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Published at 7th of December 2018 05:07:08 PM

Chapter 38

“As soon as the ball reached Ronaldo’s feet, it was half the success of the shot . ” -Romario

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Oswaldo’s nervousness did not infect the players . They stamped their feet to avenge the 5 goal defeat at home .

In the locker room, Oswaldo was doing the final pre-match arrangement and mobilization . He didn’t say something that burned with passion, which was not his hallmark . He simply re-analyzed the style and characteristics of Fluminese and stressed the respective responsibilities of the players .

At last he ended with a sentence: “… We are indeed 3 rounds  undefeated . But I believe that you are an enterprising team, and you will not let it continue . This game, is the beginning of our rally . The opponent’s most threatening striker, Romario, can’t play because of an injury and I can’t think of a reason why we still don’t win . More than 50,000 fans out there, waiting for you to offer a wonderful game, do it well! ”

His flat words stirred up the fighting spirit of the players .

“BOSS, wait and see if we kick their balls!” ”

“There’s going to be a psychological shadow for them to hear Sao Paulo’s name later!” ”

Even the always-implicit Kaka said: “I must have put out 200% of my efforts in this game . ” ”

Oswaldo waved with satisfaction: “Go! ”

The players trotted out of the locker room, came to the player aisle and waited for start .

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Fluminese’s players are also preparing to enter at this time, Licado curiously looking at their opponents, disappointed that Romario failed to make the big list, the 36-year-old shooter is still one of Brazil’s most efficient strikers .

Fluminese also looked at Licado curiously .

When the game was laid out, Fluminese’s head coach Benas to them to mark Licado the junior, because Licado has been a substitute, but repeatedly has a high-light performance, has been a key scorer in Sao Paulo . Such a player, naturally, is unlikely not to take it seriously .

And from the point where Licado is now standing … He should be starting out! It’s going to be his first start!

Although it didn’t break Brazil’s record, Licado has rewritten Sao Paulo’s record! He will be the youngest player to start in the history of Sao Paulo’s Club!

When Licado out of the player’s aisle and appeared on the pitch, there was a burst of low whoop on the grandstand of the Sloan Stadium!

Although everyone has long been discussing, Licado when he will make his debut, all feel that with Licado strength, Oswaldo long overdue to give him the opportunity to start .

But when this scene appeared, many people still couldn’t believe it . He’s only 16 years and 4 months old!

This age, can play the main force in the U18 is already very good, but Licado directly jumped across this level, into the adult team to debut in the game!

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The narrator, on the other side, is a natural tone: “… At an age like Licado, I can’t think of anyone better than Pele and Ronaldo, so it’s no surprise that he started out . ”

‘ We just have to be patient and see what he’s going to do when he starts on the field for the first time? Is it going to continue his magic? ”

In the shock of the fans, Sao Paulo kicks off and the game begins . Sao Paulo organized the attack in an orderly manner .

Licado’s first touchdown gave the fans a surprise .

He caught the ball close to the left, sounded to the touchline, but used his left toe to dial the ball back, also did not see him look up, suddenly raised his right foot, vigorously kicked the lower part of the ball, the football fly high, with a strong spin, in the air to draw a rainbow beautiful arc, over the Fluminese at of the defensive player’s head, Landed in the open area to the right of the Fluminese box .

There was no one there .

Yet a figure in a Sao Paulo jersey sped in! The back number of the jersey is number 22nd . Kaka!

Kaka skillfully unloaded the ball without stopping too far from his body . He looked up to observe the running of his teammates, and the opposing goalkeeper’s position, adjusted a step after came the decisive shot!

This is a vigorous volley, with the outer instep the football was like a loaded shell fly to the back corner of the Fluminese goal, the goalkeeper Murillo embarrassed to retreat a few steps, jump with a single palm, barely lift the ball out of the goal .

Corner .

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The fans choked their breath and prepared to scream, but only turned into a huge regretful sigh .

Kaka seemed a little sorry, then quickly looked in the direction of Licado, gave him a thumbs up, motioned for the good pass .

Oswaldo looked at the scene with seriousness . The wonderful chemical reaction between Licado and Kaka was the most important reason he decided to make Licado debut .

The result of one plus one for both of them is definitely greater than two .

Otherwise he wouldn’t have ventured Licado to make his debut . After all, Licado now only played 70 to 75 minutes against the high intensity of the game, let Licado start, it means that they have to leave a replacement spot for Licado .

If you don’t get the lead in the first 75 minutes, the next more than 10 minutes will be very difficult to play .

Hopefully, Licado and Kaka can surprise themselves again .

Sao Paulo’s first corner after the opening was unproductive .

Fans waved tricolour flag for the home team, and Sao Paulo’s players were demoralized, launching a fierce push up front and firmly controlling the game’s initiative .

Licado found that there were people staring around where he ran . After he had given Kaka such a good shot, Fluminese’s players were no longer afraid to despise him any more .

So Licado no longer used his dazzling skills, began to play unpretentious, stop the ball after a foot out of the ball .

A foot out of the ball looks simple, also did not take the ball with two feet and then spread so eye-catching, but in fact much more difficult .

First of all, the footwork is particularly good, the pass can be quite accurate, otherwise it is to give the ball right back, and second, all this has to be done in the physical confrontation with the opponent, they must have some physical confrontation ability, otherwise be squeezed by others will lose balance, leading to the loss of the ball; Let the team handle it amicably . If a teammate has someone behind him but has to pass the ball to him, it can also often lead to a drop . So it’s important to keep an eye on which teammate has run to a reasonable position and which teammate now has a gap around him .

In the eyes of ordinary fans, Licado this kind of kicking is not pleasant, because football does not stay too much around him, it is difficult to notice his sense of existence .

However, in the eyes of professionals, can see the Licado of these unpretentious actions contained in the high standards, two of the narrator will not hesitate to praise the words: “… Licado and Ricardinho One after another, the Sao Paulo attack combed very fluently, Oswaldo really should have let him start earlier, if give him enough playing time, Sao Paulo will not be invincible 3 games in a row . ”

“Licado’s pass is very thoughtful!” ”

“Pretty, Licado didn’t stop the ball and sent the ball straight to the foot of Kaka, the chance of Sao Paulo! ”

‘ I can’t find the right words to praise him, is he really only 16 years old? ”

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