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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 33

Published at 22nd of October 2018 09:30:39 AM

Chapter 33

Xiong Jianguo understood they were driving him away . What a great deal? Thinking about it, he went out . Gong Ping listened to Wu Min, saying that all men were going out, and he was about to go out, but he was held by Sher Qianqian . "Hey, if you are gone, nobody could help me . "


"Unfair . . . " Under the silent lament of Xiong Jianguo, the door of the rental house was closed, and the doors and windows were smashed by the curtain sheets .

"It is good outside . The house will become a steamer in a few minutes on such a hot day . ” Uncle Nine said .   
After heard what Uncle Nine said, Xiong Jianguo had a lot of balance in his heart . Because when he thought about it, it was a kind of preferential treatment . The angle of the same thing was different, and the feeling was naturally different .

Wu Min saw that Sher Qianqian didn’t allow Gong Ping to go out, and did not feel that something was wrong . After all, Sher Qianqian was a monster expert invited by Gong Ping . She did not have the experience of being alone with a monster . She felt at ease with Gong Ping here . And the gender embarrassment had weakened a lot .

"Who will help me if you leave?" In the face of Sher Qianqian’s question, Gong Ping’s mind echoed Wu Min’s command . “I’m afraid it’s not convenient . ” Gong Ping said truthfully .   
"Everything is fine . " Sher Qianqian said, "You have seen me before . "

What Sher Qianqian said made the relationship between the two very embarrassing . Wu Min was very uncomfortable and said, "Let’s get to work as soon as possible . "

"I know . " Sher Qianqian said impatiently .   
Gong Ping opened the hard disk camera, set up the program, and then handed the connected pinhole camera and call headset to Sher Qianqian and said, "When you wear these, we can see what you see . " Then gave her another small digital camera and said, "Take this . If the camera cable is not long enough, use it . "

Sher Qianqian said perplexedly, “This . . . you know, I’ll go down later . I’m afraid I can’t keep so many things . ”

Gong Ping knew that it was an unenviable task for Sher Qianqian, and said, "Please help me . "

Sher Qianqian smiled and said, "Okay . Since you said this word, give it to me . "  
Sher Qianqian walked to the edge of the cave and said to Gong Ping," Brother Gong Ping, help me hold the clothes . If they are dirty, you have to help me wash them . "

Gong Ping said with a smile, "No problem . "

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"Then I work!" Sher Qianqian said, holding the two slings of the sling skirt under her shoulders .

Wu Min saw it and thought in her mind: "These two people are really embarrassing . " The following was more outrageous . Sher Qianqian untied the knots of the bust . Gong Ping bent his waist and squeezed the upper and lower ends of the skirt . That position was awkward!  

Wu Min was extremely unhappy at this time . She didn't want to see it, but she couldn't help but watch it . When she was in contradiction, she saw Sher Qianqian took a deep breath, then bit the video camera and camera with her mouth, and put her hands together, like a diver jumped up, and drilled out of the suspender skirt naked, and disappeared into the black lacquered hole . The process was quite fast . Even Wu Min, who was inconspicuous, could not see it clearly . She only saw a black snake tail, swayed at the hole and disappeared .

"It’s really a monster . . . " Wu Min sighed . When she looked at Gong Ping, there was only one strap dress in his hand, and there was a piece of white things on the ground . Wu Min reminded, "There is something missing .   
Gong Ping quickly packed up the dress and reached out to pick up the thing . Because the floor was very wet, there was some dirty stuff on it . Gong Ping said, "It’s troublesome . The clothes are dirty . " Then he tried to clean it . It turned out that this white thing was a chest pad . It was almost two inches thick (exaggerated)

Wu Min suddenly recognized the thing, but when she saw Gong Ping was awkward, her jealousy reduced . And then looked at the thickness of the chest pad, she stopped being jealous .   

Wu Min was a bony beauty . The trouble of a bony beauty was not busty enough . She also wanted to get a chest pad, but in the end she still felt that "natural" was good . Even if she had some regrets, genuine was good . When Wu Min first saw Sher Qianqian, she was still jealous . This was a woman's nature . Although Sher Qianqian was not a bony beauty, but her figure almost the same as her,the breasts were more busty . Now that Wu Min saw this chest pad, her mind immediately made an addition and subtraction, and the conclusion was that Sher Qianqian didn’t use a chest pad, the chest part was worse than her, so she felt very satisfied .   
"I have already come in; the equipment has been turned on, how is your viewing effect?" There was Sher Qianqian’s sound in the talker, but this voice was only heard by Gong Ping at this time, because the sound would change after the transformation .

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After all, Wu Min was a well-trained policeman . Although she didn’t figure out Sher Qianqian’s sound, only Sher Qianqian could use the talker at the moment . She immediately came to the monitor and picked up the talker and said, "I received it, the picture call is very clear, please adjust the light, the picture is a bit dark . "

"Roger that . "

After the picture was adjusted, Wu Min ordered again, "You can move forward now, please slow down . "  
"Roger that . "

Although Sher Qianqian was arrogant, she was very serious once she was commissioned to do things . Wu Min became more aware of it in future .

Gong Ping also came to the monitor and said to Wu Min, "Is it necessary to invite Uncle Nine and Jianguo to come in now? After all, this case is a squad . . . "  
Wu Min was a bright woman, and immediately understood the connotation . Not to mention Uncle Nine was experienced, the case had not been officially handed over yet . In some scenes, everyone still took care of the face . Although Wu Min hadn’t much experience in the workplace, she still had the general common sense . So she nodded, Gong Ping immediately called them .

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When Gong Ping opened the door, Uncle Nine was twisting a small hip flask and Xiong Jianguo was holding a cigarette . They were chatting there . Gong Ping said, "She has already entered, would you like to come in and have a look?"  
Xiong Jianguo was a bit worried about Wu Min and said, "This is not very good . "

Uncle Nine laughed, "There is nothing wrong with it . What’s more, the case has not been transferred to section 22 . "

Xiong Jianguo heard it: "Yes . Now I am still the person in charge of this case . " So he went in .   
After entering the house, all four heads were squeezed into the front of the monitor . Xiong Jianguo looked at the continuous movement of the picture and the explanation of Sher Qianqian . He sighed," Men cannot be judged by their looks . Isn't she practicing bone augmentation? "He looked at the hole and couldn’t imagine how Sher Qianqian got into it .

In fact, not only Wu Min, but also Uncle Nine also praised the dig-hole migrant workers . The migrant worker almost hollowed out the following, and dug out a three-bedroom apartment with kitchen and bathroom . Although the bedroom was just able to accommodate two people lie down side by side, but for a person, it was also a big project . This was not counting, there were still a lot of food and other daily necessities stored in it . It was better to say it an underground shelter than a cave .   
While admiring, Wu Min was also involuntarily worried about the working environment of Sher Qianqain . Especially when she turned around in a narrow passage, it seemed very difficult . She made a snoring gasping . Wu Min also clenched her fist at this time, as if she was also trying to help . At this time, the temperature in the house had risen sharply because it was not ventilated . It was really like a steamer . Gong Ping acquired the ability of Xing Tian, and he was able to adjust himself unconsciously . Therefore, he did not feel hot and cold . The rest of the three couldn’t be able to do it . Xiong Jianguo had already unbuttoned and used his hat to keep cool . He stopped without a few fans, and the wind was hot .

Uncle Nine couldn't help but unravel a few buttons . Wu Min was miserable . She was an inspector, and she was most concerned about police discipline . Even though she was too sweaty, she didn't dare to take off her clothes . And there were all men except her in this house . It was impossible for her to take her clothes off .

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