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Chapter 34

“Ronaldo is probably the best skilled player in football’s history . ” -Vieri .

Since Ronaldo gave him a mouth, the careless Fabiano Farah finally noticed Licado, a former and unremarkable little fellow .

There are too many players under Farah to worry about, and he would not have given Licado too much attention .

But Ronaldo was the biggest player under his command, and he managed to become Ronaldo’s agent, naturally serving Ronaldo with all his heart, so he paid a little attention to the situation of Licado .

His concern only found that, God, he nearly missed a gold mine .

Substitute 6 times, the total playing time less than 220 minutes, has scored 3 goals, 4 assists, this is how dazzling stats Ah! You know, this kid’s only 16 years old! Ronnie, 16, didn’t perform that either!

Licado is not in four games that have been killed of either , the rest of the game is subdued, but every game has to take a shot performance, the state is very stable . For a 16-year-old young player, this is really valuable .

So Farah has been holding the shelf and is in no hurry to open negotiations . The better the performance of the Licado, the longer it lasts, the better the negotiations will be for their own . Anyway, with Licado this high-level performance, Oswaldo will certainly not be tempted to send him out .

Then take it easy and talk slowly . Be sure to talk about a big contract .

Now that the Sao Paulo club is finally unable to sit down, Lecco, the head of sports in charge of negotiating a contract extension, has called in a row to ask him to be negotiable

Farah hung up the phone with a slight smile and bought a flight to Brazil .


In the administrative building of the Brafonda training base, Fabiano and Lecco sat face to face, both of whom hung a false smile, as if they had been confidant friends for many years . Licado sat beside him with a blank face and bowed his head to surf the internet with a tortoise speed 2G network .

There are no social networking sites, no Twitter, no Weibo, no Facebook … Surfing the internet is really boring . He raised his head, “Mr . Farah, it would be nice for you to decide what to do, and I just want to play with peace of mind . ” Mr . Lecco, I’m leaving first . ”

Both men smiled kindly at Licado and nodded . Farah’s eyes, this is a beautiful and heart-shaking cash cow, who can bring their own rich returns, to Lecco eyes, this is the rising star of Sao Paulo, worthy of attention .

The two men continued to talk after Licado went out . Lecco said: “Mr . Farah, just now you have pulled a lot of things, but did not put forward the specific content of the contract, I think it is difficult for us to make progress . ” Why don’t you put forward the terms of the contract you want first? ”

“On the contrary,” Fabiano Farah said with all his mind, “the situation is that my players are very popular in the transfer market . A full-back frontline player like him, so young, no matter which team is desperate to get it . Corinthians, flamenco and other teams have asked me . You know, Mr . Lecco, Little Ricardo is from the state of Rio, and it’s hard for him to refuse in the face of Flamenco’s invitation . So I hope that Sao Paulo can provide some good faith clauses first, and on this basis, we will talk about them again . ”

This vampire! Lecco repressed anger, he knew Farah said not true, but this possibility is really there, he can not risk losing Licado, he took a deep breath, let his voice as calm as possible: “Mr . Farah, Little Ricardo is a Sao Paulo player, Sao Paulo nurtured him, he and Sao Paulo have deep feelings . ” What’s more, he has a contract . ”

“We’re in business, don’t talk about feelings, okay?” “There was a hint of contempt in Farah’s eyes,” and as for the contract, he was now on a youth contract, free to move to any team, and the other was simply paying Sao Paulo hundreds of thousands of dollars for a training fee of up to 1 million or 2 million dollars . I think both flamenco and Corinthians will be willing to pull the money out for little Ricardo . ”

Lecco realized that Farah was telling the truth . About 1 million dollars, Corinthians or flamenco, will not be put in the eyes, if Licado can maintain the current state, or even progress, a few years later can be sold for tens of millions of dollars .

Corinthians, in particular, is Sao Paulo’s nemesis of the same city, and Corinthians would not hesitate to poach Sao Paulo’s star of Hope .

Lecco looked down and thought, adding another 20% to his original expected contract terms: “A weekly salary of R $3000, up 15% a year rise, 6 year contract, and a release fee in the contract of $10 million . ” ”

Now the exchange rate of real and US dollars is about 2 . 5:1, and R $3000 is about 1500 dollars .

Farah stood up with a smile on his face and reached out to Lecco, “I’m sorry to have delayed your precious time, but I’ll leave first . ” ”

Lecco was stunned . What does that mean? You are not satisfied with the offer, you can talk about it again, why say go and go?

Farah laughs: “Mr . Lecco, I think this offer shows that the Sao Paulo club is not fully aware of the value of my players . ” The offer was a disgrace to a 16-year-old who played 220 minutes, scored 3 goals, assisted 4 goals and was crucial for every goal . I just pretended not to hear it, I don’t want my players and the club to have cracks, after all, it was Sao Paulo who nurtured him and everyone got together so well . After Licado left, Sao Paulo can also get about 1 million of dollars in training fees, also no loss . ”

No loss? Don’t lose a fart! You can sell for millions of dollars in two years, and you want me to take 1 million dollars to let him go now? The President of the club will eat me raw! Lecco shuddered and immediately stood up, revealing the kindest smile: “Mr . Farah, please take a seat . ” I know that there are still differences between us on some of the terms, but these can be talked about . ”

“It’s not a disagreement, it’s a humiliation,” Farah said slowly . I’m not going to let my players accept that humiliation . Mr . Lecco, come on, look, after all these years of training Licado in Sao Paulo, please carefully consider and put forward an offer . But if the offer is not reasonable enough, I think I’m going to close the negotiations and not restart them in the short-term . ”

This is a threat to make him red in the face!

Lecco was aware of that . But he had no choice but to accept the threat . Because, now there are too many clubs in the outside world, will wave a check to attract Licado! Anyone can see the huge potential in Licado! “Ronaldo’s successor,” which is not touted, but Licado’s performance deserves such praise!

Lecco bowed his head, considered it, looked up, looked straight at Farah, and put forward a new offer .

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