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Published at 2nd of December 2018 09:45:36 PM

Chapter 28

Sao Paulo’s biggest discovery

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“Ronaldo is the best striker? This, of course, is 90 minutes away and he may not touch the ball for 85 minutes, but the remaining 5 minutes can carry out a fatal blow as soon as he gets a chance, and that’s Ronaldo . ” -Pele

Juventude’s substitution appears conservative, but it can also be understood that, after all, they are away from home and getting a point is a victory .

Licado looked at the time on the electronic screen, has quietly arrived for 87 minutes . The game will be over soon, and if you don’t want the end to be a draw, you’ll have to do something about it .

During this time he basically didn’t take the ball himself, it was quicker to get the ball out and make the offense smooth .

And now by the end of the game, players on both sides have lost a lot of physical fitness, running speed, their ability to fight have declined .

It seems that you can try to challenge each other’s defenses with your personal abilities .

At this time, Oswaldo used the last replacement spot, he let Fabiano with injury to play!

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Sao Paulo left only two in midfield, Ricardinho and Baptista . It’s a signal that Sao Paulo is going to step up its offense in the last few minutes!

It may be that Oswaldo has made such a move, given that Juve’s formation removed a striker and the threat to Sao Paulo’s defensive line was reduced .

From this it can also be seen, Oswaldo is not blindly conservative, in the critical moment, he has the courage to swing the sword .

Licado also breathed a sigh of relief . An extra Fabiano attracts the attention of the opposing defender, who finally doesn’t have to get caught up in the other side’s three or four defensive players on a regular basis .

In the 89 minute, Licado on the right side outside the box received a pass from Baptista . He made a move to take the ball and turn into the box to the right, but the outstretched leg was closed at the last-minute, holding the ball to his left .

This action is quite fast, quite hidden, the opposing defensive player did not react, Licado with a left heel a gentle tap, and erased it from his side, plugged straight into the box!

Another one of the other centre-backs hesitated, he is staring at the Fabiano, Fabiano is also a dangerous person and must not be abandoned .

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On the defence at this point hesitated, Licado has rushed into the box . But ahead, there are several figures, Juventude had almost the whole team withdrawn to the penalty area to defend, one of the figures quickly rushed up to block .

Facing the crowd, Licado looked less calm, raised his leg high, and made a posture to shoot vigorously .

“Beautiful breakthrough, Licado into the box!” Juventud’s defense is very dense and should be dealt with as soon as possible! Are you ready to shoot? ”

“Oh, my God! It’s over! ”

In the narrow space, Licado kicked out with the right foot unexpectedly from the top of the football swiping the ball, and then quickly back to the pendulum, then pull the ball back, the left heel controls the ball on the turn, calmly making a Marseille turn, and then with the body leaning on each other, stumbling to the bottom line to continue to carry on with the ball .

Several legs stretched out to him, before there was a blockage, and then there was a pursuers, next to someone pulling . If you hesitate for a while, you will surely lose the ball!

But Licado still going on with the take! Under the pack, he gently dials the ball to the left on his right foot, quickly keeping up with his left foot, and gently dials the ball to the right, then the right foot to keep up with the ball forward . A very simple action with ball, but it’s very appropriate to use it here, and it opens up the situation all at once .

“Licado continues to control the ball in a narrow space! Very good ball control skills! He broke in and went in! Juventude is in danger! Pass! ”

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After catching up with the football, Licado has gained enough space, his eyes open, if you want to shoot, barely have an angle, the opposing goalkeeper is looking at him nervously, fast-moving footsteps . But instead of forcing a shot, his foot rubbed the ball up and the football crossed the defensive player with a strong spin and hung into air going to the back corner of the goal .

Fabiano didn’t know when he had thrown off his staring player and quietly ran to that position, a diving jump! Header!

“Football flies to the back of the net, Fabiano! goal!!!!!! The ball’s in! Fabiano scored a key goal for Sao Paulo with a powerful header! They killed the game! Now is the 90 minutes, will soon enter the injury time, Juventude no chance! ”

‘ This goal, Licado has at least a 70% credit! He got rid of Juve’s  defensive players with a string of beautiful moves, and then delivered the ball precisely to the top of Fabiano’s head! ”

“Let me say something, I can’t find the right compliment!” Licado’s play, by no means is like a fledgling junior, who can’t wait to play, this is just his second professional league! His performance, is old and spicy like an experienced veteran! ”

The already lethargic narrator finally burst into enthusiasm, putting a lot of praise on Licado’s head .

“…… I’ve never seen a young player who can sway the situation for the first two games of his career and change the outcome on his own . Even Ronaldo can’t do it! His future is limitless! I have a hunch that we will bring up the name more frequently in the future! Licado! He was the biggest discovery of Sao Paulo this season! ”

Morumbi Stadium has also become a sea of joy, with fans shouting Fabiano’s name, waving small flags, scarves and slogans, as if to release all the first 90 minutes of choking at this moment .

Oswaldo look at Licado with the ball rushed into the box can not help but stand up, at this time he can not help lose self-control jump up, for the performance of the players are excited!

Fabiano ran to the corner flag area and beckoned to Licado to signal his past to celebrate the goal together . Licado smiled and rushed over to jump on Fabiano’s back, patting Fabiano’s head: “Great!” ”

“It is you who create this! “Cried Fabiano heartily . At the moment he was so excited that he scored the first game of his comeback and the confidence in him was undoubtedly a great boost . It was his first goal of the season at the national championships, but it would never be the last . Now he seems to have endless confidence, to lead Sao Paulo, to touch the championship trophy!

The fourth referee held up the electronic card for 3 minutes while the Sao Paulo players celebrated the goal .

Juventude also made an emergency replacement, replacing a defender with a striker .

But after the kick-off, Sao Paulo defended steadily and gave them no chance . Oswaldo nervously to the sideline, staring dead at the pitch . Fortunately, there was no accident, and the score remained at 1:0 until the final whistle .

Sao Paulo’s small home win, a smooth score of 3 points! For Oswaldo, this is a very satisfying result!

He waved to the fans and then strolled onto the court towards the players who were celebrating .

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