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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 43

Published at 29th of October 2018 06:45:28 AM

Chapter 43

Many facts proved that you couldn’t believe Xiong Jianguo’s word .


The mouse monster hadn’t been caught, but was blocked in an abandoned workshop by the police . Xiong Jianguo was exaggerating .

When Gong Ping arrived at the scene, chief Guan Taizhong also just arrived .

Although the moonlight of the night was very good, the scene of the round-up was very dark . A thick black mist shrouded the entire area . Only the light of the police car barely cleared the path, the places without light were still dark . People dare not step in . Guan Taizhong immediately transferred two anti-riot vehicles with car searchlights to enhance the intensity of lighting .   
"Damn it, how is it so dark! The moon was very round . " Guan Taizhong ordered, "Go and find the electrician who is responsible for the chemical plant, and immediately restore the electricity in this area . Also tell the residents nearby to stay home . It’s so dark and it’s troublesome if they are accidentally hurt . ”

"This is sinister appearance, and sinister appearance covers the moonlight . " Gong Ping said on the side .

"Sinister appearance . . . It’s really amazing . ” Guan Taizhong also participated in the round-up of the monsters before, but after all, it was a matter of years ago, and it was all peripherals . This was the first time he personally directed the action of encircling the monsters . He was both excited and nervous . According to previous experience, the defense of these monsters on bullets was super strong . They had to deal with a mouse monster which could kill two police dogs . Although there were hundreds of guns on the scene, Guan Taizhong’s forehead still had a cold sweat .   
"No big deal, it’s just unhealthy practices and evil phenomena . " Long Jiaojiao was informed and came from home . She said to Guan Taizhong, "What this guy practice is authentic . Don’t be afraid . "

Guan Taizhong saw Long Jiaojiao come, and suddenly he felt released . Although he didn't know the prototype of Long Jiaojiao, he knew that she was a monster, and that their relationship was good . Using a monster to deal with another monster was the best choice at present, so he could not help but hold the hand of Long Jiaojiao, "Jiaojiao, it’s your show time . "

Long Jiaojiao has already hit him on ordinary days . But today she felt that Guan Taizhong’s palms were cold and cold sweats were full of his palms . He was really nervous . And in all fairness, this man had helped her a lot in the past . When a man was at the age of Guan Taizhong, he succeeded at an early age . However, he was also regressive . He could get promotion, but once there was any mistake, the struggles of decades would be in vain . Therefore, in the subconscious of this age group, they hoped to have a stable life, and they feared accidents that happened to them most .
Thinking of this, Long Jiaojiao actually understood Guan Taizhong a bit . She put her other hand on Guan Taizhong's hand, but she couldn't think of what to say at the moment, so she just shook her hand and gave him a little confidence and comfort .

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Guan Taizhong was even more nervous . Because he had never seen Long Jiaojiao so serious before, even a person who usually laughed suddenly became serious . This thing may be really difficult to deal with . He held Long Jiaojiao’s hand more and more tightly, Long Jiaojiao tried to get rid of his hands two times, but she failed . Now, in the face of so many people, how could she kick his ass? Although Long Jiaojiao always took advantage of Guan Tianzhong, in the face of the outside, she always saved his face . But it is even more difficult to hold the hand . There is an anecdote between them, and now they were holding hands, which was even harder to explain . Finally, Xiong Jianguo came over to report the situation; he rescued her from a siege .
Xiong Jianguo rushed here breathlessly and reported, "Chief Guan, our brothers have searched all over this place, and there is no such thing . Does he run away again?" Seeing the chief holding Long Jiaojiao’s hands, he scolded in his heart: It is good to be a leader .

Guan Taizhong was interrupted by Xiong Jianguo, and his mind was sober . In the face of the crowd, it was misappropriate to hold the hands of his female subordinate? So he quickly took back him hands and coughed two times, "Jianguo, have you searched everywhere? Will there be a cave in the ground? Are our brothers safe?"

Xiong Jianguo replied, "We have searched everywhere, and we haven't found him! The brothers have no casualties, but captain Wu of the police dog team and Mao Dou introduced by Brother Ping disappeared . "

Guan Taizhong was shocked . Missing was not a good sign . The captain Wu of the police dog team was also a senior police officer of the police station . If he died, it was really difficult to explain . He asked in a hurry, "What is the specific situation?"  
Xiong Jianguo said, "I don't know the specifics . Little Dou of the police dog team saw it at the time . "

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Guan Taizhong quickly asked people to call Little Dou, and asked the situation . According to the description of Little Dou, the course of the incident was like this:

The captain Wu of the police dog team and Mao Dou felt like old friends at the first meeting . Although they only met for a day or two, they had already reached the point of marriage, and they were as good as honey . However, Mao Dou had to assist the squad to participate in the investigation of the chemical plant area . Captain Wu took a team of "human dogs" to help her, and the squad was also lacking manpower, and naturally they wouldn’t refuse his help .

After arriving at the scene, Captain Wu followed Mao Dou . The police must handle a group of two, otherwise the evidence obtained was invalid, and the senior police officer was no exception . Captain Wu and Little Dou were in a team . But Little Dou was not a person who didn’t understand things . He could see that the two people were intimate, and he didn’t want to be a light bulb . He deliberately walked a little slower, farther away from the two people, trying to create space for these two people . When it rose dark frog, Mao Dou and captain Wu were about ten meters away from Little Dou, and he watched the two people disappear in the dark fog .   
After listening to the report of Little Dou, Guan Taizhong asked, "Do they bring weapons?"

Little Dou said, "Sister Mao Dou didn’t bring anything . Our captain brought a pistol and a shotgun . "

Guan Taizhong asked again, "Did you hear the gunshots at that time or later?"

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Little Dou said, "No, not really . "  
Guan Taizhong couldn't know anything else from Little Dou, he asked Little Dou to leave and turned to ask Long Jiaojiao, "Jiaojiao, what do you think?"

Wu Min was not happy at the side, because she was the director of section 22 . He didn’t ask her opinion, why did he ask the vase fox? She was unhappy . But she didn’t figure out this truth at the moment, so she said nothing, and she could only listen to their words honestly .

Long Jiaojiao said quietly, "This is called heterogeneous space . Humans also call this monsters space . It is an independent space relative to the real world . It seems that I just looked down on this guy . The space could be formed only by monsters with ability . "

Guan Taizhong was a bit of frustration after he heard it, "Don't you just say that he is weak? This is troublesome . If you can see it face to face, you can fight with it . Now you can't see it . Jiaojiao, do you have ways to deal with it?"

Long Jiaojiao said, "There are always ways, the space can be torn and broken, it depends on the skill of both sides . " She faced her two palms, the blue arc was shining between her palms .   

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