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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 9

Published at 8th of October 2018 08:18:01 PM

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Uncle Nine


When Wu Min, the intimate beauty inspector, was patrolling again, she was not stunned . Gong Ping's silly face appeared in her mind .
"I really don't know how Xiong Jianpong will be against him . . . Did he ask for himself . . . Who told him to pretend to be a police?" Wu Min thought it on the way . The red light smashed twice . The traffic police saw her was an inspector, then let he go .
Finally, Wu Min decided to stop the inspection in advance and go back to the office .
Wu Min's father was a high-ranking man in the province . She wanted to be a criminal police when she was a child . Because of her dad's status, it was extremely easy for her to be a policewoman . But who was willing to let his children fall into danger? Therefore, although Wu Min's police was on the charge, she was operated as an inspector . She did not need to deal directly with criminals on the front line . Criminal police was one of the most risky occupations in peacetime .

But Wu Min was an ambitious woman . She was not willing to accept asylum under the shadow of her parents . She wanted to make something big . She didn’t stay in the provincial capital . She stayed in Baofeng City, which was one of the examples of resistance . However, Baofeng City was also a provincial city, and she hadn’t escaped from her father's control . Wu Min was still being taken care of in Baofeng City because of her father . Wu Min secretly determined to focus on the criminals directly . Gong Ping was unfortunate to meet her in the daytime . And he was shot by Wu Min as a sneak sneer, one of the bad elements of robbery . Wu Min shouldn't be blamed to do things carelessly . Gong Ping, who was awake, was still wearing the old police uniform and could not get valid documents . How can this not arise other people's s suspicion?
Wu Min entered the gate of the police station and saw that the upstairs and downstairs became busy . Almost everyone was fully armed, and even the special police team gathered in the yard .
"What happened?" Wu Min grabbed a familiar policeman and asked .
The policeman said in a hurry, "There was a suspect in the interrogation room who took some of our brothers as hostages and wanted to see ** . "
“**? Didn't he sacrifice two years ago?” Wu Min asked strangely . And she began to think," who is so fierce? There are at least two police officers in the interrogation room . " Just when Wu Min was stunned, the policeman vanished .
Wu Min hadn’t figured out a lot of things . She was trying to find another person when she saw her boss, Yan Fu, the director of the supervision room, was coming over . When he saw Wu Min, he said, "I want to call you . Come on, the captain Zhao of the emergency team wants to ask you a few words . "

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"Me?" Wu Min felt strange .
"Of course you . " Yan Fu said, "The suspect is whom you caught, you know the situation best . "
"That dumb thief . " Wu Min was disappointed, the man seemed to be insane, and he had no skills to subdue two police officers . Although she thought so, she went with him .
The efficiency of the police was high . In such a short period of time, an emergency office had been set up . It was made up of the elites of the police station, even the nearby garrison sent a representative to the office . The scene was really big .
When they saw Wu Min, everyone was very happy . After all, Wu Min was the first person to contact and arrest the suspect . She knew the suspect best . Her arrival was very helpful in solving the current problem .
The head brains in the bureau asked Wu Min some questions, mainly about the suspect's situation and the arrest situation . Wu Min answered it one by one . The police chief Guan Taizhong listened and asked Wu Min to have a rest . However, Wu Min was very interested in this stupid suspect .

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"What did he do? Can I look at the surveillance video at that time?" Wu Min asked . Captain Zhao said, "The video is only a little bit . And there is no video of the fight . At that time . . . " He stopped saying . And then he continued to say, "The synchronization of the recording equipment has gone wrong . . . When it was back to normal, the following struggle had already ended . "
Wu Min listened with a sneer and said, "There is Xiong Jianguo in the person being clamped . I remember that I handed Gong Ping over to him . I haven't seen him since I came back . "
Captain Zhao said with embarrassment, " There he is . " According to the police or the official position, any person in this house was higherr than Wu Min, but Wu Min was not an ordinary woman, but she had a powerful dad . People in the bureau listened to her more or less .
"I have already submitted a written report!" Wu Min began to complain, "Xiong Jianguo is uneasy . The last time he was suspected of torture, the case has not been settled . This time it must be played so hard that he got in trouble" In Wu Min's mind, the suspect was just a thief, and even a little honest guy . This kind of person was extremely bully, but once you endured the limit, the attack was quite powerful . The so-called smoldering could not be blown up, but once it blowed up, it must be earth-shattering .  
Although Wu Min had a background in the province, after all, it was others’ place . This could make leadership feel a little bit embarrassed, especially in the face of so many people . Chief Guan Taizhong's face suddenly became gloomy, thanks to the director of the supervision room, Yan Fu, said quickly , "Little Min, you just patrolled back, go and have a rest first . " Then he dragged her out .
After Wu Min left, police chief Guan Taizhong began to deploy rescue work, the first principle was that the criminals couldn’t be tolerated naturally, especially those who dared to make trouble inside the police station, but It was easier to take a blitz action . The place where the suspect held the hostage was the interrogation room . This place was very strong . One of the purposes of the construction at that time was that the people inside could not run out . And the people outside the door couldn’t attack . The interrogation room was in the basement, there was no windows, the sniper couldn’t be used . They could go in and out from the door only . Even if the door was open, there were many variables in it . Because one of the two police officers who participated in the interrogation carried the gun . That was to say, the suspect now had a gun in his hand; there was also a plan to attack from the ventilation pipe, and how to whisper through the rotating ventilation fan became a problem .

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While the emergency headquarters was busy with the development of the offensive plan, Guan Taizhong's radio rang, and the leader of the first surveillance team on the scene was calling . He reported, "Uncles Nine is negotiating with the suspect . "
They were all stunned at once . Guan Tianzhong"s reaction was the fastest, and he said quickly,” Why don’t you stop him!"
The group whispered and said, "Nobody can stop Uncle Nine . "
Speaking of Uncle Nine , he was also a celebrity in the police station . Nine's real name was Lao Jiugui . Because he loved drinking, he was dubbed the old drunkard . But the name of the old drunkard couldn’t be called everyday . And he was old, so everyone called him Uncle Nine on weekdays .
Uncle Nine was good at handling criminal investigation . He was upright, but he was not good at social intercourse . He also made several mistakes because of drinking . He missed the opportunity of promotion . Therefore, he was still a big soldier at the age . And he could be a policeman was only because full of years of service . In recent years, Uncle Nine's health was not as good as before . When he was young, he suffered from injuries when he was fighting with the gangsters . Therefore, when he was in the section 22 (Section 22 was created by the author), he was in charge of section 22, and he was considered as a pensioner waiting for retirement . Anyway, Section 22 was always a "three no" psychic case (the case that was sent can not be broken, the broken case can not catch suspects , the arrest can not be killed), It does not matter to deal with cases or not . In a word, It was to let Uncle Nine had nothing to do . But now it was this uncle who showed the spirit of courage that a police should has .


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