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Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 – Traveling to Xian's Wood Residence (1)

Su Luo, this time, soaked for seven days .

The seventh day arrived and Nangong Liuyun opened his pair of eyes punctually .

Outside came the light sounds of footsteps .

Rong Yun pushed open the door and entered, seeing that the situation hadn't fallen out of his control, he then nodded slightly .

Su Luo sat cross-legged in the medicinal cauldron, she had entered a meditative state .

She had maintained this posture for a full seven days .

Surrounding her body, there was an endless spirit force moving around then moving through, allowing the spirit force to permeate throughout the area .

Even though Su Luo's body was seriously injured, but her soul had been cultivating non-stop .

Also, because her body was seriously injured and her soul had split off to cultivate, it resulted in her rapidly progressing in the Spirit Dance Steps .

But no matter how fast she improved, it was still useless . With the current health of her body, she simply could not endure the impact of using the Spirit Dance Steps .

Rong Yun opened the lid of the medicinal cauldron .

Su Luo slowly stopped her cultivation and lifted her eyes to look .

Rong Yun's normally clear and cold expression now contained a light smile . His pitch-black as ink eyes looked at Su Luo with deep concern: "Extend your hand over here . "

Su Luo extended her hand to let Master take her pulse .

When Rong Yun was taking her pulse, Nangong Liuyun's gaze stared unblinkingly at Rong Yun's face, afraid of missing any thread of information on his face .

Rong Yun's expression was still the same as before, after quite a while, he nodded slightly: "Passably good . "

Able to make Grandmaster Rong Yun say these two words, was not easy .

Nangong Liuyun's tense heart loosened slightly, his hand reaching out to hold Su Luo .

Su Luo shook her head: "It's nothing, I can do it by myself . "

After all, she was also a stately sixth rank, how could she not be able to even walk?

Su Luo supported herself against the copper wall and slowly stood up .

Nangong Liuyun nervously watched her, with an expression as if he was facing a great enemy .

No, even when facing a great enemy, our Highness Prince Jin still wouldn't be this nervous .

Su Luo slowly stood up, just when she was about to stand up straight——

Suddenly, she felt her legs soften, an invisible pressure coming from her legs .

Su Luo suddenly felt powerless from being unable to control her legs .

The foot she stood on with great difficulty directly started to slide .

The moment when Su Luo was about to sit in the medicinal soup again . Nangong Liuyun, who was watching on the side, fished with his long arm and folded around Su Luo's lovely and slender waist .

In an instant, the dripping wet Su Luo had already fallen into his embrace .

"Go wash, don't catch a cold . Now, your body is very weak . " Rong Yun looked at Nangong Liuyun hugging Su Luo and frowned slightly .

Seeing Nangong Liuyun familiarly carry Su Luo while walking away, Rong Yun suddenly had a gloomy feeling of being a father and having his own daughter being snatched away by another person .

After washing, Su Luo changed into clean clothes and was placed on the bed by Nangong Liuyun like a precious treasure .

"I'm not that weak…" Because of moving her body, Su Luo grasped slightly for breath .

After bathing in medicine for seven days, her body was indeed somewhat better than before, at least, she was able to converse normally and not lose consciousness as often .

Nangong Liuyun's pitch-black eyes stared at Su Luo, just like that, gazing deeply at her .

"What?" Su Luo innocently blinked her eyes .

At this moment, she was leaning on a pillow, while Nangong Liuyun stood by her bedside . She lifted her eyes slightly and asked suspiciously .

Nangong Liuyun suddenly took a few steps forward, and his long body squated down, staying just like that by her side .

His head was buried deeply, not allowing people to clearly see the expression on his face .

Su Luo quietly looked at him and didn't speak .

After a long time, Nangong Liuyun sucked in a deep breath, his voice was muffled and had a trace of hoarseness, "Luo Luo… . I'm sorry . "

His face that was hanging down wouldn't allow people to see the pain and suffering on his face .

Because of the matter before, now, he solemnly apologized to her .

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