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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 36

Published at 25th of October 2018 07:06:34 AM

Chapter 36

They ended drinking until the middle of the night, everyone was very happy . Even if only three-point drunken people made a seven-point drunk, they all smashed . Fortunately, they changed the casual clothes in advance; otherwise it would be a big violation .


When Gong Ping went out of the restaurant with the crowd, he saw a shadow standing across the road . It turned out to be Ma Fei, and he suddenly felt guilty . When he worked overtime outside and eating, he actually did not think of this monster that had been quietly taking care of him . He could be described as no conscience . So he quickly ran over and smiled and said, "Why are you here?"

Ma Fei’s voice was as gentle and magnetic as ever, "I called Jiaojiao, she said that you worked overtime and ate here . I am afraid that you are drunk, so I am here to pick you up . "

Gong Ping said, "How long have you been here? Why not come up?"

Ma Fei said, "I am afraid that you are not convenient . " 
Gong Ping was trying to say something more, but he heard a burst of laughter . Looking back, it was actually Mao Dou and the captain of the police dog team jumping on the side of the road and looked very happy .

Ma Fei saw it and her brow furrowed, Gong Ping was afraid that she would blame Mao Dou, and explained, "She drank a few more cups, and I let her drink . If you want to blame, just blame me . "

Ma Fei smiled and said, "Let's go home . "  

"Yeah . " Gong Ping said .

Long Jiaojiao rushed over and smiled, "It seems that our little Mao Dou is going to marry someone . " She added the character to someone . "Wu captain, the most serious on weekdays, is the first time to play with the opposite sex on the street . I can't touch him either . I didn't expect he was done with Mao Dou . " She said .

At this time, Xiong Jianguo said, "Actually, this old Wu, who used to be a lively person, has been like this since his wife died of cancer . "

"Things of one kind come together; Birds of a feather flock together, haha . " Sher Qianqian said with a smirk . Her words are not unreasonable . One was the captain of the police dog team . They deal with dogs all day long . Mao Dou was also a dog breed, and the two naturally speculated .   
Although Long Jiaojiao and Sher Qianqian always bickered, they quickly reached a consensus on this point, and they all smirked . However, Sher Qianqian hadn’t forgotten the bargaining in the afternoon, so she said to Gong Ping, "Brother Gong Ping, you promised to treat someone else's sauna . "

Gong Ping had no nightlife experience, but now he doesn't even know it . So he said embarrassedly" . . . so late . . . I don't know where . . . "

Xiong Jianguo said, "Let me do this! I have a buddy . . . "

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He was interrupted by Long Jiaojiao, "Don't say those dirty places . "
Xiong Jianguo drank wine today, and both the courage and the scorpion grew exponentially . He said, "Whoever said those places, my buddy contracted the 'sweeping' swimming pool, we went there . We just couldn't get a sauna . It’s ok to go swimming and take a shower . "

Long Jiaojiao continued to ridicule Xiong Jianguo, and said: "You hold the stocks . "

Xiong Jianguo said, “He is just a buddy . "

So the group decided to take a taxi to go the pool together . Because everyone was gone beforehand, this pedestrian only had six people, including Gong Ping, Wu Min, Long Jiaojiao, Sher Qianqian, Xiong Jianguo and Ma Fei . Gong Ping was prepared to call Mao Dou, but when he turned his head he found Mao Dou and the police dog team captain old Wu disappeared without a trace . Sher Qianqian smiled and said,"She is a white-eyed wolf . I saw her and the old Wu took a taxi and ran away . If you have time, you can love me . "  
Long Jiaojiao said acrimoniously, "Oh . . . it seems that there are absolutely no dogs back . "

Ma Fei seemed to be dissatisfied with Mao Dou, and Gong Ping quietly advised, "The people of decades have been adults . It is the right to pursue their own lives for hundreds of years . Let her go . ”

Gong Ping was obviously authoritative . Regardless of whether his word worked, Ma Fei had at least not put her unhappy expression on her face . However, Xiong Jianguo took the opportunity to say to Gong Ping, "This little Li is miserable . I haven’t seen he is so interested in such a girl for so many years . I didn’t expect Mao Dou was fond of old Wu!"  

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Gong Ping had to persuade again, "You may also see it . They are not mortals . Monsters and human being can’t get together . This is not necessarily a bad thing . "

Xiong Jianguo sometimes had a very simple mind . When he listened to Gong Ping, he muttered, "It’s also true . " He didn’t say anything else .

When they rushed to the swimming pool, Xiong Jianguo grabbed the big Iron Gate and slammed it . He shouted, "Someone opens the door!"

After three or four minutes, a man came out with a pair of shorts . He took a flashlight and complained, "Who are you, in the middle of the night . . . "  
Xiong Jianguo was flashed by the flashlight and couldn't open his eyes . He quickly covered his eyes with his hands and shouted, "Shake your mother! You won't recognize your uncle Xiong for a few days?"

The young man also recognized Xiong Jianguo at the moment and quickly opened the door and said, "Brother Xiong, I am sorry . It is too dark . I didn't recognize you . "The tone was very flattering .

Xiong Jianguo got back the sense of having face . While leading the crowd to go inside, he shook his head and said,"We drank too much . Come here and play in the water . . . That’s the function of your swimming pool . "  

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The young man asked them to go inside and said,"Qiu Ge is not here . . . "

Xiong Jianguo said,"I can't come when he is not here? If I call him, he will come here as soon as possible!"

"That is that . " The young man quickly said, "Who can't give the face of brother Xiong?"

Looking at Xiong Jianguo's prestige, Long Jiaojia couldn't help but smile and said to Gong Ping,"Look what he behaves as a policeman . This is a sinister policeman . You are not even close . " ”

Gong Ping said, "Yeah, it seems that I have to learn . "  
Wu Min was originally an inspector . She didn’t like the attitude of Xiong Jianguo . However, she was not an inspector any more . The so-called when you were not in your position, you did not discuss the politics . And she also drank a lot today . She wanted to vent, so she thought that Xiong Jianguo’s screaming look was pretty cute .

Xiong Jianguo began to scream with a guilty conscience, but he found that even Wu Min did not say anything, and then he became more and more arrogant .

Although Long Jiaojiao was not a real dragon, she was also an aquarium . Once she saw a green pool of water, she couldn’t wait to rush into it, but Xiong Jianguo said to everyone, "Everyone is sweating . The water is cold at night . Let’s drink a cup of tea . Let’s swim in the pool until our sweat disappears . " What Jianguo said made sense . Long Jiaojiao was not ready to go into the water .

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