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Chapter 32

“You certainly can’t expect Ronaldo to score two or three super goals per game, but his ability as the best player of the day is unquestionable . ” –old Maldini

“Just 1 minute into the game, Licado has contributed a brilliant world shaking goal to us!” He proved that he deserved those accolades! ”

“The Brazil Internacional team trailed again and their players were stunned on the field! All their previous efforts have been put to naught!, Licado, what is this? He ran up to Nilmar and seemed to say something . ”

After the goal Licado galloped over to Nilmar, in fact, he said nothing, just put the index finger upright in front of the lips, made a “silence” gesture .

Guys move your feet, so don’t daydream ! .

What can be done with this goal, there is no need to use language that is enough!

Nilmar stunned, and for a moment did not know what to react to .

By the time he got angry and intended to hit back, Licado had left with his arm up and celebrated with his teammates in Sao Paulo .

The goal, the blow to the morale of the Brazil Internacional team, was devastating .

After that, for a long time, they all played with little effort, lazily as if they had been siphoned off all the strength of their body making frequent mistakes .

Licado did not take his own play, but resumed a simple kick out of the ball, lest the other side angry try to retaliate against himself . Through the opportunity of internacional’s distraction, he frequently sent a pass for his teammates, but unfortunately Sao Paulo had bad luck, Baptista in the area of the box blast a hit on the crossbar, Lugano assist forward, rushed to the box in the close-up header was bravely thrown out by the opposing goalkeeper . Brazil internacional’s goalkeeper was kept busy, and the narrator followed .

Oswaldo sat back on the coaching bench after Licado’s goal and smiled with satisfaction . This kid, keep making surprises for him!

In the stands, only hundreds of Sao Paulo fans sang, and the song was loud and clear, penetrating the sound of more than 40,000  Internacional fans and clearly reaching the ears of every Sao Paulo player .

Sao Paulo, frequently threatened the Internacional goal, not satisfied with a small win, constantly looking for the opportunity to expand the score advantage .

Oswaldo had to come to the sideline again to signal the players to recycle, not to press too far ahead, not to give the team a chance to fight back . Their striker Nilmar and left frontman Daniel Carvalho are both skilled players with speed and the threat of counter-attacks is not small .

The state of their hot blood gradually cooled down, and Sao Paulo, under the command of Ricardinho and Licado, lowered the tempo . Licado simply ran out of the box, back to the midfield, and Ricardinho in series, using accurate short passes to match the ball in the middle, firmly grasp the rhythm .

Oswaldo nodded in a reserved place . Licado’s performance was so much in line with his mind .

When the game time came to the first 80 minutes, Oswaldo said to Kaka: “You warm up, you go on the field try to find the feeling again . ” ”

Kaka smiled nicely, and moved quickly to warm up . Two minutes later, Kaka appeared and replaced Alessandro .

“Sao Paulo made a substitution, the forward out to replace a centre back, I kind of can not understand Oswaldo’s replacement, do not know if people still think Sao Paulo is backward, at this time why has he removed a defensive player and changed into an offensive player?” “The narrator was puzzled by the tunnel .

But soon the situation on the field revealed the intention of Oswaldo .

After Kaka came on, Sao Paulo’s midfield delivery was more robust, while Kaka’s high-speed plug was also an offensive weapon in Sao Paulo, continuing to create pressure on  internacional’s back line, making the internacional team afraid to press the attack aggressively .

Kaka and Licado for the first time in the official competition, but he found that Licado like he has a connection, always can clearly know his running route, give him the best angle, good strength and an excellent pass .

Oswaldo also raised his eyebrows . In his mind, Kaka and Licado is the hope of Sao Paulo’s future, he has been pondering the two people at the same time after their appearance is the problem of coexistence, did not expect Licado so soon to hand in a satisfactory answer .

He did not know that Licado’s former father was Kaka’s fanatical fans, collected all Kaka’s game video, Licado from an early age is watching Kaka’s football grew up, knew  Kaka’s playing habits know …

The game went to the ground for 89 minutes, Brazil internacional made a mistake in the attack and it was Baptista to recover the ball . Baptista quickly pass the ball to Kaka, Sao Paulo fight back!

Kaka raced with the ball and passed the midfield in the blink of an eye . He glanced up, and only Licado was running fast in front of him .

At this time internacional’s defensive players also raced up, Kaka after all just injured, also do not dare to carry out physical confrontation, and did not grasp the chance to pass to Licado’s foot, had to pass the ball back to Ricardinho .

When Kaka passed the ball, Licado suddenly stopped and turned back, Ricardinho with a foot stabbed the ball to Licado .

Kaka in the side of the high-speed plug, with heart ran without distraction, when he ran to the last defender parallel to each other, from the side of his position, the football as expected, flew to the front of him a metre or so .

The ball was passed too comfortably, Kaka strode forward, stopped after trapping the ball, crossed the other side’s last defender and faced the goalkeeper directly .

The goalkeeper abandoned the goal rushing to attack, came near the penalty spot, Kaka with just the arc at the top of the foot, cheated the opposing goalkeeper after a low shot in the opposite direction, the football smoothly rolled into the goal .

“Sao Paulo cooperated in the front, Ricardinho didn’t stop the ball and passed it directly to Licado! Licado, the stop was steady, he took two steps and the defensive player came up! Fake Moves! Licado didn’t choose a breakthrough, he chose to pass! Scalpel like pass  straight to plug! Kaka got the ball! It’s a single! goal!!!!! Sao Paulo One more goal, 3:1 lead internacional! ”

Oswaldo clenched his fist tightly, couldn’t help shouting: “Good play!” ”

The biggest gain in this game was not the harvest of three points, but the discovery of a chemical reaction between Licado and Kaka!

If the two of them can maintain such a tacit understanding, Oswaldo can’t imagine who can stop their offense in the race at the national championships in Brazil!

The narrator is still chattering: “The first game of Kaka’s comeback has shown good form … . More worth mentioning is the junior Licado, this is his third substitute on the big stage, but again handed in a shot of the perfect answer . I can assert that he will be Brazil’s main striker for the next 20 years! He’ll be Ronaldo’s best successor! As Ronaldo’s younger brother, he has the potential to surpass his brother! ”

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