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Published at 16th of September 2020 05:25:06 AM

Chapter 1243: 1243

After the patient underwent surgery, Doctor Mu did not feel at ease . He continued to observe the patient’s condition .

“Doctor, the patient’s condition is acting up, and he is constantly vomiting . What should we do now? ” The nurse said in a slightly panicked manner .

Doctor Mu immediately used the stethoscope and opened the patient’s eyelids . His brows were tightly knitted, making the patient feel at a loss .

Hei Qingqing frowned . It seemed that what she had expected had happened . If this continued, something would really happen .

Her sister-in-law’s call was really timely . She did not know how to explain it at all . Now that her sister-in-law had said so, she was very confident .

“Add an infusion and think of a way to stabilize the situation . ” Doctor Mu was also a little surprised by this sudden situation .

Didn’t they already use antibiotics to control the poison? Why was it still spreading? Moreover, antibiotics were used on a lot of people now, and this was no exception .

This pregnant woman had already bled out during the surgery . If the virus were to flare up again, it would be very dangerous .

What should she do What should she do Could it be that she had studied for so long and really had no way?

“Doctor Mu, I have something to tell you . ” Hei Qingqing hesitated for a moment and decided to say it .

“Qingqing, let’s talk about it later . Now is not the time to talk about saving the patient . ” Doctor Mu obviously did not listen to Hei Qingqing’s words .

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“Doctor Mu, I know that the situation is urgent, but what I want to say is even more urgent . I seem to have thought of a way to treat this virus . ” Hei Qingqing noticed doctor Mu’s expression and noticed the change in his expression .

“What? What did you say? ”DoctorrMuu looked atHeiiQingqingg with some excitement . Hee even used his hand to grabHeiiQingqingg’s shoulder tightly .

“Say what you said again . ” Doctor Mu thought that he had heard wrongly .

“I said that I have found a medicine to treat this virus . I don’t know how effective this medicine is, but I can experiment on it . ”

“Qingqing, you have to know that this is fate . You can’t just randomly test it . ” Doctor Mu was still against Hei Qingqing’s idea .

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“I know, but this medicine isn’t harmful to him . It’s only beneficial . ”

Doctor Mu was a little surprised . “There’s such a medicine? ”

“Yes, there is . I just remembered it . I remember reading it in a book . I don’t know what book it is, but I think it can be used . ”

“What medicine is it? ” Doctor Mu was even more excited when he heard that Hei Qingqing had read it in a book .

“antibiotics . ” Hei Qingqing appeared very calm .

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“Qingqing, are you joking You have to know that now is not the time to joke . We have already used antibiotics, and the response to many people is extremely bad . Some people even died because of it . As a doctor, don’t you know that life is so precious?”

Hei Qingqing was stunned . Although doctor Mu told her very seriously and even had the intention to scold her, Hei Qingqing did not know why she was not angry at all . She even felt a warm feeling .

Since young, other than her brother, perhaps he was the one who dared to scold her .

Doctor Mu was usually a very serious person . Now that Hei Qingqing said such words in such a serious situation, Doctor Mu was not very happy .

“Doctor Mu, I am not joking . Listen to me, I will never harm patients . As a doctor, I will not joke about their lives . ”

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