Wu Min stared at the two persons, Gong Ping thought in mind," if I take this fascinating police's goods, and Inspector Wu may hate him again", but he was really hungry, he became more and more uncomfortable when he saw the food . So he came up with a compromise . He first picked up Wu Min’s paper cup and took away Long Jiaojiao’s small snacks at a quick speed, then smiled apologetically to the two .

Long Jiaojiao smiled and said, "You are clever to avoid troubles . "

Wu Min snorted and said, “Uncle Nine said to get a glass of water for you . " Then she turned around, but she did not go far, she still observed them .

Long Jiaojiao sat down to Gong Pang’s side generously and reached out her hands and said, "Long Jiaojiao, glad to meet you . " Then she looked around and smiled . "Being pointed by a lot of guns, you can still talk and laugh . If you are a criminal, you must be a powerful character .  
Gong Ping took the water and the snacks, but Long Jiaojiao was on the side . He was too embarrassed to eat and drink . He just took the glass of water and slowly licked it . When he heard the words, he said with self-deprecation: "Don’t say it; it’s embarrassing to raise such a big trouble when I come back . "

"It's no big deal . " Long Jiaojiao comforted him and stood up "I will go in . If you are really our own, there is no big problem . I am afraid that some careless people have to apologize to you" . When she said it, she deliberately glanced in the direction of Wu Min standing . Wu Min disdainfully twisted her head to pretend she was watching elsewhere .

"See you later . " Long Jiaojiao put the bottle of water on the side . Wrenching the waist and walking towards the command .

Long Jiaojiao's influence seemed to be bigger than Uncle Nine's . Since she said a few words with Gong Ping, the surrounding police officers are not so alert to him . And Gong Ping also heard such whispers with his superhuman hearing . "Since the second chief said it was no big deal, it will definitely be fine . "

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He did not expect that Long Jiaojiao actually had the nickname "Second Chief" . It seemed that she was indeed a big person in the bureau .

"That's it . " In the small meeting room, Uncle Nine said the cause and effect of the matter again . Finally, he said: "we can't blame Gong Ping for this case . Of course, there’s nothing wrong with other people, all for the sake of work, but the misunderstandings are all brought together . ”

Although Uncle Nine was just an ordinary old criminal police officer, but he was experienced and was the leading criminal investigation expert in the city . Therefore, he still has a voice in the bureau . This time he said everyone was right, in fact, mainly for Gong Ping .

Yan Fu, the director of the supervision room, also wanted to settle down the case, because the earliest cause of this incident was because his subordinate Wu Min, who first caught the wrong person and caused later things . When Wu Min came to the bureau, someone on the top specially greeted him and asked him to take care of her . He naturally could not disappoint this committee . So he cleared his voice and said: "what Uncle Nine just said is right, everyone is actually for work . Gong Ping police officer has been coma for ten years, when he woke up, the first thing to do was to put on the police uniform and report it to the bureau . What kind of realm is this? As for Little Min, the girl is fine and just lacks experience . And Jianguo also wants to do the job well . There is also the emergency team of Old Zhao and other police officers . . . Although it is a false alarm, but it can reflect our bureau's efficient and quick response ability, to be honest, I didn't expect it earlier”

Guan Taizhong heard what Yan Fu said, which took away many of his lines . He was a bit uncomfortable, but after all, he was a leader, nobody could tell it from his face . The Chinese are good at hiding their real thoughts . Then the door was opened, and Long Jiaojiao came in, but she just sat quietly in the chair in the corner of the conference room, Guan Taizhong saw her, and looked at her with interrogation, and Long Jiaojia nodded . Now Guan Taizhong was completely down-to-earth . He took a sip of cigarettes, took another sip of tea, cleared his voice, and made a semi-summary speech . He talked about learning lesson from this incident, then the future work guidelines, from the physical condition of police officer Gong Ping then the future work safety .

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There were a lot of things in his speech, but had nothing specific about what to do next . This was the so-called leadership art . The words couldn't be too clear; otherwise the subordinates would not be able to understand the spirit .

In this way, the meeting finally came to a final resolution, “about today’s events, the pens of the Bureau’s Propaganda Department write a series of articles like “Police Bureau grasping quality training, successfully holding emergency drills", and getting all kinds of media to report them, it will be kind of explanation of this event to the society . At the same time, several related police officers should be interviewed by the Political Department, and slightly criticize Xiong Jianguo and others . The police officer Gong Ping has just recovered, and he would not be arranged other issues first . He will be accompanied by the bureau to the hospital during the vacation . And make sure he is completely normal and then make the next movement .
After the meeting, the matter was also implemented separately, and then the key leaders in several bureaus continued to hold a small meeting, and the small meeting made two resolutions .

First, the director of Guan Taizhong personally would invite the local garrison leaders and other department leaders who came to help during the day to have a dinner .

Second, you guys should quickly organized a special action to carry out a special crackdown on criminals posing as official and judicial personnel . It has cracked down on the arrogance of criminals and won the praise of the general public .

Everything was already negotiated, and then asks someone to invite Gong Ping to come in . At this time, Gong Ping’s full-time nurse Ma Fei had already arrived, but Gong Ping did not recognize her . Ma Fei did not like to talk, just asked . "How are you?" After receiving a positive reply, she immediately sat down to Gong Ping's side . Gong Ping immediately felt that this woman was unusual . After all, there were so many guns around .

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Gong Ping was not unfamiliar with the current director Guan Taizhong . When Uncle Nine was the director of the Western District in the past, Gong Ping and Guan Taizhong were both working for Uncle Nine . Gong Ping was a policeman at the time . And Guan Taizhong just took part in the work at that time and worked with Gong Ping for a few days . Gong Ping didn’t expect that he had slept for ten years . Guan Taizhong has been a ten-year official, and had been firmly in charge of the bureau . From the perspective of being an official, Gong Ping is not comparable to Guan Taizhong, but from another perspective, Guan Taizhong himself felt sad . Gong Ping slept for ten years, and he still looked like a guy in his twenties, while Guan Taizhong's appearance was a middle-aged uncle .

After all, they knew each other for a long time, so Guan Taizhong first recalled the memory for a few minutes, then encouraged a few words, and also criticized him, in short, every words are said to be very measured . Finally, someone reported that Ma nurse came; Guan Taizhong ended the conversation, and asked Gong Ping to go back to rest first . In other words, let the full-time nurse Ma Fei, who was invited by the bureau, takes him back .

Although Gong Ping was an unconscious person hit by the thunder, the police bureau did not stop caring about him . It was really expensive to live in the hospital . He has no relatives, so the police bureau has found several part-time nurses to take care of him . Every month, the nurse would come to the bureau to get wage and reported Gong Ping's situation . Unfortunately, it was not an easy task to take care of an unconscious person who can’t move for a long time . As an unscrupulous ordinary policeman, Gong Ping did not receive more care allowance from the bureau, only Ma Fei insisted on doing it until now .

Ma Fei was well-proportioned and could be called as a beautiful woman . A long brown hair with natural color is especially beautiful . There were only two shortcomings . One was her eyes were large . It was said that big eyes are good-looking, but there was a degree for everything . Ma Fei’s eyes were too big . It seemed a bit stunned, but often showed some kind of light, making people feel friendly and safe . Second was that her cheek was a little longer . So her face was somewhat uncoordinated . By contrast, if the beauty index of the Long Jiaojiao is ten points, then Ma Fe's beautiful index was still above 8 . 5 . Especially the kindness of her, making Gong Ping feel familiar with her when he saw her for the first time . It seemed to be in a dream, where the osmanthus fragrance is, they often hang together .

There was also a reason for Gong Ping to live in the basement . After Gong Ping was discharged from the hospital, he lived in a single dormitory, when he was unconscious for about seven or eight years, the original office building of the police bureau began to haunt, and the police bureau moved to the new office building . Of course, the police were the embodiment of justice . They were naturally not afraid of ghosts . Moving is also not related to haunting, but because the original office building is too worn, and it happened to be given A large donation by someone . So they moved to the new office building, improved the office environment, and allowed the police to have more energy to serve the public .  

The current relocation of the police bureau has no benefit to Gong Ping . The office building was moved, and the police dormitory with attached facilities was also abandoned . Gong Ping had no places to live, and there was no way to apply for housing . Moreover, he was unconscious for a long time, and the bureau gradually forget him . Helplessly, Nurse Ma Fei had to bring him to her own small rental house . Fortunately, the police Bureau added a little more housing subsidies to the original nursing expenses and repeatedly claimed that this was entirely because of humanitarianism, after all, Gong Ping was not injured for work, in other words, the police Housing subsidies could have completely ignored him, Gong Ping was really lucky .

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