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Chapter 37

“Striker I’m only willing to be a one-man replacement, he’s Ronaldo . ” -Owen

It was almost all black when Licado came out of the gate of the training base in his coat . He walked on the sidewalk, with his head down . Looking back at some of the new tactical changes Oswaldo was speaking of  in training today, a cold man next to him jumped out and shouted, “Licado! ”

Licado scared took a step backwards, through the light of the street lamp, but is a mixed-race little girl, although the head is very high, but the face is childish, see age is only 11 or 12 years old . Like a jade carving, a porcelain doll is generally cute, wearing a pink dress, long hair with a beautiful pink hoop fixed in it .

Licado looked at her feeling a little familiar, thinking about it just remember, is this not the girl from the other day at the training ground who yell at him “Licado, I Love You” that little girl?

He smiled and said, “Hello . ” ”

The little girl’s sweet voice looked a little agitated: “I’m your fan, Licado! Can you sign this for me? “she said, juggling out a beautifully covered notebook and a pen .

This is the first fan of my life, isn’t it? Licado also very happy, smiled: ” I Can ah . ” “He took the notebook and opened it, only to see that many of the pages in it had been signed by the stars, that most of the players at the Sao Paulo club had left their handwriting here, and that some of Corinthians ‘ players had signed their names .

“It turns out you’re so fancy” “Licado joked .

“No! “The little girl hastened to argue,” I am different to you! It’s true! I’m a hardcore fan of yours! ”

How could there be hardcore fans when he has only played a few games and he has never made a debut yet? Licado with a laugh, this age of girls is he Achilles heel, perhaps in a few days will become someone else’s hardcore fans . He propped up his notebook with his left hand, was ready to sign his right hand, and felt it was time to write one or two words and asked, “What’s your name? ”

“Olivia! “After saying the name, the little girl then switched to pronunciation in a somewhat bizarre Chinese,” The Chinese name is Yang Jingji . ”

Licado really surprised: “You are Chinese?” ”

“Yes! My dad was Chinese, worked in Brazil, got married here, and then I had me . “Olivia smiled proudly,” I know that your mother is Chinese, right? ”

Yes ”

“So we had a good chance,” Olivia changed to Portuguese, “Why don’t I Be your girlfriend? ”

Licado’s hand shakes, now the child is really unbelievable ah, this is how big she wants to fall in love? He glanced at Olivia and laughed, “later, for now I don’t want to find a girlfriend . ” ”

“Is that right? “Olivia clearly wrote showed her disappointment on her face,” so when you’re looking for a girlfriend, remember to come to me, okay? ”

Good “Licado said with a smile .

“That one word Oh! “The smile climbed again to Olivia’s delicate little face .

Licado in Chinese quickly wrote a sentence in the notebook: “I wish Yang Jingji that her children happy every day and have healthy growth . ” Licado . ”

Olivia happily took the notebook, glanced at it, the small face suddenly collapsed: “People are not children ah!” Rewrite it, this won’t work! “said the page as a tear, Olivia put the notebook back in the hands of Licado .

Well, not a little friend … “I wish Yang Jing Yu becomes more and more beautiful, Licado . ”

Olivia was impatient to come over and the look at her eyes, which relieved her breath: “Thank you, Licado . ” ”

You’re welcome “Licado handed over the notebook and the pen .

After taking it, Olivia hesitated: “How can I express my gratitude?” Why don’t I kiss you for a second? ”

Licado shaking his head and waved his hand: “No, next time you come to the game to watch me play, give me a boost on the line . ” ”

“Well, the day after tomorrow Sao Paulo’s game against Fluminese at, I must ask my father to take me to the game to see . ” “Olivia has a good knowledge of football .

“Well, today I am too tired to go back to rest, see you some other day!” ”

“All Right, bye! Olivia looked a little snuggling, but made it reasonable for Licado to leave .

Out of the way, when Licado looked back, Olivia was still there waving at him .


The next day, Oswaldo played a closed training, driving all the fans and journalists out of the Brafonda training base .

“Today, we try a new formation,” Oswaldo said after returning to the training ground, “to play a new team tactic for the game . ” ”

Players you look at me, I look at you, are very strange has been close to the game Oswaldo has to make such a big adjustment .

Oswaldo is also forced by helplessness . Yesterday the club president Gauviat to find him to talk in the past, a lot of earnest, to the effect of absolutely can not lose to Fluminese at, otherwise the fans will be very irritable, the club will be very difficult .

But in the face of the good state of Fluminese  are at, Oswaldo really not sure, can only burn the boats and try to win .

The players quickly split into two teams in accordance with Oswaldo’s instructions . Surprisingly, but as Licado had expected, he and Fabiano, Kaka were divided into the main team .

And the two frontman, Wilson and Miguel were all lost .

The main team is equipped with 3 midfielders, of which Alessandro dragged back, almost landed between the two centre-backs, Ricardinho and Baptista before centre, Licado and Kaka as a double attack, Licado left, Kaka to the right, Fabiano before the centre as the lone striker .

After the match began, the main team this side at the beginning a little unsuitable, but with Licado and Kaka between the smooth cooperation played out and soon dominated .

The team’s matchup was 30 minutes at half-time, with the main team scoring 2 goals each in the second half and easily defeating the replacement side . Licado passed a shot, Kaka scored a goal, Fabiano also had a goal recorded, he seems to get a little bit back to the state .

Oswaldo watched intently on the sidelines, rarely blowing the game, he sometimes frown, sometimes smiled, and sometimes bowed his head on the small book to write something . After the match, he gathered everyone again, commented on, and finally said: “On the whole, you in this formation in the match to show things I am very satisfied, tomorrow, let us use this lineup to kill Fluminese at!” ”

The players followed the cheer: “Kill them! ”

“We want revenge! Kick them 5:0! ”

“5:0 is not enough, to 6:0! ”

Morale is good, Oswaldo is relieved to think .

Although the temporary conversion is a big bogey, but now he can only gamble one game .

If the game wins, he will have plenty of time to continue to revamp and adjust the team, with Kaka, Licado, Fabiano, Ricardinho these talented players, he is confident that this season to harvest some honors, if lost, that natural Master, can only be dark and roll away .

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